Love at first sight


1. Meeting the Boys.

(Kalei's pov)

I step out side onto my front porch,and look at the busy street. I see my dad pull up in a van with One Direction in the back. I am i huge fan, i say hi to Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry And than Zayn. He is so cute in person. Our eyes meet and he winks. He says hi with his mysterious deep voice. My heart melts and I smile like a retard. 'come inside.' my dad said. [im a  15 year old girl who lives in new jersey. My dad is Paul. One Directions baby sitter.] I walk inside behind the boys and Zayn stops me. 'what's your name?' Zayn asks. 'Kalei' I respond. 'what a beautiful name.' Zayn replies.




Side note- [if you are wondering how to pronounce my name it's 'Kay-lee' ... and sorry its kinda short....]

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