Into the Blue

Evelyn is a surfer who lives in the sunny state of California. As she is preparing for nationals, she puts all of her heart, mind and soul into focusing on trying to win and get sponsored, but hits a small bump in the road. On top of that, when teaching surf lessons she meets some boys that only complicate things a little more. Life isn't meant to be perfect and she knows she will soon have to make a choice. Be with the boy that has transformed her life forever, or stick with surfing, the thing that has made her who she is.


10. Visits

Evelyn's POV

"Can I use a phone?" I asked one of the nurses.

"Well your not really supposed to leave your bed. You have to get cleared first.." She said folding her arms and raising an eyebrow.

"Oh hush." the other nurse said pulling her phone out of her pocket. "Here you go sweetheart" she said smiling. I showed a small smile and typed in my mom's number.

"Hello?" my mom answered.

"Hi mom." I said.

"Oh Evelyn!" I swear I could see the big smile on her face.

"I.. have some news."

After almost three hours of crying to my mom, she told me that she and my dad would be there in a week, since that was the quickest dad could get off of work, and waiting till nationals was way too long. I called Tami next. It rang for a second then she answered.

"Evy where the heck are you?! Lessons are practically done and I had to have my roommate go nanny for me because you weren't here!" she said angrily.

"Tam." I sighed. " I'm at the hospital."

Tami's POV

I laughed. "Right. Next joke please." I said. Evy was always sarcastic, so I knew she was kidding.

"No. I'm serious." she said on the other line.

"..what?" I asked. "Why?" I said standing up from the sand.

"What's wrong?" Niall asked.

"shhh" I quickly said to him.

"Can you come see me? please?? I really don't want to talk about it over the phone." She said quietly.

"Yeah of course. I'll be over as soon as possible."


"Wait-" but she had already hung up. I put my arm down from my ear. "I have to go." I said jogging over to my bag and sandals.

"What?" "Why?" "Where are you going?" "We aren't done though!" the boys said over each others voices.

"Evelyn's in the hospital." I said turning to them. Their faces suddenly changed.

"...What?" Liam said slowly.

"I don't know what has happened but that was her on the phone."

"Well can we come with you?" Harry asked.

"Umm..." I hesitated.

"Please?" Will asked. I paused. "...okay. But we have to go now."

Harry, Rylie and Louis went in Harry's car, while Will, Zayn, and Liam went in Zayn's. "Do you think I could come with you?" Niall asked. I looked up into his eyes. Holy cow. The seemed to be deep blue, but green at the same time, but also hints of turquoise. I knew what color they were. Beautiful.

"Tam?" he asked. I had daydreamed right in front on Niall, just staring into his eyes. Lemme just face palm myself now.

"Oh! y-yeah sure!" I stuttered. His face lightened up as we went into my grey truck.

Rylie's POV

Niall was riding with Tami. Why hadn't I thought of that. Tami was so pretty. I thought she was even prettier than Evelyn, and I loved that she surfed. I love a girl that is active. I can't believe I didn't think of asking to ride with her. I would get my time with her though. I just needed the right moment.

Niall's POV

I was so happy when Tami said I could go in her car. She was so sweet and funny. I think I was starting to develop a crush. We drove in awkward silence for a few minutes then I decided to start talking.

"So.." I started. "How long have you known Evy?" I asked.

"8 years" She said. "She moved here from Florida with her parents and brother and she saw me surfing one day at the beach. Of course I wasn't that good, I mean I was only 11, but I told her the basics of how to surf; first time she goes out, she is a pro." she said smiling. "And we have been friends ever since!" She said looking over at me. Her eyes started getting slightly watery and she turned away. "ah sorry." she said wiping her face as the tears streamed.

"She's gonna be okay." I said grabbing her hand. She smiled sweetly but didn't let go. I kept holding her hand till we got to the hospital.

Tami's POV

I basically ran into the hospital with the boys following me. The drive with Niall had been nice. We had talked about his life, surfing, and other random stuff. We really clicked and I liked being around him.

"Evelyn Morgan." I said to the receptionist. She typed into her keyboard. "room 127" She said. We started walking. "Wait are you family?" She asked putting her hands up. "Yes!" I said. She raised an eyebrow. "Now I know I am black but I am not stupid" she said putting a hand on her hip. "I'm her sister!! " I said with tears brimming my eyes. "The boys will have to wait until 1." The boys started complaining. "That's the rules." She said putting up her hands. I turned to the boys. "I promise I'll come get you guys." I said. "Don't be late." Zayn said with a weak smile. I tired to smile and turned quickly to jog to the room.

"Evy?" I said quietly as I opened the door. She was sitting on her bed watching the tv. She turned to me and immediately started crying. I ran over and hugged her tightly.

"Evy please don't tell me its something bad." I said with a shaky voice.

"I'm sick." she said simply. She told me everything. About how she had fainted at work, then woke up at a hospital, how she went through hot and cold flashes, and how she would have to start doing blood transfusions next week.

"But you can still surf, right?" I asked.

"Yes... but I have to take it really easy. I'm at a stage two and if I get to a stage three, I have to get a bone marrow transplant."She said as her chin started quivering. "I just can't comprehended it." she said sobbing in her hands.

"I'm so sorry." I said giving her another hug. After sitting for a hour I let out "Umm the boys are here.

"What?" she said as she pulled her face out of her hands.


"Great." she said. "They can see me all gross looking with puffy red eyes." We laughed through the tears.

"Do.. you want to see them?" I asked raising my eyebrows. "I mean I totally understand if you don't-"

"No that's okay." she said cutting me off. "They can come in. Just not all at once." I nodded and gave her another hug and went outside. The boys sat on the couches looking tired. Me and Evy talked for a while; I was actually surprised. "I can't believe you guys are still here." I said. They all immediately looked up. "Can we see her?" Zayn asked. "Yeah. Go in small groups though."

Niall's POV

Me, Louis and Harry went first. I was already crying. I knew it was at least some what serious, or else Tami would have been out sooner. We sat on her bed and listened to her bawl her eyes out. We were all crying as she told us how sick she was. "

I'm so sorry." Harry said grabbing her hand. She held it tightly.

"At least you are still hot" Louis looked up smiling.

"Louis. Always cracking jokes." She said laughing. At least she didn't take anything to seriously. We talked for a little more then went out. Zayn and Rylie went next and spent about the same time in there; they came out crying just as hard. Then Liam and Will went in.

Liam's POV

I walked in with Will behind me.

"Evelyn." I whispered. She looked so different. Red eyes from crying, her skin didn't seem as bright, and the spark that usually came with those beautiful eyes was dimmed. She took a deep breath in and hugged me. She started sobbing into the crook of my neck and her body shook slightly. She hugged Will next, shaking in his arms, then told us about Negli's. I kept thinking that the tears would just stop because I was crying so much, but they kept coming. Will's phone went off.

"Oh excuse me." he said as he looked at his phone. "You're going to get better." he said as he held her hand. "You are too strong not too." he said kissing her hand and then walked outside, closing the door behind him.

Why. Did. He. Kiss. Her. Hand. I clenched my fist and turned back to her."I am so so sorry." I said quietly. I scooted closer to her, leaning up on the bed and pulled her in for a hug. Her hot breath on my neck sent shivers down my spine. I kissed the top of her head and let my lips stay there for a minute.

"You should probably get some rest." I said.

"Don't leave me." She whispered.

"Trust me I don't want to." We sat for probably ten minutes and then I looked down and saw her sleeping. I slowly pulled out from under her and pulled the blanket back on her. "You will be fine. I still haven't taken you on a date!" I said chuckling under my breath. I kissed her head once more and walked out.

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