Just My Luck

When Ellie goes to Ireland to visit a plot of land her grandmother left for her she meets a friend of Niall Horan and slowly after meeting Niall himself, they begin to fall in love.


1. Ireland

Ellie's POV

A few months ago, my grandmother passed away. She had been born and raised in Ireland in a town called; Mullingar. In her will she had left me her home that she and my grandfather had lived in when my father was born. I had only seen pictures of the home, but I had never been there. I had never even been to Ireland.

After the plane landed, I got my bags and called a taxi service. They were too busy and couldn't give me a ride. I was outside waiting for a bus when a car stopped in front of me.

A boy rolled down the window. "Not having much luck now are ya?" he asked me.

"Not really. And I'm in Ireland!!!" I sighed.

The boy laughed. "I'm Chris. Where are you heading to?"

"Mullingar." I stated.

"Are you now? That's where I'm headed myself. Want a ride?"

I knew I shouldn't be getting into a car with a boy I just met, but my day couldn't get any worse then it already was. Starting off with a flight from America.

"I'd love a ride." I told him. Chris smiled and opened the door for me.


Chris's POV

The drive from the airport to Mullingar was fairly long. Ellie was a nice girl and I wanted to get to know her better. She told me that she was from America and that her grandmother had left Ellie her old house after she had died.

"What was your grandmothers name?" I asked her.

"Anna O' Connor." I couldn't believe it.

"Anna O'Connor?"

Ellie looked at me confused, "Uh. Yeah. Why?"

"That house is one of the biggest house's in Mullingar."

She told me that she didn't believe me and laughed. We finally got into Mullingar.

I had asked Ellie if she was hungry and she said yes so I took her to a restaurant that I work at.

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