Just My Luck

When Ellie goes to Ireland to visit a plot of land her grandmother left for her she meets a friend of Niall Horan and slowly after meeting Niall himself, they begin to fall in love.


2. Sugarland

Ellie's POV

Chris took me to the restaurant he works at, when I walked in there was a small stage and tables scattered in front of it. It was a cute little pub probably a local stop. We walked over to the bar and sat down.

"So do you want a drink?" he asked me.

"Um. Aren't I a little too young?"

Chris laughed, "Your never too young for a beer in Ireland."

"I guess you're right." 

He handed me a beer and I took a swig.

"So do you sing, dance, or play an instrument?"


"Well you have to be able to do something!"

"Haha. I can sing... And play the guitar."

"Really? Lets hear you!"

Chris took my hand and dragged me up on stage.

"No- Chris thats not a good idea." I yelled

"Of course it is!"


I was standing on the stage. My eyes were wide open and everyone in the pub was waiting for me to start. The drummer kept on asking me what to play.

"Oh um. Tonight by Sugarland."

The beat started going and I opened my mouth letting the words flow out.

The door of the pub opened and five boys walked in. They looked so familiar. As they sat down the song came to an end. People stood up and clapped for more. Even the boys, even Chris.

I did one more song and then hopped off stage. Chris came right up to me and told me that I did a great job. He also told me that wanted to introduce me to some of his friends. The boys that came into the pub while I was singing.


"Ellie, this is Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam."

"Hi!" they all said at the same time.

I giggled. "Hey." I finally said.

There was an awkward silence and then I realized why they looked familiar.

"Ohhh." I blurted.

The boys looked at me confused.

"Haha. Sorry you lads just looked familiar."

Chris turned to me, "Jeez. You really are Irish."

"Uh thanks?"

"No, thats a good thing. You already know how to say lads."

The boys laughed.


"Would you like to come hang out with us?" Asked Harry.

"I'd love to." I replied.

We all walked outside and went to the park. Zayn was kind of quite and he kept on running his fingers through his hair. I do that too. I laughed inside, all the boys did something with there hair every 6 seconds. Once we arrived at the park I noticed that Niall kept on looking at me. I talked to all of the boys, getting to know them better. Chris and Niall slowly walked away talking in secret. 

The boys saw me watching them talk.


"He's a nice boy." said Louis.

I looked back towards the boys, "Oh, yeah, he is." I didn't catch myself turn my head back to Chris and Niall until Harry made a joke about it.

"Haha. Sorry. I- uh- nevermind."

"So Ellie," Harry started, "do you have a boyfriend."

I smiled, "So Harry, coming on a little strong?"

He laughed. "Maybe a little."

"Oh Harry shut up, you know she likes Niall." teased Louis. 

Zayn and I laughed. 

Liam was looking down at his phone texting Danielle. Then he looked up, "I'm going to go spy." As soon as he walked over there, Chris came back to us. 


"What was that about?" Zayn asked.

"Oh, Niall can tell you later."


Liam and Niall walked back to us.

"It's getting late," said Liam, "Ellie, do you have a place to stay?"

"A hotel."

"How about you stay with us." Niall suggested.


The boys nodded, agreeing with Niall.

"It's a date!" Everyone laughed. 

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