The Moments We Had.

Maddie and Peyton were two best friends that had always imagined meeting One Direction. But they would have never thought that the guys would fall for them. What will Peyton and Maddie do when they realize that the boys friendship is being ruined because they are fighting over them? And what will happen when Louis loses the one he loves the most?


5. the boys

Maddie's P.O.V.

As the Up All Night Concert started we read the screen 10 seconds...Oh my god...5 seconds, and before we knew it there they were looking perfect as ever. The boys. "NA NA NA!" we sang along with the boys until we got tired. My gawd I thought to myself how in the world do they do this. I couldnt help but notice when Harry sang his solo in What Makes You Beautiful I could of sworn he was looking at me and I wasnt sitting in the middle floor, I was more to the side which made it quite obvious. I felt a little strange when I notice Zayn look at me as well and when Harry would look at me and sing Zayn shot him a look that didnt look to happy. But I just ignored it and enjoyed the concert. When they sang More Than This I died. There voices were beautiful! And ohh myy...Up All Night...I was mesmerized when Harry and Louis hip thrusted, I just couldnt handle it!

Peyton's P.O.V.

Know I really couldnt decide who I liked the most. Liam's voice was just so enchanting I couldnt breathe. When Niall jumped I gasped and covered my mouth it was crazy how he could do that. Zayn was so mysterious it made me feel almost weak. And I dont know something about Louis made me want him so bad. Including his amazing hip thrust. But when he sang Moments and I saw him steal a few glances at me. My heart stopped. I think its Louis I kept saying to myself. Over and Over again....Louis

The concert was over...It was time!  Maddie and I looked at each other and scream as the guard brought us over to the room labled "the boys". He slowly creeked open the door that just made me even more excited and nervous.

"Ello loves, what are you two beautiful girls names?" Harry asked out of the awkward moment when we walked in. Maddie and I looked around making sure they were actually talking to us. I couldnt even speak.

"Well, Im Maddie and..." Maddie said waiting for me to say my name, but I couldnt. "and this is Peyton" she continued. I thanked her by giving her a welcoming smile.

Maddie's P.O.V.

I felt Harry's deep green eyes burning into my skin as he looked at me. A slight blush appeared on my face, I tried to hold it back but it didnt help. I was about to turn toward Peyton and see what she was doing when Harry walked up to me. 

"Hi," He said as he looked down at me. All I could think of is wow that was simple but effective, I let a quiet giggle. I felt like a 7 year old talking to her crush. Come on Maddie im 18 I can talk to him. 

"Hello, you guys were amazing tonight," I managed to say. 

"Thank you! Are you guys from America?" He asked me. Oh no does he not like american girls. I just nodded my head yes worried what his response would be. Before he could respond Niall lept up and hung up his phone.

"Hey girls im sorry I cant stay but it was wonderful to meet you!" Niall spoke in his cute Irish accent.

"Where are you going?" Liam asked confused about why he was leaving.

"Since this is the last concert for the summer, I thought my girlfriend Grace and I could go on a trip to Hawaii for a couple months." He replied.

"OHHHHHH!!!" the boys squealed like they were 5, but it was so incredibly cute!

"Haha well girls it was nice meeting you, and see ya later boys, behave!" he giggled as he walked out of the door.


When I turned around not only was Harry there but so was Zayn. All I could think was how this was the most attention I have got from boy... ever! I had a nice chat with them but as time went on I felt myself getting really tired.

 Peyton's P.O.V.

I looked over at Maddie, she looked absolutely exhausted but I could tell she wanted to stay as much as I did. I really wanted to talk to Louis but he was constantly fighting on the phone with someone so I felt it may be rude to interrupt him. Instead I had a nice chat with Liam. He seemed really sweet and a really down to earth person. But I found myself keep looking for Louis.

"Is everything alright?" I heard Liam ask as I looked at him noticing that I had been scanning the room.

"Oh yes! Im amazing actually" I said as a small grin appeared on Liams face.

All of sudden i saw Liams smile drop as someone ran up behind me grabbed my waist making me step forward from the force of someones body. I turned around to see a very excited Louis holding me. Everyones attention was now set on us two.

"Sooo, what happened with Eleanor?" Zayn question him with a concerned face.

"Well. Uhm. It didnt work out, she said I was too crazy to live with so, were done now."He said in a serious voice.

"Awee are you ohkay?" I asked concerned but very happy!

"Yes now that your here!" Louis giggled, but I heard Liam sigh.


Maddie's P.O.V.

After another hour of getting to know the boys, the management told us we had to leave. When we were about to give the boys our numbers so we could hang out again, the security pushed us out without saying another word. Great...I had the best time of my life with One Direction and now they didnt know how to contact us. Well I guess even if we did try to get back to them they would just forget about us anyway. It really seemed like Peyton liked Louis and he liked her but, it also seem like Liam had a thing for her. The strange thing for me is I always loved Harry but now im liking Zayn too! I was a little overwhelmed because it almost seemed like they were fighting over me...But what do I know they were boys from one direction they could have anyone they wanted, but did they want us?

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