It Can't be True

It's Brooke's nineteenth birthday, for her birthday she gets a ticket to see 1D in concert, she also got a backstage pass! There is a relationship forming with one of the boys ;) What will happen?


23. Nandos, again

"I love you too Leeyumm!!" I shouted, He laughed as he picked me up bridal style as he carried me back inside the house. "Looks like some people had fun" Niall tiredly rubbed his blue eyes. Liam just looked me and the eyes "Yeah, we did" he rubbed his nose against mine. We waited with Niall for the others. First was Louis, then Harry and obviously last, Zayn. "What took you so long?" I teased him "Oh shut up!" he exclaimed. "We are going to Nandos" Liam annouces. "YEAHH BUDDY!" Niall shouted while dancing. He is just like a little kid. We headed out into Liam's car and drove away. When we got there, Niall bursted out of the car and ran into Nandos, that kid, I swear is just like a five year old when it comes to food. "Remember the last time we were here?" I asked Liam, who opened the door for me. Such a gentleman! "Yes, and that was the best day of my life." He hugged me and held me close to his warm body. "I love you!" I kissed, "I love you too, gorgeous!" We walked in the restaurant hand in hand, suddenly all eyes were on us."OMGG! ITS ONE DIRECTION!" Immediatly we were surrounded by fans and nutjobs. Don't get me wrong, I respect their job, but isn't this a bit much? I pondered "Who the hell is this little slut?" a fan (or bitch) asked. "Excuse me?" Liam confronted her, "oh my god, hes talking to me!" she squeeled. "Did you just call my girl a slut?" he stuttered at saying the S word, hes so adorable! "Wait, your girl? As in girlfriend?" She questioned her actions. Liam nodded with confidence. "Im so sorry Liam!" she explained, "Say that to her" his finger pointed at me, I blushed. She walked up to me with a sad look in her eyes, "I am so sorry. Whats your name?" she asked nicley. maybe she isnt bad after all. "Brooke, and you?" "Sarah, Again, im sorry I called you a slut, I just love them so much!" she replied "Its alright, I would have probably done that,  2 weeks ago. Whats your number?" We actually became friends and we swapped numbers. Sarah is amazing and she got to meet her favorite band! We all ate till we were full. I felt bloated, I ate so much! We got our stuff, said goodbye to the fans and Sarah, then headed back home. Home? I just called it home, well I have been there forever! SHIT! WHAT ABOUT MY HOME? I have to contact my family. I worried until we got home, I grabbed my phone, Tons of missed calls and worried texts from my family and Spencer, Spencer, I missed him soo much! We have never been away from each other this long. "Guys?" I caught there attention, "I gotta go home"

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