It Can't be True

It's Brooke's nineteenth birthday, for her birthday she gets a ticket to see 1D in concert, she also got a backstage pass! There is a relationship forming with one of the boys ;) What will happen?


9. Tour!!!

*Brooke's POV*

I quickly changed into a bright pink shirt that read 'No lies, Only love',  dark wash jean shorts, and black hi-top converse sneakers. I come into the living room to see Liam and my dad talking. "Yeah she is great and I love her." Liam said to my father not realizing I was there. I blushed "And she loves you back" I told him kissing his cheek, he blushed it was so cute. "Well, we are going to go!" I said. As Liam and I said our goodbyes we went into the car. "So where to now?" I asked "Well, since I met your parents. You are going to meet mine." He smiled at me. "Okay where is it?" I questioned him "The USA." he said smirking "But thats to far and you cant just leave the band." I told him "Oh I know they are coming and I was hoping you could to. Come to our tour!" eagerly shouted "Oh My Gosh YES I will go!" We drove to the hotel room to tell the guys. When we got there the room was trashed! I am pretty sure someone broke in. I saw all the boys sitting on the couch crying. "They stole my Jack Willis sweatshirt" Harry sobbed "They stole my clover necklace" Niall cried "They stole my stuffed kevin!!" Louis exclaimed "They stole my varsity jackets!" Zayn weeped. Liam quickly ran to his room and balled his eyes out "They stole my turtles!!!!" he got so mad "You brought your turtles?" Zayn asked "Yeah no one else could look after them." Liam stomped to the front desk telling them what had happend and demanded to see security footage. 


sorry its so short!!!

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