It Can't be True

It's Brooke's nineteenth birthday, for her birthday she gets a ticket to see 1D in concert, she also got a backstage pass! There is a relationship forming with one of the boys ;) What will happen?


13. The Truth

*Louis's POV*

"Please.. don't!" I looked at them with the most sincere eyes i have ever made. "Louis, we can't just let this criminal run around hurting other people! Look what happend to you!" Brooke let out a tear, sitting down on the floor. Liam went over to comforting her, they were good for each other! "Mate, we can't let him run free!" Niall tried negotiating with me. "No!! I don't want you to get hurt!!" I tried shouting, but it only hurt my chest. "Please don't strain yourself." Harry winced "Just don't! I want Larry to live!" I whisper in his ear. "It will and more people won't get hurt if we catch this person!" Harry said with sad eyes. "Is there something you aren't telling us?" Liam asked, we were like brothers he could always tell if I was hiding something. "I--" I tried to speak but I swallowed my words. I didn't want to tell them, it would cause so much more emotions. Brooke walks over and sits on my bed, she looks up at me "Louis, you can tell us" She says softly. I loved the way she talked, smiled, and laughed. I loved everything about her, I didn't want to lie to her. "Paul was there at the house" I choked up the words "I knew it!" I saw Zayn getting all mad "Wait.." I paused "He-.. Paul-... P-Paul died" I confessed. I didn't know what they felt, but the room felt more tense. "We have to catch that-that murderer!" Niall stormed out of the room, the boys followed. Brooke stayed with me, she was always there for me. "I-I don't want them to get hurt!" I winced "They wont don't worry" she said with reasurring eyes "No you don't get it do you. You didn't see what I saw. I can't let that happen to them!" I tried to scream but the words only came out as a whisper. With all my strength I pulled off the oxygen tubes and the IV (which hurt so bad!) and got up and started walking towards the exit to find the boys. Everything was spinning and blurry, I heard muffled voices behind me but I ignored them. When I got to the exit I found the boys, next thing I know I am back in my hospital bed with no one there. I tried to get up but I found restraints on my wrists. 'Damn it!' I thought. A girl with long brown hair and peircing green eyes. "Louis please don't scare me like that!" She exclaimed "A-Are you the nurse? May I have some food?" I asked nicely. Suddenly the girl in front of me started crying. I didn't mean to offend her. "I am sorry miss. I didn't mean to make you cry." I told her as she wiped away her tears. She was beautiful though, she didn't deserve to cry. 4 guys walked in. "Are you alright love?" a brown haired guy asked the green eyed girl, holding her waist kissing her head. I felt jealous? No! I just meet her. "We will stay here just for you mate" A guy with curly brown hair told me. "Are you all nurses?" I asked "Can I  have my food?" I finished impatiently. "I will go get the nurse." says a guy with blue eyes and blonde hair.

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