Listen to Your Heart

18 year old Caliapi, or Cal for short, has just graduated highschool. For college she has decided to study abroad in london. Her whole life she has been waiting for this moment. It's been 5 years since her obsession with One Direction, but now everyone has grown up and moved on. She had packed up her posters and magazines and thought to never see them again except for a few One direction Reunion concerts. But when she got to london 2 members of her favorite band Steal her heart as she stole theirs.

(I'm thinking that for this story i will do different P.O.Vs


10. Morning

Harry's P.O.V.~

I was close to 2 in the morning and i could not sleep. All i could think about was Cal. How could i have screwed up so badly? Liam deserves her. Maybe thats why i walked in on them cuddling in bed. It makes me sick. Liam's my bestmate but i want cal more than i want our friendship.

"Knock,Knock. Harry i know your up." I stood up and walked to the door to a smiling Niall. I moved over to let him in. "Niall what the hell are you doing here at 2 a.m.?" He shrugged and got himself a coke out of my fridge then plopped down on my couch. I sighed and went to sit in my favorite recliner.

"So, you want to tell me why your here." I stated. "Well i just came from Cals..." My eyes widened and i could feel the anger in me start to bubble. I've been so angry lately. "Before you tell me to leave. We didn't do anything she just wanted someone to watch Titanic with her." He chuckled. "Plus i dont think i need to join in on this love triangle you, Liam, and Cal have going on." I growled at the mention of Liam. "Okay i can't see why your angry at him Harry your the one that fucked up the other night."

"I know that okay and i don't need you to tell me i'm screwed. But if this is why your here then you can leave." I said harshly. Niall shook his head. "You want to talk bout it?" He asked looking like a little kid. I sighed then said sure. And i explained how i felt, what i wanted, and all my anger to Niall, one of my bestmates with the best ears to listen.

Liam's P.O.V.~

I have gone the whole without talking to Cal. She probably needed some space. It was nearly morning now but i haven't got the tiredness to sleep. Her beautiful sleeping face kept popping into my mind. The way her body felt against mine, was almost to tempting to sleep with her in my arms. I just wanted to see her in bed to have her kissing me and seeing her beautiful body naked. Snap out of it Liam. You barely know her and then there is Harry to deal with.

He made me so angry this morning. He almosts rapes her then shows up at her door asking for forgiveness, then getting mad at me for being in the same bed as her. I wanted to tell him to leave Cal alone but i didn't want to be rude and Cal has the freedom to talk to Harry if she wants.

I drifted off to sleep on my couch but a few minutes later my phone was buzzing. Who was calling this early. I answered my phone to hear a cheery Cal on the other end. I was instantly awake now. "Goodmorning Liam!!!" I mumbled goodmorning back. "I was wondering if you want to go get some breakfast with me? I don't know my way around london yet and thought maybe you could show me some really good places." She rambled. I smiled. "Yeah i'll meet you at your flat in 15 minutes.

I ended the phone call and hopped of the couch and pulled on a clean shirt and pants. I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair. I took one last look at my reflection before grabbing my coat and headed out the door.

Cals P.O.V.~

Already dressed for the day i fixed my hair and brushed my teeth and applied mascara to my eyes. I skipped into my livingroom singing 'Live While Were Young'. While waiting for Liam to get here i checked my twitter. I had one mention from niall. I opened the picture my draw dropped. There i was asleep with chicken in my mouth. How unfair!  I Commented on the photo. "Man was that chicken yummy think it was even in my dreams. Love Ya Niall." Instantly after commenting i got alot of favorites and my mentions exploded. Wow, people work fast. Hearing the knock at the door i was pulled out of my thoughts.

"Hey Cal, Ya ready?" I nodded and made sure to lock my door and grab my purse before leaving my flat. We took the elevator down because it was finally working. "So where are we off to on this fine Sunday morning?" I chuckled at how Texan i sounded. "Well i was thinking we could go to Aurelia, which isn't too far from here." I smiled and followed him to the restuarant.

The place was amazing, so fancy. "Um, Liam? I don't think i have enough money for this kind of dining." He chuckled and stated cooly. "My treat." I tried to disagree but he would not listen to me so i gave up and ordered the cheapest thing they had. When we got our food it was steaming hot. Yum, i thought.

All during breakfast me and Liam talked and laughed. When i ate the last bite ofmy meal i leaned back and rubbed my tummy. "That was delicious." The waiter soon brought the bill even though i offered to pay half Liam kept denying me the right to. "Okay mister my treat man. What should we do know?" He went into his deep thinking face. Well i guess we could go to my place and play some games. I agreed and we headed to his place.

~Author note: Sorry this chapter is such a snoozer i needed something to lead me to where i want this story to go. Thanks to the people who have read this far. I feel so great when i see that i have a new reader. PLus don't forget to comment i love when people comment i like critizism so comment please. I love you all. And if you have school tomorrow, like me, I hope you have an Fantastic day. Goodnight night, Beauties~




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