The Moments We Had.

Maddie and Peyton were two best friends that had always imagined meeting One Direction. But they would have never thought that the guys would fall for them. What will Peyton and Maddie do when they realize that the boys friendship is being ruined because they are fighting over them? And what will happen when Louis loses the one he loves the most?


3. England!

When I got to the airport I noticed Peyton standing with what looked like 100 bags all around her. "Wow! Did you pack enought?" I said sarcastically as i looked at the 4 bags I had. "Haha nope I dont think I did," she joked. "You look great!" I said complimenting her. She was wearing a white fitted tee-shirt with blue stripes, red shorts and blue toms. She also had on a dark blue barret that sat nicely on her head as her long straight blonde hair flowed down her back. "Peyton." I paused. "Yes?" she questioned me. "You do know barrets are french? And we are going to the United Kingdom," I gigled. "Whatever! And you look great too! I see you decided to style like Harry Styles!" she laughed. She was right, I wore a white lace tank top with a grey blazor over it lined with maroon, that complimented my maroon shorts nicely. I also had on grey toms and let my long wavy brown hair set on my back as well. 

We said our goodbyes and hopped onto the plane. This was going to be great! I said to myself. "I cant actually contain my excitement!!!" Peyton nearly shouted. But I agreed with her completely! As the plane started flight Peyton and I both put in our headphones and started our one direction playlist. I kept thinking to  myself this is it, im finally going to meet one direction. Then a thought flashed in front of my eyes, what if. What if one of them, actually, likes me...I quickly shook that out of my head there was no way one of the guys from one direction would like a small town american girl like me. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Peyton's P.O.V.

I saw Maddie close her eyes, but I wasn't very tired. I was looking at all the one direction pictures on my IPhone. I came across one of Louis butt, "Wow! That is one thing I'm looking forward too!" I giggled to myself. I never really thought about which boy was my favorite, Maddie's was clearly Harry, so I let her have him. I guess I kinda like Liam. But Zayn seemed really sweet. And Niall was Irish. Maybe I liked Louis, I was dressed like him after all. And he shared the same sence of humor as i did. Hmm I thought. Well I guess I'll know when we get there.

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