The Moments We Had.

Maddie and Peyton were two best friends that had always imagined meeting One Direction. But they would have never thought that the guys would fall for them. What will Peyton and Maddie do when they realize that the boys friendship is being ruined because they are fighting over them? And what will happen when Louis loses the one he loves the most?


9. getting over it

Peyton's P.O.V.

On our way back to the hotel Maddie and I just walked in complete silence, completley shocked by what had just happened. But when the elevator door opened up to our floor, I saw Maddie look at me, just smirking,"Hmmm so how did it happen with Louis?" she asked.

"Well you know just like any other...."asking out" would go." I said shyly as I unlocked the suite door.

"Nooo something else happened, I can totally tell!"she knew she was right.

"Your right...ohkey sit down and i'll tell you,"I said slumping on the sofa. She joined me shortly after smiling at me waiting to hear, so I continued.

"Alright so once you and Zayn left, Harry and Liam also left to go get some tea. So Louis turned to me and said "uhm Peyton"", I laughed when I quoted him," but then he just got right to it and asked me out."I stopped.

"And then...?" Maddie urged me to keep talking.

"Well I was so shocked I didnt even think he was talking to me, but then I kinda said yes in the most dorky way possible,"I paused again.

"Haha well you are kinda dorky!"Maddie chirped.

"Heyy! Well I am and im proud. Anyway after I said yes, he just looked into my eyes getting closer to me by the second," Maddie let out a squeal when I mentioned that,"and then...It all happened to fast I didnt know what to think but his soft lips moved against mine, and it was just magical."I sighed thinking about it.

"Awwwwh! My story is just "Do you wanna see a movie and go out to eat!?" Sureee!" I laughed. "But I may say that althought it was simple, it was very affective!"she said quoting Harry.

"Well im gonna rest up! Important night later on!" I said yawning remembering we were up really late because of the concert.

"I guess I will too. Talk to you later." Maddie said closing her door. I could already imagine what the perfect date for Louis and I would be, but I just didnt know, i've never really been on a date with guy like him. I cant wait to see how he acts in real person on a date. Would he still like me once he gets to know me, gee i hope so. I was more nervous now then I had ever been in my life.


Harry's P.O.V.

Wow. I cant believe Maddie is going out with Zayn. For some reason it doesnt seem like he's her type? Then again I havent known her for a while so im not sure what her type is...but I guess I just really wanted her to choose me.

Theres no way im gonna sit around the house while Zayn's with Maddie. I know i'll follow them, I probably seem really jealous right now by just the way I look walking around. But I wanted Maddie so bad there was no way I could even explain it. So it was a plan tonight I would follow them. Hmm this will be great to watch, I thought as I giggled and walked into my room. Im never going to be able to get over her.


Liam's P.O.V.

Its obvious that Peyton and Louis are going to be together for as long as possible. I had no chance. I dont think they noticed when that I came back to the booth to ask what type of tea they wanted. But as I got closer, I stopped walking and turned around. I saw their kiss. Thats when I decided I should just give up, im sure i'll find a great girl to be with, just like Niall did! Even though she had that crazy tan line in Spain. Ugh that gave me nightmares! Well since it seemed like everyone including Harry had plans for tonight I gave my dear friend Tom Daley a call,"Hey Tom! Nothing much just got done with our tour. Thats great! Well I was wondering if you wanted to meet up at the club later tonight? The other lads already have plans," I said thinking about Peyton."Alright see ya at 8 bye." I spoke as I hung up the phone. Alright it was time that I finally get over Peyton, knowing that she already seemed happy with Louis. Tonight I will find some other girl and accept the fact that I need to get over her.Ugh, I sighed because I really liked her but I would be fine without her.


Louis P.O.V.

Alright. I need to make a good impression on this girl, I liked her so much it drove me insane! But I dont want the date to seem too planned, I thought as I grabbed some blue skinny jeans grey toms and a white short sleeved button up shirt. It took me about an hour to get my hair looking perfect, which then the time was about 7:30, and I had to pick Peyton up at 7:50 and I wanted to arrive a bit early so I grabbed the small basket and walked out the door saying goodbye to the rest of the boys. I breifly heard Harry scream,"Dont have too much fun!" in a sarcastic voice as I closed the door behind me which made me laugh.

When I arrived to their room I was a bit nervous, I stood outside of the door rehearsing what I would say once I saw her,"Hello beautiful. No. Im so excited are you? No."Nothing seemed to be good enough. When the door suddenly opened and Maddie stood there with her arms folded grinning, I knew she had heard me. Crappp I probably sounded stupid.

"Well where's Pey..."I stopped myself when a beautiful blonde girl walked out of the bedroom wearing a floral short flowy dress. "Wow! You look absolutley stunning!" I said in awe. I saw her blush as she said,"You look fine your self!"she giggled shyly. 

"Shall we go?" I hooked my arm into hers.

"We shall!"she joked grabbing my arm, warmth filled within me as a smile grew on our faces. She really did light up my world.


Zayn's P.O.V.

