Listen to Your Heart

18 year old Caliapi, or Cal for short, has just graduated highschool. For college she has decided to study abroad in london. Her whole life she has been waiting for this moment. It's been 5 years since her obsession with One Direction, but now everyone has grown up and moved on. She had packed up her posters and magazines and thought to never see them again except for a few One direction Reunion concerts. But when she got to london 2 members of her favorite band Steal her heart as she stole theirs.

(I'm thinking that for this story i will do different P.O.Vs


5. Feeling Something

Cal's P.O.V. -

I woke up to my phone buzzing. It was my mom. "Hello" i said still sleepy. " Good morning honey i was just calling to see if you've got settled in." She said all happy.

"Mom do you realize its only 6:30 here and i didn't go to sleep early last night." I heard my mom breathing. "Oh right i forgot its noon in america I'm Sorry sweetie i will leave you to sleep bye love you." "I love you too i will call you later."

I hung up and dozed back to sleep.

When i woke up later it was 10:00. "Much better." I sighed then got out of bed and went into the kitchen to eat. I was halfway into pouring a bowl of cereal when my phone started to ring. I looked at who was calling now. It was Harry. A smile grew across my face.

I answered with a hello and Harry replied. "Hey Cal i was going to text you but i just thought calling would be much faster." I giggled at his rambling. "Harry your point?" He continued. "Oh right, well Louis and eleanor are having a small party tonight and i was wondering if you would like to come?"

He stopped talking and waited for my answer. "Sure but your going to have to give me a ride i have no clue how to get around london." We both laughed and agreed on going to the party at 6. "Great see you then." I said then hung up.

After eating my breakfast i was full of energy. To keep myself from bouncing of the walls i decided to unpack my suitcases. I mostly just had clothes inthem but i did have my comforter and some food. Everything else i needed would be shipped later on in the week.

By the time i was done getting my closet sorted out it was 4. I decided to take a shower and start to get ready for the party. I had 2 hours to get ready this should be plenty of time.

When was done getting myself ready i evaluated myself. I was wearing dark washout capris with a light brown tank top with a green high low see through  flowered top over it. For shoes i had my light brown mocasins on. My blonde hair was straight and i decided to let my bangs hang down. Perfect for a casual party.

A couple of minutes later there was a knockon my door. I opened it and found Harry leaning on the doorway. "Well hello there." He smirked. Wow, that was so cheesy but i let it slide this time. "Ok? Well we should get going before we are late." He chuckled. "Harry is never late others are simply early."

I laughed and pushed him into a wall. He was full of himself, but thats what i liked about him. It was about a 10 minute drive to Louis and Eleanor's house. When we pulled up to their mansion i couldn't help but stare at the hugeness of it. "Pretty big, isn't it?" I nodded.

We hopped out of the car and Harry walked me up to the house. He didn't knock on the door, he just went right inside.

Harry led me into the backyard where the party was being held at. My mouth dropped. Standing before me were Little Mix, Simon Cowell, Olly Murs, Big Time Rush, and whole bunch of other famous people.

This is not what i expected. "Do you want to meet everyone?" Harry asked i closed my mouth and nodded. He introduced me to everyone like he was showing off his prize, but i didn't mind because i was hugging famous people.

When we finally reached Louis and Eleanor i was all out of excitement. "Not bad Harry!" Louis exclaimed as he wrapped me into a hug. "Its nice to meet you Caliapi. I see Harry has still got game for the ladies." He winked at Harry. I chuckled as Harry covered his eyes. "So tell me Caliapi how did you and Harry meet? At a club or bar?" Louis bombarded me with questions.

"You can call me Cal for one and i met yesterday when i ran into him and fell on the ground." i told him. Louis furrowed his brow, then looked at Harry. "That is no way to get a girl Hazza." Louis tisked. We all laughed at his humor. Few moments later Zayn, Niall, And Liam came over to us. Niall and Zayn looked a little bit older but they still had a boyish charm to them.

I hugged them all but when i hugged Liam he seemed to hold on to me longer. "Its great to see you again, Cal." He whispered in my ear. "Ditto." I replied.

The rest of the night we ate and i tried my first alcoholic beverage. I choose to go with one of eleanor's favorites a Strawberry Martinee. I took a sip of it. I grimaced at the taste. Every one laughed. "You get used to the taste." Eleanor comforted me.

By the time it was time to go home i was extremely tired. It was the different time zones i think. " I can take you home." Liam offered because Harry was passed out on a chair in the yard. "Sure" I yawned and followed Liam to his car.

The ride home was filled with silence. I was to tired and a little drunk to talk. When we reached my flat i was half asleep. I felt strong arms lift me up. "You don't have to carry me." I mumbled. Liam shushed me and i cuddled closer to his neck. He continued to carry me into my flat and put me down in my bed.

"Thanks for the great time. I had fun we need to do this again sometime." I rambled. He smiled and took my shoes off and tucked me into bed. "We should definitly should." He leaned down and kissed my forehead then left.

He left me wanting him. I always thought if i got the chance i would be with Harry but something about Liam made me feel so protected and loved. Confusing myself i shrugged all thoughts away and fell asleep.



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