Forever Young

Hi, my name's Kami. I'm 19 years old. I live in the UK in Great Britian. I have amazing friends and family. My favorite band/music group, is One Direction. I also have a 'thing' for the one with big green eyes and dark curly hair. His name is Harry Styles. One day I move into a new apartmant. Who will I meet? Who will I fall in love with? What will happen? Read the story to find out... xx
(p.s. this story is completely fiction**also some parts of story may be PG-13 or R, due to some language and sexual content.) hope you guys like itt! :) xx


4. Talking

"Seriously! What!" I said while giggling, "Is there something wrong with me?!"

"NO! No! No! It's just that your absolutely beautiful! Your are the most gorgeous girl I've ever met. Everything about you is perfect. After that hour of talking to you, I feel like I know you, like the back of my hand. You seem like an absolutely amazing person."

I stood there, not knowing how to react to this. Was he being serious? Or was it all an 'act' or 'dare' by one of the other lads? I didn't question myself anymore.

I replied, "Thank you! You seem pretty amazing yourself!"

"Thanks. I know it sounds like I'm poorin my heart out to you or something, but my heart is telling me that your the one. The one I'm meant to be with. My whole life." He took a deep breath, "I know I just met you, nothing but an hour ago, but your meant to be in my life. I can feel it. In my soul." He sighed, "I'm probably creeping you out, you probably never wanna see me again..." He began to turn around to walk away.

"No! Please don't leave!", I grabbed his hand without thinking. "I'm sorry, I just don't know what to say! Your every teenage girl's dream boyfriend. I'm sorry."

Here I am. Standing outside of Nando's holding Harry Styles' hand. I'm just waiting for the paparazzi to show up. That'll be great. I actually wouldn't mind being on the cover of a magazine... as long as the rumors didn't get that crazy. People that didn't like me or 'hate' me, never really bothered me either. Like my favorite quote says, 'Haters don't really hate you. In fact, they're just jealous because your a reflection of what they wish to be.'

"It's okay. It's just that I really hope that your in my future. Your amazing."

"Thank you. I really hope that your in my future too!" I then gave him a peck on the cheek.

He smiled, his beautiful smile. Then he gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I started blushing.

"Have I told you that you're beautiful?"

"Maybe once...."

"Tonight, would you like to come to my place to watch a movie?"

"Sure!" I grinned.

"Great! We can watch 'Love Actually', my favorite movie!"

"Okay! Sounds great!"

"So, I could drive you to my place then later or whenever we can come back and get your car. Is that alright love?"

"That sounds awesome!"

"Great! Let's get going then!"

He grabbed my hand, and walked me towards his car...


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