It Can't be True

It's Brooke's nineteenth birthday, for her birthday she gets a ticket to see 1D in concert, she also got a backstage pass! There is a relationship forming with one of the boys ;) What will happen?


14. Confused

*Louis's POV*

"So you guys aren't nurses?" I asked waiting for my food. "No, Louis we are you best friends!" A guy with hair sticking up said "We are all in a band together? One Direction?" The guy who made me jealous told me. "Do you even remember Larry?" the guy with curly hair questioned me "Whos Larry? My brother or something?" My past was such a blur. "Was she in the band?" I ask pointing to the only girl in the room. "N-no Liam met her at Nandos" The guy with curly hair sobbed. I didn't mean to hurt them. I just want to know my life, I am so confused now! The blonde headed kid walks in with an actual nurse. Finally! My food is here! she gives me milk, pudding, and a apple. I see the curly haired kid talk to the nurse about my condition. "Hello Mr. Tomlinson" she greeted me "Hello..." I saw her name tag "Ashley" I told her. Her smile brighten as she thought I remembered her name. "We need to get you treatment, go through some steps to remembering." she said as she led everyone out to sit in the waiting room. "Okay so what's your name?" she asked politely. "Umm " I tried to think, "Louis Tomilinson" I guessed since everyone called me that. "Good! Now, What band are you in?" she exclaimed. I didn't know this answer so I shook my head and she gave me a nod. This continued for forever and I only got my name right. She left the room to go talk to my friends. I didn't understand a thing. And I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, I just didn't know anything! I mean any thing.

*Brooke's POV*

The nurse came up to us while I still had tears streaming down my face. Louis didn't remember me! My brother! "I tested him on all the information you gave me and he only remembered his name" she said, "But I only think he remembers that because you said his name too much.You guys can go back to see him" she finished, she walked to the front desk handing them a file. "Wanna go see Louis?" Liam asked me "Yes, I wanna be there until he remembers every minute of his life!" I told him as I hopped on him and he gave me a  piggy-back ride to the room. I never wanted to leave Louis. If I had to stay over night, then so be it!


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