Listen to Your Heart

18 year old Caliapi, or Cal for short, has just graduated highschool. For college she has decided to study abroad in london. Her whole life she has been waiting for this moment. It's been 5 years since her obsession with One Direction, but now everyone has grown up and moved on. She had packed up her posters and magazines and thought to never see them again except for a few One direction Reunion concerts. But when she got to london 2 members of her favorite band Steal her heart as she stole theirs.

(I'm thinking that for this story i will do different P.O.Vs


3. Meeting Harry and Liam?

Cal's P.O.V.-

I was done trying to shop in the rain so i just headed back to the flat. It was raining harder now and everyone was rushing to get somewhere. I was concentrating on my feet, because i didn't want to slip and fall.

"Damn this rain." I mumbled under my breath. Before i could understand what i happened i ran into someone and fell on the ground.

"I am so sorry, let me help you." i looked up to see a guy who looked familiar. He had a hood on which made it easy to focus on his gorgeous green eyes.

I latched onto his hand that he was holding out and stood up. When he was helping me up his hood slid of his head. I then realized who he was.

"Your Harry Styles." I said breathlessly and smiled. "Yeah, that's me. Are you okay?" I looked down at my now soaked pants. "A little wet but no injuries. I think I'll live." He Laughed. I heard another chuckle behind him and looked over his shoulder.

A man with puppy dog eyes and short brown hair was looking at me. "No way your Liam Payne!" I was trying so hard not to fangirl.

Standing before me were 2 members of one of the biggest boybands of all time. All those memories of collecting posters and concerts came flooding back into my mind.

"Would you like to get out of this rain?" I was juggled out of my thoughts. "Yeah, sure." They led me into a pizza place across the street. It was small and empty but it was dry.

I order a slice of pizza. We sat down at a booth near a window. Me on one side and Harry and Liam on the other. They were both staringat me as i took a bite of my pizza. "Can i help you?" I asked with my mouth full. They chuckled and at there pizza.

"So from your accent i figure your American, So what brought you to london?" Harry asked me. "Well when i was 13 i fell madly in love with the UK and planned to come here for college. So, here i am." They nodded.

I couldn't help but notice how perfect they looked rite now. Harry had a little scruff that was really sexy on him. Liam looked hot as well with his short slightly curled hair. I now remember why these two were my favorite in the band.

"Can i admit something?" They nodded. "When i was 14 i was obsessed with you guys. I got over yall when you stopped performing but i still have my posters." They chuckled and i let out my breath. Great now i sound crazy.

30 minutes later we were all finished with our pizza and i was about to leave when a questioned popped into my mind. "Oh by the way, why did yall stopping making music?" A sad look came over their faces.

Liam spoke first. "Management thought we got to old and our fans moved on to a newer artist. Plus my singing voice went weak." I frowned. "Well it was great to meet you, finally." I got up to leave when Harry grabbed my arm.

"Can i have your number?" My mouth dropped. Harry freaking Styles wanted my number. I thought they invited me to eat was because they felt sorry for knocking me down. "Sure!" He handed me his phone and i typed my number in.

"Thanks for lunchbut i really go to go home." I hugged them both and started to walk back to my flat. Surprisingly it wasn't raining any more and the sun was shining. It was weird how the weather matched my mood.


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