Into the Blue

Evelyn is a surfer who lives in the sunny state of California. As she is preparing for nationals, she puts all of her heart, mind and soul into focusing on trying to win and get sponsored, but hits a small bump in the road. On top of that, when teaching surf lessons she meets some boys that only complicate things a little more. Life isn't meant to be perfect and she knows she will soon have to make a choice. Be with the boy that has transformed her life forever, or stick with surfing, the thing that has made her who she is.


13. Adventure

Evelyn's POV

Tami had come over in a pink and green polka dot bikini with a blue loose tank and tan shorts along with her yellow messenger bag and brown sandals. I had on a blue and purple tribal bikini with a loose pink tank and white short shorts.

"So where are we going?" Tami asked as she combed her fingers through her hair. I hadn't really told her anything when I called, just that she had to be at my house in 5 minutes with her swimsuit on.

"Stop fiddling with your hair. Niall already thinks you are pretty." I said while I re-tied the top of my suit.

Her face froze. "Shut up."

"And so does Rylie." I said putting on chap stick.

"What?" She asked dropping her hands.

"We are doing something crazy with the boys." I said casually. The boys. The boys. It rolled so easily on my tongue. Yes I had only met them a few days ago, but I felt like we were already close friends. But knowing 3 particular boys that would be there worried me. Will. and Harry. and Liam.

Since it was still such a new experience of meeting them all, I still didn't know a lot about them. And I didn't believe that you could truly love someone unless you knew them better than they knew themselves. But I knew that both of them made me go weak in the knees and made my stomach feel queasy. Yes, that sounds like something that would come out of a hopeless romantic love story, but there were really no other words. In that short amount of time, they had made me feel special. But that did not mean I was ready to take that big of a step with either of them. My only relationship I had ever had hurt me badly, and truth be told, I was afraid. Afraid to let myself be vulnerable, to let some one in that easy. I had learned my lesson, and trust me, I would not let it happen again. My head started pounding and I grabbed it. I covered my eyes in the process, trying to hide my pain. I almost forgot.


I wasn't a normal girl any more. I couldn't take my health for granted. I couldn't just wake up and have nothing to worry about. I had to take care of my body more and be more cautious, because my disease, was fatal.

I loved Tami to death, but I knew that if she saw I wasn't feeling 100%, there was no way she would let me go. She was very protective. But I couldn't wait to see the boys. It would be the first time that they wouldn't be seeing me looking deathly ill in the hospital with an ugly robe on to say the least. The color had come back into my face and I had the effort to actually do something with my hair instead of the classic pony tail I had been doing for the past week. But that only meant putting product into my hair and letting it go to its natural waves. I was never a high maintenance girl. My natural hair was pretty and you already know how I feel about make up. My mom always told me that my faint brown freckles, that lightly hit my nose and the top of my cheeks, were the best makeup I could wear anyways, along with my smile.

"Evy?" I heard Tami ask, pulling me out of my deep thoughts.

I looked up to see her face no longer glued to her iPhone, but instead standing up walking over to me. "Are you okay?" She asked as her eyebrows pulled together.

"I'm fine!" I said.

Oh. That came out fake.

She raised her eyebrows in confusion. "Stop judging me with your eyebrows!" I said smacking her arm. "Trust me I'm okay."

"I don't think-" she started as there was a knock at the door. I walked over and opened it. There was no one there. "..Hello?" I asked.

"Evelyn!" Zayn said suddenly popping out from the corner. He came over and hugged me. "Its nice to see you zombie." He said teasing my hair before walking in past me. I just laughed as Niall suddenly lifted me up. "EVELYN" he said simply.

"Hi Niall." I said in a weird voice, due to his constricting arms around my body.

"My dearest Evelyn." Louis said next grabbing my hand and kissing it lightly. "Ah and the great Tam-iiiiiiieeee" he said as he passed me.

"Hottie." Rylie simply put as he hugged me. "Hot stuff." I said smiling. "Kills me every time" he said as he walked past me.

"Hey." Will said casually as he grabbed my arm and pulled me in. "Hi." I said listening to his heart beat quietly. He let go and kissed me on the cheek and kept walking. I put my fingers lightly on the spot unitl Liam came around the corner.

"Evy!" Liam said coming around the corner. He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me into his body. Those stupid little butterflies came back as he lifted me slightly off the ground, putting his head into my neck. I felt my arms on his broad shoulders, trying to take in every detail until he sadly pulled away.

"You're looking better!" He said smiling.

"I feel better!" I said looking down then back up at his brown eyes. The pain in my head seemed to magically disappear as I found my self swimming in chocolate.

"Are you ready for the time of your life?" he asked raising his eyebrows as he walked past me.

"What do you mean?" I asked turning towards him, but before I could follow him I felt two arms wrap around me. Harry.

"We are gonna be doing some crazy things" Harry said whispering in my ear. I turned to him raising an eyebrow as he smirked at me. "In your dreams Styles." I said playfully pushing him off.

"I wasn't even thinking like that!" he said behind me as I walked back into my condo to see everyone standing and talking.

