What Are The Odds

Estrella is just a regular teenage girl that is lusting over Harry Styles from the boy band One Direction. She's a realist and knows that she would never get the chance but little did she know that fate would be on her side. She bumps into Harry at the mall but doesn't confess to knowing who he is. Will she tell him the truth about knowing who he is and will she tell him about her troubled past in order to let their relationship bloom.


52. The Eye Twitch




Estrella’s P.O.V

                Don’t throw up Estrella. Just pretend that you’re not about to sing in from of MILLIONS of people. Why am I even nerves? I’m never nervous in front of big crowds. Just breathe, it’s all for Harry. Even if they boo you off the stage it’s okay because Harry is the important one. Just then I heard my cue.

                “I think we’re having some technical difficulties.” I heard Liam say.

                Action time.

                I walked out of the wings and onto the stage and it took all of my strength not to run towards him and hug him from behind. I was waiting for one of the boys to tell Harry to look back towards my direction but the fans did it for me.

                “TURN AROUND HARRY!” They all screamed.

                He did what they said and the look on his face was priceless. It was a mixture of shock and anger towards the boys for not telling him. I almost forgot that I had to sing but got reminded when the music started to play. I did a quick prayer before I started the first verse. Good job so far, no booing. As I started the chorus I remembered that I have feet and I moved towards Harry.

“I have died everyday waiting for you

Darling' don't be afraid I have loved you for thousand years

I’ll love you for a Thousand more.”

Song: A thousand years by Christina Perri

                There I am singing my heart out to the guy that I love, in front of all of his adoring fans… my mom was right I’m CRAZY, but as I look into Harry’s eyes I forget all about that. I forget about the fans, where I am, the boys… it’s just me and Harry. When the song ends I feel a tear falling down from my cheek and Harry quickly wiping it away with his finger. Next thing you hear is roar of applause and I was snapped back into reality.

                “Happy Birthday Babe, I love you.” I spoke into the mic

                The arena was filled with the sound of “aww” and then the sounds of whistles as Harry grabbed me and kissed me.

                “Well then I guess that ends our show because there is no way we can ever top that beautiful performance.” Niall said.

                “GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!” Zayn shouted

Harry’s P.O.V

                I’m so glad that they saved her surprise entrance for last because honestly I knew that if we had to keep performing I would be completely distracted.

                “You little sneak.” I said to Estrella.

                “I told you I didn’t buy your present, plus did you honestly think I would miss your birthday? Come on Styles, you should’ve known better than that.”She said as she pecked me on the cheek.

                “I’m just glad that you’re here.” I said.

                “You can thank Louis for that.” she said as she pointed to my idiot best friend who was now tag teaming with Zayn trying to steal Niall’s food.

                “Yeah I’ll thank the idiot later… if he’s still alive after trying to steal food from Niall.” I replied.

                We all packed into the van and went to ma and Louis’s flat. When we got there Estrella explained how she had to go get her and Natasha’s stuff from the hotel room they had. I wanted to go with her because I didn’t want to leave her side yet, I just got her back but she refused. I didn’t notice how thirsty I was until after she left so I went to the kitchen and found Louis rummaging through the fridge.

                “I’m guessing by you looking through the fridge your attempted to steal Niall’s food was a fail.” I said

                Louis chuckled, “One day I will get the gold away from the leprechaun.”

                He went back to looking for something to eat as I got my glass of water. Before I left with my full cup of water I turned around.

                “Hey Louis, thank you… you know for the whole bringing Estrella over here. I owe you man.” I said.

                “You don’t owe me anything mate… her being here is your birthday present so DO NOT expect anything from me when we give you your present later!” he said.

                I just rolled my eyes in response and walked out of the kitchen. When I went into the living room Estrella and Natasha were back and were talking to the rest of the boys. When they noticed I was there they all got quite.

                “What are we all talking about?” I asked.

                “Oh nothing, just how amazing Estrella was tonight.” Liam said.

                Lie. I mean it’s not a lie that she was amazing but that is NOT what they were talking about. I could tell when Liam’s lying because his eye does this weird twitching thing, I don’t even think he knows that it happens.

“PRESENT TIME HARRY!” Zayn screamed behind a big box that was SO NOT wrapped by him because it actually looked decent.

Something is going on and I’m going to get to the bottom of it, but not tonight. Tonight I have the girl of my dreams with me after what seems like years, tonight I was going to enjoy my time with her and there’s no other way I would rather be spending my birthday. 


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