Hmmm, I hope she enjoys tonight, I thought as I knocked on the wood suite door. I adjusted my collared red flannel shirt, and slightly pushed up my hair making it stand up straight. The door opened and Maddie stood there effortlessly in a pink dress, that had lace covering her back.

"Hi, you look really nice!" she said sweetly closing the door after she stepped out.

"Oh thank you but you look absolutley fantastic!"I practically squealed like a little girl.

"Awe thats very sweet,"she said quietly as her blue eyes gleamed at me.

"Well why dont we go our reservations start at 8:15," I said reminding myself.

"Oh yes,"she politely said as we left the nice hotel.


Maddie's P.O.V.

Zayn and I had a very nice conversation, he really did seem like a truly genuine down to earth guy that everyone had said he was. But there was just one thing missing. A kiss. Be patient Maddie, theres always a chance he will later on. I just had to wait. His chocolate brown eyes just made me melt when he looked into mine, could I really being falling in love with a guy I never thought I would in the beginning of all of this.

"If your ready we can go?" Zayn muttered as he whipped his mouth with his napkin.

"Yes thank you it was wonderful!" I said as I took his hand and walk through the restaurant out into the chilly London breeze. As we were walking through the busy streets to the movie theater, I could of sword a curly haired boy wearing a purple Jack Willis hoodie was following us, was it Harry? No why would he try to sabatage our date, what kind of a friend would he be if he did that. So I came to the conclusion of it being a crazed fan just following Zayn to try to say Hi, and tried to ignore it.

"So what are we going to see?"I asked him looking at him as we walked.

"I thought we would go see Breaking Dawn if thats alright with you?"he looked back at me with his beautiful eyes.

My heart completely melted when he spoke those words,"Your taking me to see breaking dawn!"

"Is that alright?" he asked worriedly. 

"No its awful take me home now!"I joked.

"Haha too bad!"he said as he picked me up throwing me on his back and ran towards the theater. Once we arrived people were giving us weird looks so he slowly let me down to the ground, he looked at me than giggled as I attempted to look mad at him.

Once we got popcorn and our drinks we went to sit in the theater. We chose a seat in the very back against the wall, hmm...very private I thought to myself, hoping that he would kiss me soon. His lips just tempted me ever time he spoke. During the movie everytime Edward and Bella would kiss I just glanced over at Zayn but he didnt even acknowledge me. Did he not like me...I looked down for a second but then I felt Zayn's eyes looking into me, I met his glance. He moved closer to me as the seconds went by, I just wanted to jump into him and kiss him, but it would ruin the moment so I just went with it. When his lips met mine I was expecting more...I didnt feel anything, no spark. I sighed then he pulled away. I wanted to tell him but I didnt know how.

"Uhm Maddie?"He looked at the ground.

"Did you uhm...feel anything, because im really sorry but..I didnt,"I managed to sneak out the last part.

"Im sorry but no I didnt," thankfully he agreed.


Harry's P.O.V.

I've been following them all night and it looks like there having great fun. But were they even gonna kiss? Rule number 1 always kiss on the first date, I thought to myself. By the time we got to the movies it was going to happen, Zayn was a person that always followed the number one rule, and I dont think he would stop now. Not with Maddie, shes to amazing! Oh no...he's gonna do it. I sighed noticing how close he was getting to her, I just wanted to get up and run over there to save her. When there lips met I couldnt help it anymore, the jealousy building in me over took my body. I got up and took a few steps until I noticed he pulled away. What just happened, they stopped, thank god for me, but for them. It really seemed like they liked each other before, but the way they look at each other now was completely different. It was strange, but now that nothing was probably going to happen I slowly sneaked out of the movie to go back home. I didnt need to see them break up, if that was going to happen?


Zayn's P.O.V.

I leaned in to kiss her, there was no spark. I was expecting more, I felt terrible but when she thought the same thing i was revealed.

"But we have had so much fun, just acting like friends. So I know usually when people say theyll stay friends it doesnt happen, but its gonna be different with us right?"she asked cutely.

"Forsuree!"I said truthfully hoping we could stay friends forever because she was an amazing girl.

"Well why dont you take me home now,"she said giving a little smile. I grabbed her arm and we playfully skipped back to the car. 

When we got back to the suite, I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek said a short,"Goodbye!"and left the building to quickly get home. We had a great night, it just sadly wasnt meant to be. As I drove I said to myself,"Why did I just do that, I really liked her. And now shes gone, im so stupid."I said out loud wanting to run back to her, and...but maybe I only liked her because Harry wanted her. But now I would just accept the fact that I had to get over her. Huh, I said thinking that I would never find a girl as beautiful than her. But if she just wanted to be friends, that would be better than nothing.


Liam's P.O.V.

