The Moments We Had.

Maddie and Peyton were two best friends that had always imagined meeting One Direction. But they would have never thought that the guys would fall for them. What will Peyton and Maddie do when they realize that the boys friendship is being ruined because they are fighting over them? And what will happen when Louis loses the one he loves the most?


10. more than this

Harry's P.O.V.

Was I crazy for doing this? No, im just really like this girl, and shes all I ever think about, I thought as I looked at my watch, it read 7 AM. I exhaled deeply then knocked on the door looking down at my dark jeans and white tee-shirt. I heard some movement behind the door, I quickly shook my hair making it perfectly curled to the side.

"Hello?" Maddie rubbed her eyes as the door squeaked open.

"I need you to come with me!"I said not hinting at what we were going to do.

"Right now?"she searched for a clock.

"Yes,"I simply replied.

"Alright, hold on a minute you can come in if you would like?"she offered.

"Thank you," I said closing the door.


When she walked out moments later, we almost looked like twins. She had worn her hair wavy and down with a white v-neck tee and tight skinny jeans. Although it wasnt dressed up she looked absolutely perfect! 

"Alright im ready,"she yawned. Once we walked into the elevator, I couldnt help but just stare at her.

"What?"she giggled.

"You just look amazing and I so happy to be here with you right now,"I blushed. She just wrapped me into a warm hug, without saying another word. The elevator soon opened and I grabbed her hand and ran out the door through the crowd of people. Occasionally I heard her yell,"Where are we going!?" But I just kept running until we got to our destination. 


Maddie's P.O.V.

"Where are we going?" I kept yelling through the crowd of people at Harry. But he didnt say anything he just looked back and gave me the most breath taking smile. We finally stopped at an old looking building. He looked at me and bit his lip, he was excited about something, but what? We stepped into the elevator of the old building, and once again he just looked down at me.

"Close your eyes,"He whispered as the elevator door slid open. As he asked I closed my eyes as he led me somewhere. I felt a cold breeze against my cheek, were we outside? 

"You can open your eyes now,"he said as I opened my eyes, his beautiful green eyes looked right into mine. I was the first one to break the stare to look around. There were beautiful roses everywhere, in all different colors.

"How did you know!?" I asked him.

"Know what?"he questioned.

"That I love roses!"I yelped as I held a bright blue rose.

"Lucky guess,"He said as he came closer to me. He led me to a bench with rose pedals showered around it.

"When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just wont feel right. Cause I can love you more than this,"his soulful voice sang as his eye watered slightly. I started to feel my eyes water as I looked into his eyes. We just sat there for a few moments, in complete silence.


Harry's P.O.V.

When I started singing more than this I felt water start balling up in my eyes, I really liked her and this song meant a lot about how I felt about her, and how it just doesnt feel right when her and Zayn are together. We just sat there looking at each other into each others emotional eyes. I stood up and offered her my hand as I spoke,"May I have this dance?"

"Yes,"she said whipping her tears and standing up. I felt my body warm as our bodies met together. She gently laid her head on my shoulder as we rocked back and forth. I felt a drop of water fall on my face, then several more. We pulled apart and looked up at the sky, as it started pouring rain down on our faces. We stood in silence once again, it was the perfect moment. I grabbed her waist, and pulled her close into my body as she warmed me from the cold rainy day. I looked into her eyes, the color blue they were today totally mesmerized me. Then I looked at her plush pink lips and bit mine just thinking about how it would be to kiss her. I looked into her eyes once again as the rain fell on us. Gently I grabbed her soft face a leaned in to kiss her.


Maddie's P.O.V.

I felt like I was in a movie, this didnt seem real, it was so perfect and purely magical. When the rain poured down I was absolutley in awe of this moment, then he grabbed my waist and pulled me into his body, butterflys grew in my stomach. Why was I so nervous, he just had this effect on me that just made my heart melt. When he bit his lip and looked at mine thats when I couldnt take it anymore. He looked into my eyes one last time then grabbed my face, which sent shivers down my spine. His face grew closer to mine, so I met him halfway there because I couldnt resist him for a second longer. When our lips moved together I wrapped my arms around his neck. While we were kissing I remembered I wore a black bra underneath my white vneck tee, and it had been raining harshly on us. Oh great what if he see, I kept thinking to myself. I wasnt self conscious about my body, I just didnt know since this was basically our first date if he should see me practically half naked. But he pulled away and just looked down, then looked back in my eyes.

