What Are The Odds

Estrella is just a regular teenage girl that is lusting over Harry Styles from the boy band One Direction. She's a realist and knows that she would never get the chance but little did she know that fate would be on her side. She bumps into Harry at the mall but doesn't confess to knowing who he is. Will she tell him the truth about knowing who he is and will she tell him about her troubled past in order to let their relationship bloom.


22. There's been something I've been meaning to tell you..


Harry’s P.O.V.

Sleep didn’t come easy to me; I tossed and turned almost the whole night. When I finally got some shut eye is when I heard my phone start to ring. I wasn’t about to pick it up but then I figured that it might be my mum and I hadn’t talked to her in a while. When I looked at the caller id I was surprised to see Estrella’s name on the screen. I answered after the 3rd ring.


“Hey Harry its Estrella. Listen I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news but I’m not going to be able to come today. I don’t know if you remember my friend Natasha but she kind of needs to be with me right now. I promise I’m not making up an excuse to not see you!”

“It’s alright love I understand.” I replied

I hoped she didn’t hear the disappointment in my voice. I was really looking forward to seeing her today but I knew that she was a good friend and would do anything for her them, especially when it came to her best friend.

“Sorry. Bye Harry.”

I just couldn’t find it in me to give up seeing her today; I wanted to see her face again so badly. As she was about to hang up I stopped her.

“WAIT! You could bring her if you want.” I said with urgency in my voice.

After what felt like a century of silence she came back on the phone.

“She said she’d love to come. I’m actually at her place, instead of you getting us just give me the address to the hotel and we’ll meet you there.”

I couldn’t but give myself a pat on the back for how quickly I came up with a solution. I texted her the address of the hotel and then got up to go wake up the rest of the guys. I walked into the rooms screaming for them to wake up/

“EVERYONE GET UP!!! SHE’S COMING ANY MINUTE NOWWW.” I screamed so loud that I knew they all heard me.

One by one they started coming out to the little living area we had in the hotel looking beyond pissed that I had woken them up but they got over it quickly.

“I hope this girl is worth the beauty sleep that I’m missing Harry.” Louis said

“Trust me Louis she’s worth your beauty sleep, Liam’s toy story collection, Zayn’s hair products and Niall’s food! Now come on, get dressed and let’s at least get this dump cleaned up a little.”

“I’m eating first! And Harry, NO ONE is worth my food.” Niall said while walking towards the kitchen.

We all cleaned up a little and as I was getting dressed I got a text from Estrella saying that she was five minutes away. I hurried and got my shirt on and told all the boys I was going to wait for her in the parking lot. They all of course wanted to be annoying and tag along. As we stood there waiting for her to arrive we heard a very loud bass and just thought it was one of the basketball players that were staying here and loved to blast their rap music when they drove. I was in utter shock when I saw who it was behind the wheel that I had to do a complete double take. It was Estrella with her convertible top down driving with one hand bopping her head along with the music. 

Click Here for the song Estrella was listening to

“That’s her guys.” I said.

When I turned around to see their reaction they all looked completely shocked and I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the music she was listening to or her looks. She finally caught a glimpse of me and the lads standing there she quickly lowered her music. After putting the top of her car up her and Natasha started walking up towards her and I couldn’t help but remind the lads.

“Remember guys she still doesn’t know about 1D so be careful of what you say around her.” I turned around and saw all their heads bob in unison with understanding of what I just said. As soon as she was in hearing range I couldn’t help myself on commenting about the music she was blasting.

“Nice music choice. Wasn’t expecting that from you, if I’m going to be honest.” I chuckled and I could hear the lads chuckling behind me. Apparently I said what they all were thinking.

“Hey! Don’t make fun. I’m from the Bronx of course I like rap music. It’s all the played down there.” she said while smacking me in the arm.

“OUCH! OKAY NO NEED TO BE VIOLENT! You don’t want my friends to think I’m trying to get into an abusive relationship do you?” I said as I smiled.

“No Sir.” she said very military style and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Come and let me introduce you two.”

She looked very nervous and stiff as a board, as though she couldn’t walk. I held out my hand and she took it. I immediately felt her relax when our fingers intertwined. Natasha had no problem with walking up to meet the guys. She looked fine to me so why did Estrella say that she needed to be with her. I decided that it was none of my business and that it wasn’t important right now, all that mattered at the moment was that she was here with me and about to meet my four best friends.

“Guys this is Estrella and her best friend Natasha. Estrella, Natasha this is Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam.”

I looked at all of them while I introduced them and I could see by the look in their eyes that they approved. I took special interest in what it was Zayn was staring at and I noticed that it was Natasha. Estrella didn’t say anything; Natasha was the first to speak.

“Hey guys it’s nice to meet you. Like Harry said I’m Natasha.”

After Natasha spoke so did Estrella.

“And I’m Estrella. It’s okay if you guys can’t say my name though; most people can’t so you can call me star.”

We went up to the hotel room making conversation during the elevator ride. They guys asked them simple questions like where they were from and their favorite color. I found out Estrella’s was blue. Finally the elevator stopped at out floor and as soon as we walked in a could see the surprise in both Estrella’s and Natasha’s eyes.

“Wow” they both said in unison.

“Nice place you got here.” Natasha said. I didn’t notice before but she had a much stronger New York accent then Estrella did. She kind of sounded like a mobster come to think of it. Maybe that’s why Zayn has been clinging to every word that she’s said. Bradford Bad Boi needs a bad ass mobster girlfriend.

“Yea it’s really nice guys.” Estrella said.

“Well if you like that you should see the view, come on.” I said pulling her towards the balcony of our hotel. She looked reluctant to go seeing as she didn’t want to leave Natasha but I guess she changed her mind when she saw her chatting it up with Zayn.

“Okay you weren’t lying the view is amazing. I never thought of Florida as beautiful but this is definitely changing my mind.” she said as soon as she stepped out.

I tried to pull her closer to the railing she can get a better view but she didn’t budge.

“Oh no I’m fine from right here. If I go closer to the edge I’ll most likely have a panic attack.” her voice shaking and the thought of it.

“AHH I get it scared of heights. Its okay love we can watch from right here.”

She smiled and the smile was full of relief. We just stood there in silence watching the view when I finally got up the nerve to tell her about One Direction. I was about to tell her when Louis came out.

“Hey sorry for interrupting but me and Liam are going to the airport now to go get Danielle and El. Niall’s goings to go get some food and Zayn took Natasha somewhere.”

Estrella laughed when Louis told us about Zayn and Natasha stepping out. I looked at her and she just said

“Oh nothing.”

There I was alone with Estrella, no one there to barge in while we talked. Come on Styles it’s now or never.

“Estrella there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”


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