I always felt like the other lads got the girls,and I was just daddy direction to them making sure no one did anything they shouldnt do. I'll find someone, later in time...I sighed as Tom Daley and myself walked into the club. I only had a couple of drinks knowing about my one working kidney, then I realized they both worked now. But I wasnt going to get drunk and find a girl that I wont even like and...well its not going to happen. I looked around myself and noticed that Tom wasnt there so I look around for him. I spotted him sitting at a table with two girls at his sides. Well I guess I shouldnt bug him he looked a little busy, I turned around laughing. When I turned towards the bar to get another drink, when a tall curly brown haired girl was pushed in front of me. 

"Hi im Liam Payne,"I said giving her a cheeky smile, she was gorgeous.

", im Danielle. Danielle Peazer."she said sweetly.

The rest of the night we just talked and talked, she was the most amazing girl that I had ever met. We had so much in common, and she liked me for me, not that im Liam. Around 1 am Tom and I had decided we should get going, the boys might worry about me anyway. When I went to Danielle to tell her I had to go and get her number she just wrapped me in her arms and kissed me. Her soft sweet lips moved against mine, it was a moment I never wanted to forget.

When I woke up I was sat down on my bed. Just me, Danielle wasnt there, which as much as I wanted her there, it was good because I was not thinking very well last night, and I was drinking. I looked through my phone and got a message from Tom saying,"I had passed out and he took me home." Then he just thanked me for asking him to join me, and that he had a great night. The last thing in the message I saw was about Danielle. It said she had wanted to meet up again and that she had put her number in my phone so I could call at any time. I felt like I was in a dream, that was coming real! I think it'll be a lot easier to move on now, I thought as I sighed in relief, because that would mean no more fighting.


Peyton's P.O.V.

"Where are you taking me?!"I giggled and questioned Louis as we ran through the park.

"Shhh its a secret!"he suddenly stopped pressing his finger against my lips, then continued to run, until we reached an open hilly field.

"Here we are!" Louis yelled.

"Wow!"I said spinning in a circle looking around me, until I noticed that he had set out the blanket and was already sitting, so I joined him.

"How did you find this place?"I said with a mouth full of food, which made him giggle.

"I dont know, I just kinda wonder around and yea I found this,"Louis giggled as we finished eating and moved the picnic basket off of the blanket. We both laid down inches away from each other, staring up at the starry sky.

"The stars are so beautiful tonight,"I said astonished by the amount of gleaming stars in the dark sky.

"Your beautiful..."Louis said facing towards me. His eyes looked up and down me, examining me. I bit my lip and looked away. "Peyton, stop. You are seriously stunning just the way you are!"he whispered in my ear, which made him come closer to me. Slowly he lifted his body so he was hovering over me, then gently he laid himself down on top of me. He brought his soft hand up to my face and moved a strand of my blonde hair out of my face. He bit his lip, and I just grinned at him looking down at me. As he did before he slowly inched his face to mine, then his soft lips touched mine, and an electric shock was sent down my body.


Louis's P.O.V.

I softly laid myself on her hoping I wouldnt crush her, but as I did so she didnt seem to mind. I wanted to kiss her so bad, but there was a stray hair in her face so I pushed it out of the way and bit my lip as she grinned at me. I couldnt resist it anymore so I slowly grew closer to her, then our lips met. It felt so magical! Kissing under the stars with a beautiful girl, Peyton. I smiled as I kissed her just thinking about how amazing she was and how amazing this moment was. I felt her tongue touch my lip, begging for entrance. I happily agreed sliding my tongue into her mouth. Our bodies moved as one as she rubbed her hands through my hair. I moved my hands to the bottom of the dress, slowly lifting it up as we kissed. When she suddenly pulled away, grabbing the dress and placed it back in the original spot.

"Louis, not yet,"she stated avoiding eye contact with me.

"Im so sorry. I shouldnt have."I said as I got up and returned to where I was once sitting.

"No, dont be. Its not like I didnt like it. To be honest it was amazing! I just dont think, im ready for that yet."she finally made eye contact with me. Her eyes were begging me to forgive her.

"I respect you completely! And I would never want to do something with you if you didnt feel ready for it. So please dont feel bad,"I searched for her expression on this dark starry night. I suddenly felt the urge to kiss her again, so this time I just leaned in and wrapped my arms tightly around her as her lips moved against mine. 

"Hey who's out there this park is closed!" we heard a deep manly voice quite aways from us call out pointing a flash light towards us. We immeadiatly stopped kissing, looked at each as we giggled.

"We should probably run!" Peyton yelped as she grabbed the blanket from underneath me.

"Good point!"I agreed picking up the basket. Our hands slid together as we bolted for the park exit.

"You rotton kids!" the police man yelled trying to keep us with us but it was no use. We made it out of the park into the car safely.

"Geez. I love you,"it just slipped out without me even thinking. I saw her face turn a light pink color as her eyes watered.

"I love you too Louis,"she replied making my heart skip a beat. Before I knew it my lips were already pressed against hers. It was crazy how we only knew each other for a few days and we already had a strong connection to each other. She crept over to my seat, without her lips ever leaving mine, and sat on me with her legs wrapped around me. She drove me crazy, I loved her. And I truly meant it, with all of my heart.

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