It Can't be True

It's Brooke's nineteenth birthday, for her birthday she gets a ticket to see 1D in concert, she also got a backstage pass! There is a relationship forming with one of the boys ;) What will happen?


2. Nandos

*Brooke's POV*

In the afternoon my mum took me out to whatever restaurant I wanted to go to. I picked Nandos because I knew everyone in my family loved that place including Niall. My dad drove everyone in his car a black SUV. My mum sat in the passenger seat, putting me and Spencer in the back. The radio was turned up all the way when 'One Direction One Thing' came on. "Cause you've got that One Thing, so get out get out, get out of my head" I shouted with all eyes staring at me. We all laughed then everyone in the car began to sing with me, I swear I felt the car shake, "And fall into my arms instead!" We had got to Nandos before the song ended, we all came out of the car with growling stomaches. While we were walking into Nandos someone bumped into me and spilt all their tea on me. "Ow, Hot Tea!" I exclaimed, my parents and Spencer weren't here because they were ordering inside I already told them my order. "Oh my! I'm so sorry, love" a man apologized "It-It's fine" I told him, still looking at my ruined dress. I slowly looked up at his perfect brown eyes. "No It's not I ruined your dress" he said "I-I can get another one" I said not caring about my dress anymore. OH MY GOD! ITS LIAM, FROM ONE DIRECTION. How couldn't I remember him before? I knew the answer, I was lost in his eyes. "You're from one direction? Right?" I asked trying to keep my cool even though I was fangirling inside. "Y-Yeah"he replied "You are .. Liam?" "Yes I am indeed! Can I buy you a new dress? I feel really bad" he said pouting "Yeah sure, let me go tell my mum" I quickly ran inside Nandos "Aw hun, What happened to your dress?" my mum asked "Mum, I just met Liam from One Direction. He wants to buy me a new dress because he spilt his tea on me. Can I go with him? Please mum it's my birthday!" I said "ugh, fine you can go with him" she said sarcastically handing me my food. "Thank you mum so much!" I exclaimed grabbing the food and running out of Nandos. I saw Liam standing there looking around, not knowing what to do. As soon as he saw me he had a huge grin on his face. Was I the reason for his smile? I blushed "Hey love, wanna buy that dress now?" he asked walking with me "Yeah" I answered. We walked on the side walk as I stopped to go in my favorite store, they always had cute dresses. Leading Liam in there I saw the most beautiful dress. It was a pink and white strapless striped dress, I held it out and smiled at Liam. "Go try it on" he encouraged me. I went to the fitting room, took off my clothes and slipped on my new dress. I came out of the fitting room seeing Liam waiting for me. "So do you like?" I asked him "Like? I love it, it looks great on you!" He told me witha huge smile on his face which made me blush. We had bought the dress while I was wearing it because I didn't bother changing back into my 'tea' dress. I thanked Liam for the dress "I better go back to my parents" I told him "Well do you have to go?" he questioned me "Well since it's my birthday I guess my mum wouldn't-" Liam interrupted me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" he shouted "We need to celebrate. Can you come with me to my hotel room?" he asked "Sure. Let me text my mum" I said "YES!" he exclaimed. We both pulled out our phones I tried looking at Liam's text, it said something about a cake, I blushed. I texted my mum "Hey can I go to Liam's hotel room?" I asked "Sure I will tell Spencer to go home, try to get a boy! ;)" Ah typical mum, I felt bad for Spencer though he was going to celebrate my birthday with me and I blew him off. "So? Can you come?' Liam asked anxiously "No I'm really sorry I have to get back to my family." I joked "Oh okay I get it" he said sadly, I let out a giggle "What?" he asked " I can come, I was just kidding." He had a huge grin on his face "Yes!" he shouted.

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