"Okay well lets go! I'm sick of sitting around!" I said.

"Someones impatient." Louis said laughing as we all started to walk out. "You and Tami can come with Zayn and me" He added.

I frowned to myself quietly wishing I could ride with Harry. Or Liam. Or Will. Man I need to get my act together; but maybe it would be better this way. As we hopped into Zayn's car, we started driving. We all were talking about awkward stories and laughing like crazy until I looked out my window and realized I had no idea where we were. We were surrounded by pine trees and it was very dark outside.

"Um..." Tami started.

"Where... are we?" I asked raising my eyebrows.

The boys just laughed. "You'll see!" Zayn said.

We kept driving into the pitch black as I scooted closer to Tami. "I'm scared." She whispered.

"They will protect us. Nothing is going to happen." I said in a steady voice, though I almost didn't believe myself. I felt the car's engine die down as the boys started to get out of the car.

"Whoa whoa don't leave us!!" Tami said pushing out of the car faster than a cheetah. As we got out of the car, I saw that we were in the middle of the forest. The other boys car came up and they got out.

"Ready for some fun??" Liam said nudging me in the side. I nodded while Tami said quietly "Not really."

"It will be fun." Rylie said putting his arm around her. I noticed that her body instantly relaxed and even in the dark, you could see that girl blush like a tomato.

"Come on!" Louis said giving us flashlights. As we started walking on the trail ahead of us, I walked in between Harry and Zayn. My body started to shiver. I mean it was summer in California, but that didn't mean that I couldn't get at least a little cold in a tank top and shorts.

"hmm I wonder if you are cold or something" a raspy voice whispered into my ear as I felt a light jacket on my shoulders. "Thanks Harry." I said turning to smile. He smiled back sweetly as I turned to keep walking.

"We're here!!" Zayn yelled.

"..and here is?" Tami asked.

"A hole.." I finished

"Not just any hole." Liam stated.

"This is a tunnel.. that leads to over 50 passageways. And guess what?" Zayn said.

"We. are. going. In. it." Niall said leaning closer into Tami's face on every word.

"WHAT." She yelled as panic filled her face. "No. No. NO. I'm not going. I'm can't!! That is so scary! Lets go do something else!!! Ah I can't go in there." As we all cracked up at her mini freak out, Liam leaned to the side of my face. "You'll be okay right?" he asked, his breath hot on my neck.

"Oh yeah. I'm not scared." I said as his face pulled away.

He smirked. "Mmm hmm."

Okay I was really scared. But it would be fun! Hopefully. We started crawling into the hole and found two passageways, a right and a left. Even with the 7 flashlights though, it was still dark and creepy around us.

"Come on!" said Will grabbing my hand. I honestly did not know what was going on. I mean yeah I dated in high school and had some guys that I really liked, but none close enough to call 'boyfriend material' and to be honest, all this guy attention was starting to get annoying. Like hi can we just be friends? We kept squatting until we had to go to our hands and knees. As we crawled farther in, we found a round part where we sat and talked. Louis started telling a scary story while Tami buried her face into her hands. I swear for being such a protective girl, she was the one who really needed protection.

"Thanks." I said leaning into Harry for a second.

"For what?" He asked quietly as Louis kept talking.

"For helping me have fun!" I said smiling.

His face pulled back for a second. "Well yeah of course! Its really no big deal. I mean we are friends... and I could tell you were sad, so I wanted to make you happy." He said.Ouch. I'm pretty sure I just got friend zoned. What a great feeling. I smiled weakly and wrapped my arms around my legs and listened to Louis. He put so much emotion into the story and was very dramatic with every detail. I loved watching him tell it though. He was such a goof ball, but I remember seeing him the first time at the hospital. He looked so broken when I told him the news. I knew that people always saw the goofy, funny, care-free side of him; but I had seen the deeper side of him, and I knew what was in his heart. And that's what made me love him. Like a brother. A best friend. Some one I could always talk to.The story ended and we started to crawl back out of the cave to walk back to our cars.

"Ooo look at the love birds." Liam said coming up next to me, pointing at Niall and Tami holding hands.

"Maybe her hands were just cold!" Rylie scoffed from behind us. I bit my lip.

"Awkward." I said quietly. Liam just laughed as quiet as he could. I was actually very surprised she had moved so quickly. She was pretty timid when it came to boys, so he must have made her feel comfortable.

"Oh wow my hands are cold!" Liam said in a girly voice as I felt his fingers intertwine with mine. They were warm. Comforting. And I didn't want to let go.

"You have really soft hands." he said as his laugh died down and his voice turning slightly serious as his thumb ran over my index finger.

"And you have soft fingers." I let out barley.

He smiled as he looked my face up and down.

"Whoops" Harry said as he bumped abruptly in between me and Liam, making out hands disconnect. I let a small growl in my throat. Why did he do that?? Why in the world would Harry even care! He. Friend. Zoned. Me. And now he was supposedly jealous of me and Liam fake holding hands?? Even though I wished it hadn't been fake. All I was getting was mixed signals from this boy, and I did not like the feeling. 

