The Moments We Had.

Maddie and Peyton were two best friends that had always imagined meeting One Direction. But they would have never thought that the guys would fall for them. What will Peyton and Maddie do when they realize that the boys friendship is being ruined because they are fighting over them? And what will happen when Louis loses the one he loves the most?


6. good morning

Peyton's P.O.V.

Wow! That was probably the best night ever, but im never gonna see them again the way I just did, I sighed looking down at my phone.

"Man, I wish we could of got their numbers. Stupid security!" I grumbled.

"I know! And I dont know if im being crazy or they were actually kinda into us?" Maddie replied.

"Exactly!" I agreed

"Well it seem like you and Louis had something going on!"she giggled.

"Hmmm yea..." I remembered the times I spent with him, "Liam was quite nice too!"I added.

"It was strange. Harry and Zayn were like....competing against each other it was quite amusing, but you know...we cant have both boys we have to pick one." She stated

"True...We have a lot we need to figure out." I sighed once again.

"Well we should go to bed then think about it tomorrow. Why dont we go to the small cafe on the corner?"she asked.

"Alright sounds good. See you in the morning." I said as we both went to our rooms.


Louis's P.O.V.

The morning light streamed through the apartment window that the lads and I had been at for the last few days, since our  tour was over now. Last night was crazy, breaking up with Eleanor...I sighed, but it was right for the both of us. But on the up side I met an amazing girl, Peyton. I blushed slightly just thinking about her. She just seemed absolutely brilliant.

"Eh hem," I heard from the doorway. I turned my head around to see Harry and Liam standing in the doorway, which probably meant that Zayn was still sleeping.

"What were you thinking bout?" Liam questioned me.

"Oh nothing..."I lied.

"We all know. Were all thinking about those girls from last night."Harry said with a sneaky grin.

"Sooo...what are we gonna do?" I asked worried, whenever the boys had a plan it was alway crazy.

"We" Harry said pointing to all of us,"Are going to find these girls no matter how long it takes!" Harry yelled confidently.

"How exactly are we going to do that?"I gestured towards Liam and Harry. l

"I'm not sure yet. But why dont we go get some coffee and start looking," Liam interrupted Harry.

"Wait what are we doing?" a confused and tired Zayn walked through the door.

"We'll tell you later."Harry snarled, "Just go get ready!" He demanded as they all left.

So. We are going to find these matter how long it takes. Those words kept replaying in my mind. We will find these girls.We will!


Maddie's P.O.V.

I woke up about 8:00 and took a nice long shower. Half way through I figured that Peyton had started to shower too because my water became slightly cold. Thanks I sighed and giggled to myself. When I got out I brushed my teeth and added some mascara on. I wasn't sure what to do with my hair so I just let it flow down my back. When I looked at the clock it was already 8:50 so I quickly put on my blue Gilly Hicks comfy shorts and a v-neck t-shirt that said "I Love British Boys".


Petyon's P.O.V.

As soon as I got out of the shower I threw on my PINK shorts that said LOVE on the back, with a black bandeua that I wore under a white tank that had a tie on the bottom. Simple, but cute enough to go out in. As usual I added my eyeliner, creme sparkles and mascara to my eyes. I decided to to do a messy braid that layed on my right shoulder. I was done. I walked into the main living room and found Maddie already there.

"You ready?" she asked me cheerfully as she jumped of the large sofa.

"Ready as i'll ever be!" I said with a cheesy grin and laughed.


Zayn's P.O.V

Geeeez im so tired I cant believe I let the boys dragg me out of the apartment. We walked down the street and surprisingly it was quite calm we only had 2 fans come up to us, which was nice because I looked pretty awful, I thought as I looked into my phone checking my reflection. My normaly spiked hair, was now swooped slightly to the side, slightly looked ohkay but It could be better. When we opened the door of the small cafe, bells jingled that  made my head bang from just being super tired. I was really self concious of how I looked so when the boys went to go take a seat I walked towards the bathroom.

"One sec lads im gonna go to the restroom," i walked towards the door slowly until I heard Liam answer back, "Alright."

I pushed the door open and examined my hair.


Maddie's P.O.V.

I heard a slightly familiar voice say something, but just shook the thought away knowing that I was really tired.

"Oh my gawsh is that Zayn!' I whisper-screamed pointing in the boys direction.

"Hmmm no. I dont think Zayn would leave the house looking like that. He's too vain!" Peyton giggled in responce.

"Yea your right" I said before sipping my coffee.


Zayn's P.O.V.

I looked at my lifeless hair. It just sat flat. I sighed, combing my fingers through it until it stood straight. I put a small amount of water on my hands to stiffen the hair. I looked at it once more, well thats all I can do for now. I pushed the door open and walked out looking for where the lads had sat. I saw a familiar blue eyed girl glance at me then spit out some of her coffee right to the floor. I couldnt help but laugh as I stopped in front of her to help clean up. I looked into those crystal blue eyes once more and noticed who she was.

"Maddie?" I asked.

"Am I hallucinating or do you see Zayn Malik too Peyton?" she questioned as she pinched her arm, which made me giggle again.

"Boys look what I found!" I waved my hands in the air as if i found a burried treasure.


Maddie's P.O.V.

They ran over and just looked at Peyton and I we just glanced at each other as smiles grew on our faces. All I could do is bite my lip and say, "Good morning!"

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