Forever Young

Hi, my name's Kami. I'm 19 years old. I live in the UK in Great Britian. I have amazing friends and family. My favorite band/music group, is One Direction. I also have a 'thing' for the one with big green eyes and dark curly hair. His name is Harry Styles. One day I move into a new apartmant. Who will I meet? Who will I fall in love with? What will happen? Read the story to find out... xx
(p.s. this story is completely fiction**also some parts of story may be PG-13 or R, due to some language and sexual content.) hope you guys like itt! :) xx


8. Second Date

**Harry's POV**

After I finished in the shower, I decided to text Kami. Since it did say in her note that she wanted to see me soon... very soon. 

(~**text conversation**~)

Harry: Hey Kami! Last night was so much fun! I was wondering if you maybe wanted to do something again tonight? :) xx

Kami: Of course! I would love too! :) and so did I! x

Harry: Great! :) what would you like to do tonight?

Kami: Umm it doesn't matter to me! :) whatever you want to do. x

Harry: How about I pick you up at your place at 6:00. We'll go somewhere for dinner then maybe come back to my place? ;) x

Kami: Sounds great! ;) what should I wear? x

Harry: Something dressy, but not to fancy. :) x

Kami: Okay! See you at 6:00! :) xx

Harry: Okay, love:) x

**Still Harry's POV**

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad that she said yes! I thought she hated me... guess not. Okay, now I need to figure out what to wear...


**Kami's POV**

Yay! I'm going with Harry again tonight! I'm soooo excited! It has to be perfect! Now what to wear... what to wear....

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