Listen to Your Heart

18 year old Caliapi, or Cal for short, has just graduated highschool. For college she has decided to study abroad in london. Her whole life she has been waiting for this moment. It's been 5 years since her obsession with One Direction, but now everyone has grown up and moved on. She had packed up her posters and magazines and thought to never see them again except for a few One direction Reunion concerts. But when she got to london 2 members of her favorite band Steal her heart as she stole theirs.

(I'm thinking that for this story i will do different P.O.Vs


1. Off to College.

 Cal's P.O.V.-

"Caliapi wake up or your going to be late for your flight to london." I groaned and rolled off my bed. It was 5 am and i didn't go to sleep til1 because i hadn't finished packing yet. I dressed my self in some sweats and my old high school sweatshirt, and some toms for comfort. My hair was a tangly mess so i brushed it out and put it into a high bun. I threw on a little makeup and went downstairs to eat.

When i got to the kitchen i found my mom eating oatmeal. "Did you make enough oatmeal for me?" She shook head no and so i made myself some cheerios. I kept eating while my mom talked to me about my flight and my flat that i would be living in when i got to london.

After a long tenminutes of talkingto my mom we packed up the car and left for the airport. On the drive there my mom continued to tell me about what i should do in London. "I know mom." I've heard this lecure about 5 times already. "I love you and i want you to be prepared." She patted the backof my hand.

It took an hour to get to the LAX airport from where we lived, which was just outside of L.A. Mom helped me unload all my luggage. When we got to security Mom gaveme onelast lecure and then hugged me goodbye. "Call very week or every day or every hour." She said. "Mom, i'm sure iwill be to busy to call every hour. But i will try to callonce a week." She was pleased with that and kissed my cheek. "I love you and will miss you." She started to tear up. "I will be back for thanksgiving and christmas, And ilove you to." And with that i walked through security and onto my plane.

The plane ride was boring and i mostly listened to my music. I had made a old song playist from my highschool years. It consisted of One Direction, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Ryan Beatty, Fun, etc. I knew every lyric to every song on this playlist so it was extremely difficult not to sing along.

The flight took 10 hours to reach its destination. Before we landed the captain came on and i turned of my phone and put my stuff together. My ears popped just as we hit the ground. "Thank goodness." I whispered under my breath. I exited the plane and went into the airport. It felt different to be walking considering i've been sittiing for 10 hours.

After i got my luggage, i called my mom to let her know i've landed. She answered and told the address of my flight and to call a taxi.

When the taxi had showed up i put my luggage in the trunk and told the guy where to go. My flat was about 30 minutes from the airport. This was plenty of enough time to see a preview of london. The taxi drove past the London Eye, BIg Ben, and even the Buckingham Palace.

My flat was located in downtown London. It was in a tall building with about 20 floors. Mine was on the 10th floor so the elevator ride took a little time but i was thankful i didn't live on the top floor. Once inside my flat i inspected it and found it to be just like the pictures. It had one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. It was the perfect size for one person.

I unpacked what i had and decided i should go shopping. My mom gave me food money but i had money saved up since freshman year to use. I freshened up and put on some jeans and tennis shoes and walked out the door.


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