Cute & Irish

All of Tailyn's dreams are coming true. But will the happiest time of the year brign cheer or disaster for her and the rest of the band.


3. Mum & Dad!!!

December 22nd

In two days I can give my amazing boyfriend his amazing present. I finally found him the perfect gift. I got him a necklace and two sweaters but then I have the best gift ever. I can’t wait for him to open it. Niall was looking out the window waiting for his parents to come up for Christmas. I’m not really close with my Mom and Dad. In fact I ended all communication with them two years ago. Now, I normally called his parents Mum and Dad. They were only staying for the night but I always loved seeing Niall’s family. “They’re here babe.” He yelled turning around. I was wearing a strapless black dress with ruffles on the bottom. The ruffles had red glitter on them so I wore a red glitzy head band to match. “You look stunning.” He couldn’t stop smiling.

I went over to him and gave him a kiss. “Wait until you see my dresses for Christmas day and Christmas Eve.” I smiled

For some reason Niall let me get two dresses for Christmas. I used my money to buy the one I’m wearing now. Niall still looked amazed when his parents knocked on the door.

His Mom greeted him with a huge hug and kiss. His Dad came to me and kissed my forehead. “Good to see you Tailyn.” He smiled “Where should I put these presents?”

“You didn’t have to give us anything. This was for us to give you your presents.” I laughed

“Hush, Niall where do I put these?” He laughed

“Under the tree.” Niall said when his mother released him.

“Tailyn you look beautiful!” Mrs. Horan said now embracing me in her arms.  

Niall’s brother didn’t come because he was at his in-laws house. We all sat by the fire and I passed out hot chocolate. “Thank you Darling.” Niall’s mom smiled accepting the drink.

“Okay open your presents guys!” Niall said excitedly when I sat down beside him.

Mrs. Horan went first.  “Thank you so much. It’s absolutely gorgeous.” We got her a solid gold tennis bracelet with embedded diamonds. We got Mr. Horan a golf club set and a sliver watch.  “Thank you.” He smiled

“Now your turn.” Mum smiled handing Niall and I our presents. “Now we got you each your own and then one together.” She winked at me

I opened my box to find a pair of beautiful silver heels. They had rhinestones on the front in a T pattern. “Thank you so much.” I smiled and gave them each a hug. Niall opened his box and saw a pair of sweat pants that had Nandos written all over them. “I love them!” Niall jumped up and down.

“Now, this is a more practical gift.” Dad’s facial expression got stern.

“Yes, but I told Dad you guys would really enjoy this.” Mum smiled.

“Okay?” Niall had a confused look on his face

We were given an envelope. I held it while Niall opened it. “You read it babe.” Niall said handing me the card.

“Niall and Tailyn, We love you both very much. We hope you have fun in your new beach house.” I tried to hold in my excitement. Niall looked in the envelope and saw a beautiful picture of a beautiful beach house. Tapped to the back was two keys for it.

“Don’t worry about bills or anything, we already covered it for five years.” Dad smiled.

“Are you serious?” Niall took ahold of my hand. They both smiled and nodded.

After the excitement we took them to one of our favorite restaurants in England. We drove back home and made sure his parents were settled in before going to bed ourselves.

“I can’t believe Mum and Dad did that.” I said snuggling next to Niall.

“I know, I feel cheap now.” He laughed

I gave him a dirty look and he bit his bottom lip. “You’re such a dork!” I laughed turning away from him. He started whining like a little puppy. He rolled over me so that I was facing him again.

“I love you.” He smiled and gave me a kiss. I love this kid. His bright blue eyes were locked with my dark brown ones. All he kept doing was smiling.

“What?” I laughed covering my eyes.

“You’re so beautiful.” He grabbed my hands and kissed my forehead. I rolled my eyes. “You are.” He smiled. And of course him being his lazy self, rolled over me back onto his side. I grunted and began to laugh.

“I love you Niall.” I turned to face him

I love you more Tai.’”  He wrapped his arm around me and kissed me.

“Good night Niall.” I smiled

“Goodnight beautiful.” He reached over and turned the light off.


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