What Are The Odds

Estrella is just a regular teenage girl that is lusting over Harry Styles from the boy band One Direction. She's a realist and knows that she would never get the chance but little did she know that fate would be on her side. She bumps into Harry at the mall but doesn't confess to knowing who he is. Will she tell him the truth about knowing who he is and will she tell him about her troubled past in order to let their relationship bloom.


9. Do you want to go out on a date?


Harry’s P.O.V    

*Well hello there styles. I’m busy the whole morning tomorrow but I’m free for dinner. Here’s my address pick me up at around 7. Can’t wait to see you ;)*


I ran so fast out of my room with my phone I slip and fell right on my ass and all the guys started to laugh instead of helping me up. Great friends I have huh.

Niall was still laughing with a mouth full of food but that didn’t stop him from commenting “What’s so important that you ran out here like a maniac? Did you find a little pussy cat roaming around in your room Harry?”

“Estrella text back! She wants to meet up from dinner tomorrow.”

“Congrats Harry, you got another girl while on tour. That’s not something new.” Liam said

“Hey don’t talk about her like she’s just some other fan girl.” I didn’t like the fact that Liam talked about Estrella like that. She wasn’t just some other fan girl that was going out with me just to say that she went out with someone from One Direction.

“Sorry mate, no need to go all medieval on me calm down.”

There was kind of an awkward tension until zayn spoke. “So where are you going to take her to dinner?”

“That’s why I ran out here I don’t know where I can take her without being noticed or followed by paparazzi.”

“Harry aren’t you telling her that you’re in the band? So tell her before you actually take her out so she’s not surprised if paparazzi do follow you.”

He made sense but I still wasn’t sure I was ready for her to know yet, at least not on our actual real date.

“Well I still don’t know a good restaurant around here, this is my first time in Florida. Liam! You’ve been to Florida before, where’s a good place to eat?”


“HURRY! I don’t want to take to long to respond what if she falls asleep.”

“Okay take her to Kobe’s, it’s this Japanese steak house. Food’s REALLY good and they cook in front of you.”

“Thanks.” I started to text her back while walking back to my room and I heard Niall yelling out to me.



Before closing my door so I can finish my text in peace I hear Louis talking to Niall.

“Don’t worry buddy, we’ll take you before we leave on Friday.”

Crap. I forgot that we were leaving on Friday. That means I only have a week to spend with Estrella. I have to make this one hell of a date.

*Okay no problem Perez it’s a date. Have sweet dreams, goodnight beautiful :) xx.

Estrella’s P.O.V


*Okay no problem Perez it’s a date. Have sweet dreams, goodnight beautiful :) xx.

“You have a date nena. You know what that means right? SHOPPINGGGG!”

I swear she uses any excuse to go shopping.

“Well if we are going shopping we have to wake up early so goodnight.”

I could barely sleep. I’m going on a date with HARRY FREAKING STYLES! Finally my reality was getting better then my dreams. 


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