It Can't be True

It's Brooke's nineteenth birthday, for her birthday she gets a ticket to see 1D in concert, she also got a backstage pass! There is a relationship forming with one of the boys ;) What will happen?


15. Remembering and Surgery


*Louis's POV*

I fell asleep, my dream was strange. Apparently I tried out for the X-factor and didn't win then I formed a band with 4 other guys. Zayn, Harry, Niall, and Liam. We all tried out for X-factor as a band but then only got third. We sold the best selling single 'What Makes You Beautiful' and the best selling album 'Up All Night'. We went on tour, did a ton of video diarys. Then I met Brooke, who was so funny, beautiful, and was Liam's girlfriend. I hear footsteps, but I ignored them continuing on with my dream. "Louis?" I heard Niall say "Shut up mate he is sleeping!" I heard Zayn whisper. I laughed at this seeing the boys and Brooke. "Hey" I said weakly, my chest still hurt. "Hey Louis, I know you don't remember us but I just want to say we care about you." Brooke quietly said, sitting down at the foot of my bed. "Erm, My chest hurts really bad and I can hardly breathe." I tried to say catching my breath. I pushed the red emergency button. And I saw a nurse in the doorway as soon as I did, okay that was creepy. "Louis we are going to operate on you to get the shards of glass and the bullet out of you. It shouldn't be hard since it didn't end up near you major arteries." she told me sternly. "okay" thats all that could come out of my mouth right now. I felt so so weak, I needed to sleep. "Stay with me" Ashley excliamed, that startled me and bursted my eyes open. But my eye lids were trying to shut and I was forcing them open. When we got to the surgery room, the surgeon came in and gave me this gas that made me felt very sleepy and I shut my eyes and started dreaming.

*Brooke's POV*

"Will he be okay?" I asked the nurse "Yes, the bullet isn't near any major arteries and the shards of glass will  be easy to get out. I will keep you updated" she said reasurring me "Okay, thanks" I say with the most amount of happiness I can give. 


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