No Exceptions

Hollyn Brooke Miller, is a dancer. She dances away the pain. She hides away her past and pushes anyone and everyone who tries to enter her life away. She's afraid if anyone does come into her life, they'll leave her. Just like everyone else.

When she meets Harry Styles, will she change her "rules" for him? Will she let him and the boys into her life and risk them leaving, lilke every other man in her life? Will she risk it all ... for love?


3. New Beginnings

“I grew up right over there.” I pointed as I rocked myself back and forth on the swing. The boys were all on swings too. They were just enough for all of us.

“Across the street?” Harry asked, as he looked at the small lilac colored house. I shook my head and giggled, “No, a few blocks over.” I waved my hand towards the direction of my house.

“I grew up on the other side of town,” He explained as he swung gently next to me. I nodded, “Yeah, I kinda figured.” I told him. It was the only explanation.

We talked for about two hours, the boys and I. It was actually really fun. We learned a lot about each other. At first I was worried about them thinking I was boring and weird, like a lot of people usually do, but not them. I knew it wouldn’t last long though, our friendship I mean. They’re all famous and I’m just, well, me. A simple, quiet, 17 year old girl.

“Are we friends?” I blurted out. I don’t know why I did, though. I instantly regretted it. Sometimes, I would say things without my mind registering it first. I groaned and banged my head into my hands multiple times. That was smart, I thought to myself. Real smart, Holly.

“Sorry, that was stupid. My mind didn’t process that before I-“

“No, we’re not friends. We hate you!” Niall joked as he closed his eyes and waved his hand in the air. I smiled and Louis looked at me, “He’s right, we’re not friends.” I was confused now, “We’re best friends, right boys?” He asked them. They all laughed and agreed with smiles on their faces.

We barely knew each other for a day, but they treated me like we’ve known each other for a lifetime. “But I’m weird.” I scratched the back of my head as I trailed off.

“Aren’t we all though?” Zayn smirked. I nodded and leaned my head against the chain of the swing. I closed my eyes and listened to the boys converse with each other. They were talking about their tour that starts in two months and Louis and Liam were talking about their girlfriends. Danielle and Eleanor were their names. From what they had said, they sounded like really nice girls. Danielle was a dancer, just like me.

I felt myself around the boys. I didn’t feel the need to be stiff and carboard-like. “Oh, god.” I groaned as I stood up, looking at my phone for the time. It was 1pm. I’m late, I thought. Why? Oh, god.

“What’s wrong?” Louis asked. I ran a hand through my hair, “I’m supposed to be at the studio now.”

“Why?” He twisted his eyebrows around and I smirked.

“I teach a class on Saturdays. Even though Felicity is sick I should be there.” I groaned again, “We teach four and five year olds ballet.”

“Can we come?” Louis asked, excited. I smiled, “Ballet isn’t your thing.” I joked, as we started walking back to our cars.

“How many kids are there?” He asked.

I shrugged, and thought for a moment. “Like twenty.” The boys got into Louis’ car, and Louis turned around before getting in, “We’ll meet you there, love.” I smiled and drove to the studio with Louis following behind with his car. We got to the studio and the mothers and a few fathers were in there with their little girls waiting for me. We walked in and I greeted everyone with a smile.

“Are you guys ready!?” I smiled, as they ran into the studio with me behind. The boys came with me. “Ok, class come get in a circle.” The girls gathered around me and formed a circle as they spread their legs to stretch. “Felicity is sick, but I have some special people joining us today. Their are my friends and they are going to try to help us today.” I motioned or them to walk over to us. The girls giggled as Niall tried dancing.

We stretched and I told everyone to follow after me. The boys stood at my sides, and the girls followed as I moved my arms and legs around. The whole time the girls and I giggled. Harry and Louis were dancing with each other acting like total idiots the whole time, and the rest of them stood beside me trying to copy me. Zayn kept losing his balance every minute or so and he would fall over causing some of the parents to laugh as well.

When the class was over the girls gave me a group hug and left. Louis laughed as they all walked around me, “That was fun. You’re a really good dancer, Hollyn.” I smiled and thanked him. I decided that I was going to go home and spend some time with my mum for the rest of the day. I told the boys goodbye and that we’d start practicing our dance when Felicity gets better. We left in our cars and I smiled the whole way home. I actually made friends. Kinda shocking for me since I’ve always just been so quiet. I was self contained and I’d rather do things with myself then with a partner or a group.

I guess a lot of things will be changing for me now. I think I’ll call it my new beginning.

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