"Harry is complete clutz" Will said draping his arm around my shoulders.

"Really though." I said still annoyed.

"You're cute when you're annoyed." Will whispered in my ear. I stiffined. He smiled noticing how I had changed. "You know you can talk to me"

"I know." I said relaxing. He smirked. "I don't know if I believe you." he said stopping in front of me.

"I don't like liars." I said pushing him away playfully. Okay Okay I don't really know what I am getting myself into and I need to stop. But when I am in the moment... I just forget everything I have told my self. We got back in the car and I texted Tami. I couldn't exactly ask her since the conversation was about one of the boys in the front.


Are you seriously texting me about this right now.


Umm.. not really.


Stop typing in all caps WEIRDO.

 I looked over at Tami and just smiled. She smacked my arm. We kept driving as Me, Tami, Zayn, and Louis sang with the radio loudly as we screamed and laughed past the cars we drove by. It was like a dream. Like I was in one of those pictures on tumblr or pinterest, of some girls and boys just living a life that almost seemed to good to be real. Except that it was always fake, just models posing for cameras. But this was real. I was with people that I loved and it felt exhilarating. Except that I was sick. More than just the everyday sick... in a way, I was...dying.

"We are here!!" Zayn said before I could start going down that trail of thought that had been in my mind over and over and over again. How bad was it going to get? Were the treatments going to work? So many questions, with only time as the answer. As the car slowed down, and we got out, I was pretty surprised of where we were.

"The beach??" I asked.

"We spend like 90% of our lives here." Tami said.

"I would say more like 86% Tam" Louis said nodding.

I rolled my eyes laughing under my breath. The boys pulled up next to us and got out. Out on the beach was our boards sticking out of the sand, a cooler, and a pile of blankets.

"What the? When did you guys bring this stuff?" I asked.

"Looks like Ricardo came through" Niall said smiling as he fist bumped with Harry.

"Who's Ricardo?" Me and Tami said at the same time. I looked at her pulling a face as she pulled her eyebrows together.

"Just a friend." Rylie said as he walked past.

"Come on!" Liam said as he ran to the boards. We got there and put on glow stick bracelets and necklaces, and even broke some to splatter on our skin. The boys had kept their car lights on so it wasn't completely dark, but going out to the water, it was still hard to see and our glow sticks thankfully gave enough light to see some what. I was just hoping no one would get hurt. I threw off my shorts and tank top and grabbed my board. I ran across the beach, the cool sand crushing through my toes. As soon as the water hit my feet, the shock of the chilled water hit me fast, but I dove in anyways, getting it over with. I paddled out far, surprised at how fast I got out there. I was way to excited to be back in the water. I then realized that I hadn't ever taught the boys how to actually surf.

"Crap." I said turning around. Surprisingly they were all right behind me with Tami.

"You didn't think we would be a lazy... right?" Will asked me winking as he paddled past me.

"No. Of course not!!." I said.

"I'm not that bad of a teacher Evy!!" Tami said.

We all started surfing, some of the boys better than the others. The first time I got up it was perfect, like nothing had changed, and I forgot everything. I forgot how my parents were struggling with money, how confused I was with my feelings, and most importantly, I forgot about Negli's. I was able to surf like normal. Cutting across the waves, I was truly happy.

But I got tired much quicker then I remembered. I had to stop after only 15 minutes, my body aching all over. I didn't understand how Negli's could affect my whole body at first, but I guess since it had to do with my blood cells, it practically was my whole body. I sat on my board off to the side area as everyone else kept surfing.

"You're doing awesome! It didn't even seem like you had been gone for a week!" Liam said coming up from behind.

"Thanks." I said quietly as I kept looking down at my board.

"A-Are you okay?" He asked as he paddled closer. "What's wrong?"

The water was welling in the bottoms of my eyes. I was completely wet, so I hoped that he couldn't see the tears, but as they started to roll down my cheeks, I felt his warm fingers on my chin, lifting slightly.

"Evelyn?" He asked quietly.

"I'm just... really happy." I said smiling. "I've missed feeling normal. Its only been a few days, but it feels like its been months. Its taken a really hard hit on me and I thought I was so strong when honestly?" my words started choking "I'm not."

He sat quietly and listen to me vent, nothing but compassion in his eyes. "You're one of the strongest people I know." He said. "You act like nothing is wrong when your life is threatened and almost everything is taken away from you. You are friendly to everyone and truly care for your family and friends and always see the good in people. And when its not there Evelyn, you create it. You are such an inspiration to me, so don't ever think otherwise."

My heart melted. Could more beautiful words be said? Maybe. But for me, they were perfect. "How could you possibly say that about me?" Confusion hit his face immediately "When you barley know me?" I finished.

His smile returned to his face as his fingers left my chin to run through his hair.

"Its how you are Evy. The way you act, the way you treat people. Your character.  And I love every single part of it."

And that was when I knew. I was falling head over heels for him. And the moment was perfect.

He started to lean in slightly when we heard a scream.

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