"Your eyes are beautiful,"he whispered. I was not expecting that at all, but I was so happy when he did, because it made me realize he didnt want me just for my looks and body, but for me. That made me so much more attracted to him so I jump on him with my legs around his toned body.


Harry's P.O.V.

Kissing her felt like everything else in the world would just disappeared. After a few minutes without breathing I broke free noticing her black bra was showing straight through her white see through shirt. I would be completely lying if I said I didnt look at her boobs more than once, but that didnt really mean anything to me at the moment. So I looked back into those crystal blue eyes that made my heart melt once again,"Your eyes are beautiful." I was expecting just a sweet thank you, but instead she leaped onto me with her legs secure around my body. We continued kissing but more passionately, I managed to put my tongue into her mouth hoping she would return hers into mine, and she did. I carried her over to the brick wall of the building rooftop and let her back gently press against the wall. This moment was amazingly perfect the roses, the rain, Maddie. She was just breathtaking, and not to mention a fantastic kisser. I moved my body closer to her making the kiss stronger, I heard a quiet moan escape her mouth, which made me more turned on by her. 

It felt like another 4 minutes had gone by without our mouths ever leaving, when her phone suddenly rang, ruining the moment. She sighed leaning her head on mine as I still held her against the wall. I slowly let her go, she reached into her back pocket and answered her phone.

"Uh hello?"she sighed angrily into the phone, I could tell that she was also upset that are lips were apart."Im alright Peyton! Im ohkay no one took me, I just wanted to go out for a while. Uhmm am I with Harry?" she looked at me asking what to say back.

"Noooo!" I whispered.

"Nopee, havent seen him why? Oh the boys were just worried, ohkey. Well if I see him walking around I'll let you know. Yup, ohkay, bye." she finished.

"Is everything alright?" I asked her.

"Yea, she was just worried about where I was, and I guess the boys are looking for you. So as much as I dont wanna go, we should probably get back to them,"she said dully not wanting to leave.

Without hesitation I pulled her into me again and our mouths moved as one once again. We walked into the elevator, and pressed the ground level button. I was hoping it would never open but it eventually did. And we just smiled at each other like we always do. It was strange that there werent many people walking, the rain must of scared them away, but for us it was magical. We ran, skipped and jumped through the wet sidewalks acting like little kids. Our magic stopped when we arrived at her hotel, but I decided I would walk her up to her room. We calmly walked into the elevator, but once the door shut we went at it again. She tangled her hands through my curly hair as I grabbed her waist putting my hands under her wet shirt. Our lips moved fluidly as the smooth elevator lifted to the top floor. When we finally stopped kissing we noticed the elevator had been there for a few minutes and was about to travel back down, so we hopped off and giggled quietly hoping that Peyton wouldnt come out of the suite.


Maddie's P.O.V.

"Well i'll see you tonight babe,"Harry's hot breath whispered into my ear.

"I cant wait!" I giggled as I trailed my finger tips down the buttons of his shirt teasing him.

"Goodbye love,"he spoke as he got closer to me wrapping me into a strong hug. He lifted his head then planted a kiss on my forehead making my body desire him. But before I knew it he was in the elevator blowing me a kiss, I giggled then returned one back to him as the door shut.

Did this all really happen, I couldnt believe it. I unlocked the door and walked into the quiet room, and shut the door facing it. I sighed and turned around, with my back still in contact with the door. I slowly slid down to sit on the ground, I covered my face trying to sink in all that happened, it just didnt seem real.

"Maddie? Where were you I was worried sick!"Peyton lectured me as a mother would.

"I just went out for a little walk. I needed some fresh air."I lied.

"Why is your shirt wet?"Peyton questioned.

"It was raining?"I said pointing out the obvious.

"Oh, well why are you smiling so big. What happened?!"she asked happily.

"Nothing happened," I lied again. I just had the best moment of my life with a guy I Love. Wait, did I really just think that. I loved Harry. Hmm, I loved Harry. I smiled at the thought. I Love Harry and I need to tell him. But will he love me back, it had only been a few days, but today was amazing. What if he didnt feel anything I felt. I was over thinking the situation, but what if he really didnt love me...Id be, heartbroken.

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