What Are The Odds

Estrella is just a regular teenage girl that is lusting over Harry Styles from the boy band One Direction. She's a realist and knows that she would never get the chance but little did she know that fate would be on her side. She bumps into Harry at the mall but doesn't confess to knowing who he is. Will she tell him the truth about knowing who he is and will she tell him about her troubled past in order to let their relationship bloom.


25. The truth spills out


Estrella’s P.O.V

“Niall bought us some pizza to eat.” Louis announced when he walked through the door with the rest of the gang.

“Thanks mate I’m starve.” Harry said.

I really wasn’t in any mood to eat. But then again I never really am. I was getting ready to say that I was good and I wasn’t going to eat because I ate earlier when Natasha spoke.

“That’s great since me and Estrella haven’t eaten anything all day, plus pizza is our favorite.”

GREAT! Now I’m going to have to eat something. I grabbed the smallest piece I could and ate it without looking at it. At least me being with all of them chatting will be a distraction from my thoughts on how many calories are in this little pizza. After everyone ate we all went into the living room area of the suite. I noticed all of the guys chatting among themselves and by the looks of it most likely they were coming up with a plan of some sort. Soon enough they told us that they were going to go get something so we can have some fun. While they were gone Natasha and I got to talk to Danielle and Eleanor.  Of course they asked the obvious like how we met the guys. They didn’t ask anything about the band so I guess Louis and Liam told them that we “didn’t know.” The boys came back with a karaoke machine.

“WHOSE FIRST!” Louis screamed.

I averted my eyes from making contact with Harry, hoping and praying that he wouldn’tvolunteer me. I felt his eyes staring at me and of course I couldn’t help but look back at him. He took it to his advantage and with a big smirk on his face said my name.

“Estrella can sing I’ve heard her.”

NO! This is not happening to me. I’ve never done well with getting put on the spot. All I could hear was all of them chanting me to go on and sing. Everyone except Natasha cause she knows I don’t do well with pressure. Singing in front of Harry was one thing but singing in front of ONE DIRECTION, that is not nor will it ever happen! I could feel myself starting to tear and I couldn’t take the pressure anymore and I stood up and blurted out what was on my mind.


Through my tear-filled eyes I could see the shock on their faces. Before anyone could even speak I sped out of the hotel room as fast as I can.

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