Into the Blue

Evelyn is a surfer who lives in the sunny state of California. As she is preparing for nationals, she puts all of her heart, mind and soul into focusing on trying to win and get sponsored, but hits a small bump in the road. On top of that, when teaching surf lessons she meets some boys that only complicate things a little more. Life isn't meant to be perfect and she knows she will soon have to make a choice. Be with the boy that has transformed her life forever, or stick with surfing, the thing that has made her who she is.


3. Talk time

I left my bags in my car and we went up to Tami's apartment. She dropped her bags on the floor. "Shopping is kind of exhausting." she said as she walked into her kitchen. I just laughed. "I think surfing might be a little bit harder." "You are so funny I don't even laugh" she said sarcastically.

"That doesn't even make sense!!" I yelled.



She came in with her eyes glued to her iPhone and threw me the apple. "Okay" she said taking a bite.

"What" I stated.

"Lets look up the guys we could possibly hook up with this summaaaa" she said scrolling through instagram.

"No thanks." I said going to stand up. She yanked my arm back down.

"Don't make me smack you."

"Are you my mother?"

"Your mother would never smack you" She said rolling her eyes. I just let out a scoff knowing she was completely right. We talked for an hour or so. She would show me pictures of multiple hot guys around our neighborhood. Mostly guys we went to high school with, some college guys.

"Tam they are all the same."

"Yes because Brooks the hot football player, Trent the science geek and Josh the navy recruit all have so much in common." she said rolling her eyes.

"I'm just not in the mood for a relationship Tam. Why can't I just be an independent woman?!" I said moaning.

"Picture this." She said pausing for dramatic affect. "You're at nationals, you are getting ready to go out, when a super hot, both in looks and personality, comes and gives you a hug and cheers you on. I mean, doesn't that sound awesome?" She said looking like a love sick puppy.

"It sounds fake and unrealistic." I said killing her mood with a bland look on my face.

"You are the worst." She said pushing me away pulling a sad face.

"Tami that's great for you!! Go for it." I said smiling. "Just not for me." I said shrugging. We kept talking. Mostly just about surfing, the occasional boyfriend drama here and there. All I wanted to do was kept talking, but I looked at my phone and it was about 3.

"I need to go home. I have an interview at 4 for Chaban's"

"Chaban's-our-favorite-burger-shack-in-the-whole-world-Chaban's?!" Tami squealed.

"Yes!!!" Chaban's was right on the beach. It was a relaxed hamburger place that had the best old fashioned milk shakes ever. Me, Tami, and Rachel would always go there after a competition. We wouldn't be able to for nationals since they were in Hawaii, but I think we would be alright. I mean, its Hawaii.

"Wait." Tami said as I stood up. "Why do you need a job? Isn't teaching lessons enough?" She asked.

"I just want some extra money, so why not do it at a place I love?" I asked.


"Ill see you tomorrow!" I said giving her a hug.

"Yay." she said sarcastically. "Can't we go later?" she asked.

"Its at 10!" I said walking to the elevator.

"That is so early!!" she yelled.

"Bye Tami!" I waved as I went in the elevator. She had the hardest time getting up. I remember one time we had a practice earlier than usual, and we called her probably 10 times, then had to come to her room and literally pour water on her face. I laughed to myself thinking about the memory then rapped my arms around my waist. I felt so stupid. Why couldn't I have just told her the truth? I wasn't trying to get the second job to get "walking around money". My parents were struggling cause my dad just lost his job. I wanted to help them in any way I could and since I couldn't go across the country, I might as well send them money. I drove home and put my hair in a pony tail, added some mascara and red lipstick. I really hated makeup. Growing up my, my mom never wore it, so that's what I learned. It took so much effort and it would just wash off in the water any way, which is where I was 80 percent of the time. I changed into a grey pencil skirt, tucked in a white loose silk tank, and some red pumps. My feet were already starting to hurt.

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