What Are The Odds

Estrella is just a regular teenage girl that is lusting over Harry Styles from the boy band One Direction. She's a realist and knows that she would never get the chance but little did she know that fate would be on her side. She bumps into Harry at the mall but doesn't confess to knowing who he is. Will she tell him the truth about knowing who he is and will she tell him about her troubled past in order to let their relationship bloom.


14. Flash Back to the Past


Estrella’s P.O.V


GREAT! Jade is working today. Don’t get me wrong I love Jade but she doesn’t have a filter. Me and her became good friends because me and my dad use to be frequent customers but since the day he left I just couldn’t find it in me to come back. He was actually the one that encouraged me to go up and sing on karaoke nights. I couldn’t help but smile at the memory of that day but then I could feel the tears coming so I wiped me memory out of my head.

“Hi Jade. I didn’t really plan on coming here tonight. This is my friend Harry Styles.”

Jade knew exactly who he was. I’m kind of surprise she didn’t blur it out that very moment she laid her eyes on him. I had to do something quick and I knew exactly what it was and even though Harry didn’t know that I could speak Japanese it had to be done. I’ll just explain it to him later.

“He doesn’t know that I know who he is and that’s he’s famous so SHUT UP!”

Jade replied back “Okay but we need to discuss this, bathroom in 5 min.”

I just nodded and after our little Japanese convo I looked over at Harry to see a shocked expression on his face. I had a feeling that me speaking Japanese will be the opening question once we sat down for dinner.

“Well hello there Mr. Styles.”

“You can just call me Harry.”

“Okay then just Harry, I’ll lead you to whatever table you want since just harry bought out the whole place.”

I knew he would do something adorable like that. I didn’t question him on it and I knew that he was going to be confused that I didn’t. I just knew that once I did he would most likely confess about the whole One Direction thing and honestly I wasn’t ready for that cause then I would have to confess that I knew wouldn’t I? And to top it off I’m going to have to explain how I sing here and I don’t want him to think that I would use him cause I would NEVER. Plus I just want to know the Harry that’s not in One Direction, the real Harry.  

“So what are you known for here and how come you never mentioned that you spoke Japanese?”

“Well tonight’s actually their karaoke night and I’m known for always performing. Jade and I became good friends so we spent a lot of time together and she taught me Japanese while I taught her Spanish. Why would I mention that I spoke Japanese the first time that I met you? If I told you my whole life story then there would be no reason for a date cause there would be nothing to discover about me.“

“Very true, you’re clever Ms. Perez. Are you going to perform tonight?”

As soon as I was going to answer his question Jade decided she would answer for me.“YES SHE IS! She has to since she’s been M.I.A since…

SHUT UP, SHUT UP! Is the look I was giving her. Yes Harry was part of the biggest boyband in the world but it doesn’t mean that I told him everything about me. After all he IS a guy and I refuse to get hurt again and I just don’t want to be judged. Since the whole situation with my dad, depression and my eating disorder I find it hard to trust anyone with that information. Guys espically.

… something happened.”

Thank you for getting the hint Jade.

“No I’m not going to be singing tonight because there’s only you here and I don’t do well with small crowds.”

“I’m not taking no for an answer.” Jade replied while walking away.

He started to laugh. “Well that’s a first, isn’t it usually the other way around? Most people are scared of big crowds.”

“Well if you haven’t found out yet Mr. Styles, I’m not like most people.”

I’m more damaged than anyone else I know and you have no idea.

We both jumped at the huge fire that the chef made while cooking our meal.

“Very true, most people don’t crash into people and spill tea all over them.”

I noticed Jade in the background calling me over to the bathroom so I got up without even thinking about excusing myself. I felt someone following me and it was Harry.

“What did I say?”

Crap. Think of something Estrella.

“You promised no talk of tea EVER remember.”

We both started to crack up. Me mostly because of how quickly I thought of that response.

“No but I actually have to use the restroom. I promise I’ll come back, there’s no windows in there anyway if I really wanted to escape from this HORRIBLE DATE!”

“Ouch. Hurtful much.”

“Sarcasm much. Now go, you can’t come in with me.”

“Wanna bet?”

“Get your cheeky ass back to the table.”

I finally got to the bathroom and got attacked by Jade. Jade is the only one of my friends that actually know about why I was gone for several weeks, that I was in rehab. I didn’t tell her about my disorder she found me in this very bathroom throwing up. I was here on a date with my then boyfriend and he looked at me disgusted. Just being here I can hear his voice echoing in my head. “I can’t believe you just ate all of that, pig much.”I felt the need to throw up right there and I would have if Jade wasn’t there with me.

“So tell me everything.”

I told her the stortest version of the story being I didn’t want Harry to think that I fell in the toilet. I rushed back to the table and found Harry on his phone. I glanced at his screen and all I could read before he could put it away was

*Best date ever so far..*

I couldn’t help but smile. I hope he still thought that after some skeletons come out of the closet.


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