Just My Luck

When Ellie goes to Ireland to visit a plot of land her grandmother left for her she meets a friend of Niall Horan and slowly after meeting Niall himself, they begin to fall in love.


5. Irish Luck

Ellie's POV


Yesterday I did something that I will never forget. Nothing bad, but it was just-- amazing.

I sang to Niall. I sang about how I felt for him, I hadn't planned for that to happen, but it did. And I'm glad that I did because he kissed me and smiled. 

It was just my luck. My old Irish luck.


The boys had all gone out to the pub last night so I was home alone. I cranked up the music and danced around, I was so happy. Then the front door opened and Niall walked in. I had been stuffing myself with chips when he did. He didn't care, he came up to me, kissed my forehead and took a hand-full himself. 

"How was the pub?"I asked him.


"What why? it's never boring, it says so on the sign!"

Niall laughed, "it was boring because you weren't there."


He took another chip as I walked over to the couch. We sat down and began to watch a movie, his arm wrapped around my shoulder and I moved closer into him. 

Oh crap. This was a scary movie, I hate scary movies! I cuddled closer into Niall and he realized why I was.

"Do you want me to turn it off?"

"No. No, it's fine."

He held my other hand and we got comfortable. All of the sudden there were hands on my back and some yelled "Boo" right in my face. 

I screamed and fell off of the couch. Niall was cracking up. Louis and Harry stood behind the couch laughing along with Niall. I rolled on the ground and picked up a pillow, throwing it at Louis. That's when the pillow fight began. We ran around the house whacking each other with pillows. Niall chased me up his room and I jumped onto his bed. I got one of his pillows and threw it directly at his face. 


Niall got up after falling on the ground and knocked me over jumping onto the bed next to me. We were both panting and laughing. Then he pulled me in and kissed me. I pulled away smiling.


"Can I tell you a secret?" he asked me, his accent thick.


"I think I'm in love with you."

I didn't say anything. Niall laughed nervously, "Well you can say something!"

"I love you too." I whispered.


Niall's POV


I told her I loved her. Besides performing in front of 1 billion people, that was the scariest thing I've ever done. Once I said it she couldn't stop smiling, which made me smile even more than usual. Ellie and I had stayed up in my room all night. We watched movies and played a game that she called "Chubby Bunny." It was about 2:30am when we finally fell asleep.

When I woke up she was looking up at me. the covers had fallen off the bed and we were both really cold. I grabbed the sheets and pulled them over our heads.

"Good morning." She kissed me.

Harry was asleep in the other bed so we were really quite. I didn't mean to, but I fell back asleep. 



My eyes slowly peeled open to see the flash of Zayn's phone taking a picture of me and Ellie. 

Ellie stretched and almost hit me in the head. She yawned, "What time is it?"


"Wait what? No I'm supposed to go!"

I looked at Ellie, she was going home?

"Don't go!" Harry cried, "You only just got here!"

I looked over at her, pleading for the same thing.

She sat up, "I'm not leaving. I just have to go find my grandmother's house."

"What's her name?" I asked her.

"Anna O'Connor."

"Really? That's a huge house!"

Ellie rolled her eyes, "Why does everyone keep saying that?!"

"It's true!" I told her.

Take me! Please."

I told her I would and 15 minutes later we left.


We drove through the streets of Mullingar and up into the green hills. I pulled into the driveway of her grandmother's house. Her jaw dropped, "This is all mine." I laughed.


Ellie's POV


When I saw the house and all the land I couldn't stop thinking about what I would do with it all. I don't even know how long I'll be here. I feel like Niall and I are just something that's happening before they go on tour. I love it though. I love being the sister of the boys and the girlfriend of Niall. They are all so nice and funny and it would break my heart to leave them.

I might have to go though, someday.




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