It Can't be True

It's Brooke's nineteenth birthday, for her birthday she gets a ticket to see 1D in concert, she also got a backstage pass! There is a relationship forming with one of the boys ;) What will happen?


18. I just... can't talk about this

*Brooke's POV*

"I thought you were joking, and I do know your name in my defense." Louis announced with his hands up. I chuckled at this, "I was joking..." I confirmed "But.. I started to think about something else andddd... I just can't!" I said bursting in tears. Liam bolted to sit next to me as he rubbed my arms. I loved him for this, I loved him for being too nice. "Shh.. It will all be okay. I'm here for you, we are all here for you." He comforted me. "I can't talk about it, Im sorry. Its too hard." I blurted as tears were falling on the hospital floor, forming a puddle. Liam put his arm around me and started to softly sing. "Shut the door, turn the light off, I wanna be with you, I wanna feel you love. I wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this even though I try. Heart beats harder, time escapes me. Trembling hands touch skin it makes this, harder. And the tears stream down my face." "If we could only have this life for one more day, If we could only turn back time." Harry interrupted "You know I'll be your life, your voice, your reason to be, my love, my heart is breathing for this. Moment in time I'll find the words to say, before you leave me today." They all sang as their voices echoed in the room. They continued until the song finished. I still had tears in my eyes, but they were happy tears. I felt loved, like never before. I felt true love in this room, I loved all the boys like a family, but Liam as a boyfriend. (obviously!) The door creaked open and the nurse came in. "Hello, everyone. I would just like to say that Lewis can go home later on tonight after we run some tests!" She announced. "It's Louis." I said to her as she gave me a disgusted face, as if she hadn't seen me there before. She asked Louis a few questions before heading out the door. I became more and more tired by the moment. Before I realized, I had fallen asleep in Liam's arms, feeling safe with him. Like he would never do anything to hurt me unlike.......... I fell fast asleep. 

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