Forever Young

Hi, my name's Kami. I'm 19 years old. I live in the UK in Great Britian. I have amazing friends and family. My favorite band/music group, is One Direction. I also have a 'thing' for the one with big green eyes and dark curly hair. His name is Harry Styles. One day I move into a new apartmant. Who will I meet? Who will I fall in love with? What will happen? Read the story to find out... xx
(p.s. this story is completely fiction**also some parts of story may be PG-13 or R, due to some language and sexual content.) hope you guys like itt! :) xx


9. I Had a Feeling This Might Get Ugly...

**Kami's POV**

It's about 5:30 now, so Harry will be here in half an hour. I hope I don't mess this up. What if I embarrass myself? Well, at least falling isn't an option... I'm wearing flats. If I do fall, it will be super embarrassing and Harry will probably never want to see me again. I glanced at my reflection in the mirror. I have so many flaws. Why would anyone as handsome and cute as Harry Styles want to be seen near me? Let alone take me out somewhere with him. Okay, I need to stop. I need to stop pointing out my flaws, and start focusing on my good qualities. Wait, do I even have any? I need to get away from this mirror before I freak out. It's now 5:50. I make my way towards the living area and sit down on the couch, and begin humming a song to get my mind off of everything. Five minutes later the doorbell rings...

**Harry's POV**

Oh my gosh! Why am I so NERVOUS?! I've never ever been nervous about going on a date with someone before. So many things could go wrong tonight! I could get food all over me or trip, or anything could happen. I pull into her driveway and get out of my car. I quickly walk towards the door and ring the door bell. WAIT! It's only 5:55! What if she's not ready?! Gosh damn it, I should've driven around the block before or something! I'm such an idiot... I should've told her I was sick or something.

**Kami's POV**

I got up off the couch and fixed my knee-length dress. Now I have butterflies in my stomach... GREAT! Now I probably won't even eat. I slowly turn the door knob... Well, here goes nothing. I put on my best smile while saying a shy 'hi'. Wow, smooth move Kami. That's a real turn on for guys. I might as well turn around, walk back in the house, and curl up on my bed. 

**Harry's POV**

When Kami opened the door she looked absolutely beautiful. Her dress was gorgeous and looked amazing on her. I noticed I was sort of staring, so I told her how beautiful she looked. I took her hand in mine and led her towards my car. I quickly stepped ahead of her and opened the door for her then walked over to the driver's side and got in. We both buckled our seat belts, and I started the car. 

~(conversation in the car)~

Kami: "Soo where are we going Harry?"

Harry: "It's a surprise love. Do you like Italian?"

Kami: "Yes! I'm not really a picky eater."

Harry: "Good to know, good to know."

**Kami's POV**

The rest of the short car ride was pretty much silent. It wasn't an awkward silence, it was pleasant. The entire time he held my hand. Then, while we were going through a main intersection... BAM!



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