Listen to Your Heart

18 year old Caliapi, or Cal for short, has just graduated highschool. For college she has decided to study abroad in london. Her whole life she has been waiting for this moment. It's been 5 years since her obsession with One Direction, but now everyone has grown up and moved on. She had packed up her posters and magazines and thought to never see them again except for a few One direction Reunion concerts. But when she got to london 2 members of her favorite band Steal her heart as she stole theirs.

(I'm thinking that for this story i will do different P.O.Vs


2. In town

Harry's P.O.V-

i woke up this morning with a huge headache. Rolling over my hand fell on top of a face. I opened my eyes and found a pretty blonde girl naked in my bed. "Oh no i did it again." I sighed. The girl mumbled something and curled up to me. "That was amazing last night." I racked my brain trying to remember how i got this girl in my bed. Okay, i was drinking with Niall and Zayn when this girl came up to me and seduced me. I was already drunk so of course we probably... 

"I'm sorry but you need to get dressed and go home." I told the girl as i stood up and put my boxers on. She got up up angrily and pulled her clothes on. "Fine! But don't think to call me ever again. You Douchebag!" She shouted and stomped out the door. Sighing i went to get a glass of water and some aspirin.

Close to around 5 i decided i need a coffee. I called liam and asked him to get coffee with me. He said he would meet me out side my flat in 10 minutes.

"Hey how are you Harry?" He asked as he gave me a brother hug. "Little hungover but i was really in the mood for some starbucks. So shall we go?" I started to walk towards the closet starbucks. We noticed it looked like it was going to rain so we quickened our pace.

When we had arrived at starbucks i stood in line thinking  of what i should order. Liam got the same thing every time so there was no worry for him.

"So any new girl in your life?" I asked Liam. He frowned. Ever since him and Danielle Broke up a year ago he hasn't been the same. Danielle was everything to him then one day she decides she tired of him. To be honest i never actually liked Danielle, something about her just rubbed me the wrong way. Liam still hasn't answered so i decided to drop the subject.

"Hey aren't you from that old boyband, One Direction?" The girl asked me as she handed me my coffee. It's hard to think that One Direction isnow an 'Old Boyband'. I flashed back to all the tours and screaming fans. It was good times, and it's too bad everyone moved on to newer artists. Sure, papparazi still snaped pictures of us, but we aren't in worldwide interest anymore.I realized i still haven't answered the girl. "Yeah, I was."

We sat down at a table by the window. "I can't believe we aren't performing anymore. It seems like it was just yesterday when we were the top album of the world." I thought aloud. Liam nodded and said "Yeah, those were the days." For the rest of thetime at starbucks we talked about our lifes now and what was going on with the other boys.

Louis and Eleanor were now married. Zayn and Perrie shortly after we stopped performing. Niall was just living life and eating of course. We still hung out sometimes. We Had parties and sometimes got invited to movie premires. I was now living in London doing whatever. Life had calmed down and it was nice, but i felt like something was missing.

When it was time to head back to my flat, I invited liam to come watch a football game with me. It was still raining when we stepped outside. Within minutes i was soaked because i didn't have an umbrella.

I guess iwasn't looking where iwas going cuz i raninto some one. I looked up to find a girl on the ground. I reached my hand down to help her up. "I am so sorry let me help you."

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