Cute & Irish

All of Tailyn's dreams are coming true. But will the happiest time of the year brign cheer or disaster for her and the rest of the band.


1. Boyfriend of the year

I looked over at the calendar, today was December 2nd. I couldn’t figure out why Niall put hearts all around it. I shrugged it off when I heard the microwave go off. I put the fresh popcorn in a glass bowl and went to go sit down by Niall. He wrapped his arm around me and took the bowl. “Thank Tailyn.” He smiled giving me a kiss. Harry and my best friend Ryleigh were sitting on the love seat diagonal from us. Niall thought it would be a good idea to rent Paranormal Activity 3. I begged him not to because I get scared senseless of scary movies, even though I saw this movie before.

“Everyone ready now?” Harry asked. We all nodded and he hit play on the DVD player. I laid my head on his lap and let him kiss my check.

“Are you okay?” he whispered into my ear. I loved his voice. It was a mixture of sexy and sweet.

“Just don’t leave.” I smiled looking up at him. He leaned down gave me kiss.

“I love you Tailyn.” He whispered and put his popcorn on my side. Ryleigh laughed at this then snuggled next to Harry. 

We watched the movie and I jumped and screamed several times. Every time Niall laughed but then squeezed my hand to make sure I was okay. Harry and Ryleigh left around midnight.

“Alone at last. Niall smiled taking the bowl out to the sink.

“We are.” I laughed following him with everyone’s cups. He sat down at the breakfast bar and I sat next to him. He grabbed my hands and swung them back and forth.

“Tai, guess what today is?” he smiled

“Tuesday.” I laughed back and he just smiled.

“Yes, but think harder.” I honestly had no idea what he was talking about so I shrugged. “Exactly five years ago today I meet you, the day I fell in love with you.” He smiled shyly.

Just the fact he remembered the first day he saw me was incredible. I mean I did meet him at his concert but, I didn’t think he liked me. I smiled like a dork and kissed him. “I love you Niall James Horan.” I smiled giving him another kiss.

“I love you more.” He smiled hopping off the stool. “Stay here.” He smiled running back into our bedroom.

He came back out with his hands behind his back. “Close your eyes Babe.” He laughed I did as instructed and stuck out my hands. Whatever he gave me it was really heavy. “Open them.”

I opened my eyes and saw a ginormous scrapbook on my lap that was tiled, “Tailyn & Niall” I flipped through the pages. It had everything in it. When I say everything, I mean. It had everything from tweets that I had tweeted him to photos of us on dates. “Niall, I don’t know what to say.” I looked up and smiled.

“You like it?” He asked shyly. I got off the stool and place the book on the seat. I put my arms around his neck and stood slightly on my tip toes so I could look him in the eyes. ‘I love it.” I smiled before we kissed. I Have the best boyfriend in whole world.

“I’m ready for bed.” He smiled walking toward our bedroom again.

“Sounds good.” I smiled and went into the bathroom to change into one of Niall’s shirts and a pair of pink shorts. Niall didn’t believe in sex before marriage so we never slept together. I love Niall to death so whenever he is ready so be it. I came out to find Niall sitting on the bed looking at the scrapbook.

“Do you remember this?” He smiled pointing to a picture of us in New York. It was the very first picture we ever took together.

“Of course! It was the best day of my life Niall James.” I sat down beside him and held his hand.

“Mine too beautiful.” He smiled “Christmas is coming up what do you want?” He smiled and put the scrapbook on the night stand

“You.” I smiled and gave him a kiss.

“Seriously Tailyn?” He laughed and took his shirt off

We both got under the covers and I snuggled with him. Niall is amazing, I couldn’t picture myself with anyone else. It’s funny because I used to be obsessed with Zayn Malik and only a little with Niall. As soon as I talked to Niall I fell in love with him. Today December 3rd 2017 I am dating Niall Horan 5 years after I first met him. Niall and I have been dating for 3 ½ years now. He’s my world. I smiled as I buried my head into his chest He stroked my long brown hair and I began to fall asleep.

December 12th 2017

Ryleigh and I were out shopping with Dani, Perrie and El. We, obviously, were looking for presents for the boys. Danielle had gotten Liam a couple shirts and a nice watch. Ryleigh bought Harry a new personalized blazer and a new Jack Wills jacket. Perrie got Zayn a new pair of Ray Bans and a new varsity jacket. EL and I still had no clue what to get our boys.

“I mean Niall always knows exactly what to get me. When it comes to him I get a couple ideas but nothing special. I complained as we went into the 12th store of the day.

“I’m with you there Tai.” El said putting her sunglasses into her purse.

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