Into the Blue

Evelyn is a surfer who lives in the sunny state of California. As she is preparing for nationals, she puts all of her heart, mind and soul into focusing on trying to win and get sponsored, but hits a small bump in the road. On top of that, when teaching surf lessons she meets some boys that only complicate things a little more. Life isn't meant to be perfect and she knows she will soon have to make a choice. Be with the boy that has transformed her life forever, or stick with surfing, the thing that has made her who she is.


14. Trouble

Sorry for the long wait. I had my birthday so I kind of got distracted. Forgive me. Get ready for drama. Don't hate Evelyn :) xx -m.rose


"What was that" I said bursting my eyes opened. So close.

"I don't-" Liam started.

"EVELYN" Tami yelled as I clutched my board. "LIAM" Rylie yelled after.

Me and Liam started swimming over to the sound of their voices. I swear I had never swum so intense. It was still dark but I could see their faint glow sticks in the distance. My breathing became more restricted and I felt incredibly dizzy, but I had to keep going. Some one was hurt, and I had to help. I saw the group huddled and swam harder. My protective side was definitely kicking in.

"Evy stop! You're going to hurt yourself!!" Liam said behind me.

"We have to get there!!" I yelled behind my shoulder as I kept paddling. I got closer and felt something rub across the belly of my board. My adrenaline pumping, I kept going, ignoring it until I put my arm in the water to push forward and suddenly felt my arm sting. "Ahg!!" I let out and pulled my hand to my face. The whole thing was red, my hand and half of my forearm. And blood was coming out. Fast. I was paddling so hard that I had hit right across something that caused my arm to be in the state it was. I looked down and saw I was on the coral. Coral looked beautiful in pictures and was a great home for fish and all, but out in the water was a completely different story. It was coarse, rough, and painful. I tried to ignore it and paddle with my right hand, but just moaned in pain. The agony kept coming as I bit my tongue and squinted my eyes together as water brimmed my eyes. It killed, feeling like thousands of tiny needles cutting into my arm and hand all at the same time.

"What happened?" Liam said as he came up next to me out of breath. I don't know how we had gotten so far away from the group, but that's what happens when you didn't pay attention in the ocean. The waves and current moved you and lucky for us, we were occupied until we were pretty far away.

"Don't put your hand down!" I said as he went to paddle. He lifted it frantically looking around the water for danger with a scared expression on his face.

"The coral" I said, lifting my arm up to show the bloody mess.

"Evelyn! What the hell happened??" Liam asked pulling a face of concern. He swam closer and grabbed my elbow gently and examined my arm. He looked at it caringly, but at the same time, I saw his brown eyebrows pull together confused and his face turned annoyed almost. "You can't lose blood Evy." He said as his eyes widened slightly. "Your disease." he said as his breathing hitched and his face became hard.

"It’s not like I tried to do this!!" I said pulling a shocked face jerking my arm away fast. Liam scoffed and went in front of me. "Hold onto my board." he commanded.

"No!" I said annoyed as I passed him, paddling with my cripple hand. It killed having the salt water dig through the cuts, but I was pissed. When people pushed my buttons, I could definitely get defensive.

"No??!" he asked raising his eyebrows, his disgust now turning into anger.

"No. I know what I'm doing." I said as I paddled past.

"Obviously you don't."

I stopped and clenched my teeth together. I turned around fast. "Who do you think you are Liam?? And why do you have to care about everyone so much?" I said with an emotionless face. His body sunk back immediately as his eyebrows knit together gloomily, then went back in frustration.

"Why are you so against someone helping you?? Geeze Evy you don't need to be so bold headed." He said.

I sat quietly. As much as I wanted to say I was sorry for overreacting, I couldn't. I guess I was too bold headed. "We don't have time for this. Just worry about yourself and stop treating me like I'm an idiot" I said as I turned back.

"I don't think you are an idiot Evelyn." he said sighing. “I don't want you to get hurt because I care about you. A lot." He said quietly. I don't know if he wanted me to hear him, but I did. I held back the tears and kept swimming. Man I was an emotional roller coaster. Even though I had a bleeding hand and my breathing was becoming harder by the minute, even his toned body couldn't catch up to me. Paddling for 8 years tested muscles you didn't even know you had. That and I didn’t want him to see me cry. I kept going until I was almost at the group. I heard the boys grunt and Will yell out.

"What is going on?!" I yelled as I came up next to them, sliding off my board. I moaned as I stepped on the coral and saw the pain in their faces as they all stood on it also, trying to balance. Some blood lightly oozed out from where each of their feet stood. But where Will sat was a much bigger pool of blood. His thigh was caught in between the coral.

"A wave came and he got stuck" Zayn said. Will screamed as they tried to pull on him again.

"I couldn't stop the under tow. It all happened so fast.” Will hissed out. “Damn it, stop! It's not working okay??!" He said as he clenched his fists. He closed his eyes and opened them slowly. Around everyone yelling I looked at him. For a second he seemed to be giving up. As he looked around at everyone’s faces, his face losing the fight, as he just shook his head slightly and looked down. The big, muscular, confident guy that I knew seemed to be oozing out with his blood. The boys distraught faces looked tired and exhausted with most of their eyebrows together in confusion.

"What do we do Evelyn?" Tami turned to me as tears streamed down her face, her chin quivering slightly.

"Stop. Let's think for a second." Liam said as he came up by Harry and Niall, turning to me quick and squinting his eyes with a mixed expression on his face, then tried to put Will in a position that would pull him out easier. The boys yelled over each other trying to pull him different ways, attempting with slow or fast jerks, but nothing was working. He was in there really deep. Our glow sticks lights draped around our arms and necks were fading as time was passing quickly with no success. I squinted trying to see in the dark, looking at his leg lodged in between the coral when I felt it. The same feeling at the restaurant. But worse. Much worse.

"Guys-" I said, putting my left hand on my forehead. It must have been the cuts on my arm. Liam was right, I was in trouble.

"Get me out!!" Will yelled as more blood rose to the surface.

“He is losing a lot of blood! We need him out now!!” Tami yelled as she tried to push her hands on his leg to stop the bleeding.

"We're trying!!"

"Stop moving so much!"

"Maybe pull in the same direction."

"My feet are killing."

"Suck it in Will!" The boys yelled out over each other, Tami crying.

"Guys-" I said putting the other hand on my head. I hissed as I felt my raw hand on my forehead, blood rushing down my cheek.

"Shit Evy what happened to your arm?!" Louis asked as he looked up.

My breathing got harder. Come on body, you're stronger than this. Don't do this to me. Not now.

"I-" and then I felt my body start to fall backwards.

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