Just My Luck

When Ellie goes to Ireland to visit a plot of land her grandmother left for her she meets a friend of Niall Horan and slowly after meeting Niall himself, they begin to fall in love.


8. Stole My Heart

Ellie's POV


I heard Anne's soft voice talking to the boys, "You have a visitor." They walked inside and saw me on the couch. Niall was in the middle of the boys, standing next to Louis and Zayn. I was crying in front of all of them, but I couldn't help it.


"Hi." I whimpered.

Niall looked away. 

"Why are you here?" He asked me, his head still turned in the other direction.

"I miss you." I chocked.

"You think that I didn't miss you?" He fought, "every second of the day. For four months?"


"No. You can't just show up saying you miss me. I can't let you do that. You stole my heart."

My face was hot. The boys were still there, so was Anne.

"This was a bad idea." I walked up to him, "Here's your heart." I kissed him on the cheek and walked out of the house. 


A waste of time, that's all it was.


I can't go back home. I don't know where to go. I want to go to Mullingar and live in the house my grandmother left me, but Niall lives in Mullingar. I messed up. I messed up so badly. I broke up with the boy that I loved the most, all because I was scared of not seeing him. What had I been thinking? Now I can't see him at all! 


I want him to know, I want him to know so badly that it hurts. But how? How can I tell him how I feel if I'll never see him again


I'm giving up. It's just too much. Sorry.


Niall's POV


She was here, Ellie was here. I told her off. Why had I done that? I dreamed of the day when she'd come back for me. I'd dreamed of that for 4 months. And now she's gone, again. Would I ever be able to see her again? 


I checked my Twitter account. I had a notification from her account;


'Bye Niall. I'm so sorry about everything. x'


Wait what? Bye? She was going back to America. I was sorry too. Maybe it's all for the best.


It's been four days since Ellie was here. Four days since I've had any contact with my fans. I logged onto my Twitter again, just to catch up. Nothing new was going on, I checked Ellie's account too. She hadn't posted anything. But a girl named Megan had.


'I miss you. Keep on having fun. Wherever you are.'


Oh my god. What was going on? I raced downstairs and yelled for the boys.


They all looked up from they're breakfast. I showed them my phone and the tweet from Ellie and the one on her page from Megan. My phone buzzed as they read it. I looked down at the screen. I had gotten a tweet from the girl Megan.


'I hope your sorry Niall. She loved you. Now she's gone.'


Zayn and Louis had jumped up to read it. I dropped my phone on the ground. My heart pounded against my chest, blood rushing to my brain. My face got hot and tears came pouring out of me. 


"Niall!" Zayn yelled, "Everything's going to be ok!"

Harry and Liam helped me over to the couch as Anne came rushing into the room.

"Whats going on?" She asked. Harry picked my phone up off of the ground and showed her everything. 

My eyes were blurry and I couldn't make out what people were saying, but I could tell that Anne was also crying.

Harry sat down looking off into space.

Liam was on the phone saying to cancel our interviews for today and tomorrow.

Louis was playing with a piece of string.

And Zayn was sitting next to me, his face in his hands.


This couldn't be happening. Ellie was dead. She can't be dead. She was here. A few days ago. In this very room. I got up. 

Everyone looked at me.

"I need to go." I sniffed. 

The boys nodded and let me leave.

I was half way down the block when Liam came running after me.

"I don't think she's dead Niall. She might have just left."

I started crying again, Liam pulled me into a big bear hug. 


Someone had gotten a picture of me crying and linked it with what Ellie and Megan had said to me on Twitter. It was all over the news.




Could they leave me alone? Just for a moment? I decided to go back to Mullingar. Take a break from the interviews and such. Maybe even the whole tour.

But I can't stay in mourning forever. Ellie had been right. I knew what I was doing with my life, I had a whole career in front of me. I couldn't let that go.


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