No Exceptions

Hollyn Brooke Miller, is a dancer. She dances away the pain. She hides away her past and pushes anyone and everyone who tries to enter her life away. She's afraid if anyone does come into her life, they'll leave her. Just like everyone else.

When she meets Harry Styles, will she change her "rules" for him? Will she let him and the boys into her life and risk them leaving, lilke every other man in her life? Will she risk it all ... for love?


2. Friends

I forgot that I needed to buy a new alarm clock and I woke up late. This is exactly what I was afraid of. I knew this was going to happen. I just knew it. Just my luck too. I threw the covers off of my body and ran into my bathroom. I took a shower at lightning speed and ran out. I threw on a pair of black leggings and a loose T-shirt. I didn’t have enough time to straighten my hair so I put it up in a loose, messy bun in the back of my head. I grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs, almost tripping over my own feet as I missed a step. I quickly grabbed the rail and continued down the carpeted stairs, careful not to kill myself this time.

“Whoa, slow down there Holl.” My mum said, as she folded laundry in the living room. I looked at her, “Mum, not now. I’m late enough already.” I groaned, searching for my car keys on the kitchen table. I knew I left them around here, somewhere. I knew I was definitely going to be late now. “Mum-“

“They’re by the toaster.” She didn’t even bat an eye. She calmly continued folding the laundry and placing it into piles. Hers and mine, and then shirts and pants and things like that.

“Thanks.” I said quickly, closing the front door behind me. I was a little nervous to get there. What if these boys hated me for being so late. They’ll think I’m doing it for the attention. I was the total opposite of attention seeking. I hated having all the attention. I enjoyed being the quiet one who’d sit in the corner deep inside a book. Tuning out the world as I do and just forget everything for a little while. I got to the studio within 10 minutes and checked the clock. 11:40am. I was supposed to be there by 11. I opened the door to the studio and walked in, placing my bag down by my locker. I sat down and switched shoes quickly before running to Studio 2.

“Felicity, I’m so sorry. That damn alarm clock, I ne-” I stopped suddenly realizing Felicity wasn’t there, but instead 5 boys were standing there. Those boys. Those boys from that oh-so-popular band. Those boys from those magazines you’d see at markets and things like that. Those boys who’d steal girls hearts each and every day. Heartthrobs, as many would call them. I didn’t plan on becoming one of those obsessed fans of theirs. I didn’t do that kind of thing. If I like their music, then I like their music. Simple as that. I won’t spend my days stalking their personal lives like many young teenage girls are probably doing this very moment.

“You’re not Felicity.” I chuckled lightly. They were all looked at me with big smiles on their faces. One of the boys ran over to me and immediately hugged me, I felt nervous but hugged back. “I’m Louis! You seem nice, so I’m making you my new best friend.” He smiled. He reminded me of a little kid. I liked that. “Are you alright with that, love?” He asked. I smiled and nodded in agreement. He looped his arm around mine and started pointing to each of the boys as they introduced themselves.

“I’m Niall,” The blond headed one said with a huge smile on his face. He had braces, but not those geeky kind of ones. Just normal braces to fix the common crooked teeth.

“Vas’ Happenin? I’m Zayn.” I laughed and waved. I studied him for a moment as well. He had darker skin then the rest of the boys, and yet it was still light. He had amazing features and hair that seemed as if he styles it carefully in the mornings. A goofball with class, as my mum would call it.

“Liam!” He jumped in front of Zayn and smiled, waving his hands in the air. His hair was slightly curly and I noticed that he had been smiling since before I even got here. The other curly-haired one was a very quiet, he didn’t say anything. Louis walked over and put his arm around him, “Come on, mate. Tell her your name.” He pushed him lightly. He looked over at Louis as if to tell him to quiet, “Harry’s a little shy today. Aren’t you?” He simply nodded.

The boy whose name I now know as Harry blushed a deep shade of red and looked down at his white converse. I blushed slightly, “I-I’m Hollyn.” I said quietly. I was a strong, independent person… with a shy side. I didn’t talk much. I was the girl who people would talk to and I’d just sit and smile and wait for them to give up and leave. I was polite but I didn’t talk. Maybe a hi but nothing more. If I could avoid a conversation, I would.

They all looked at me and smiled, “What a unusual but lovely name!” Louis pointed out, “We are definitely going to be best friends!” He laughed.

“It’s pretty.” Harry finally said his first words. His voice was deep but not too deep. It was hard to explain but it did catch my attention. “Thanks, Harry.” I used his name, causing his smile to grow a little wider. He was looking at me, not staring, but just looking at me. Watching my slow, shy movements. I was watching him too. Louis coughed purposely and I was snapped back into reality. The boys snickered as I nervously started searching for Felicity.

“Fi?” I called out, with no response. Just the sound of the boys chatting to each other could be heard through out the studio. I walked to her office while the boys talked. She hasn’t been in here. Everything looked the same as it was yesterday. The computer wasn’t on, like it usually was, and the papers were still neatly stacked from when I helped her organize yesterday after class. I went to her phone and dialed her number. It rang a few times and she picked up.

“Holly?” She sounded absolutely horrible. Her could just hear how sick she was just from her voice.

“Fi? Are you alright? You sound like you’re dying.” She groaned in pain.

“I have really bad food poisoning.”

“Oh my god, do you need something? Do you want me to come over?” I asked her. I looked back into the studio to see the boys fooling around. They were doing handstands and looking at themselves in the mirror. I held in a laugh as I turned away to talk to her.

“No, I’ll be fine in a day or two.” she assured me.

“What am I supposed to do with five teenage boys?” I asked her. I couldn’t teach them the dance moves because I needed to learn them too. I didn’t know what I was going to do with the boys. There’s nothing I could do. They probably didn’t want any part of me anyway. Just my luck. Maybe they have other plans. Maybe I can go home and just relax today, or I could go out and find a dress for graduation. I was graduating next week and I couldn’t wait. Well, I just won’t mention anything unless they say something.

“I don’t know,” She paused to think. I looked back over at the boys as I waited for Felicity to continue. I covered my mouth to not laugh, again. Each time I looked at them it was harder to hold in my laughter. Harry and Louis were playing leap frog and Zayn, Liam and Niall were rapping something. Liam was a really good beat-boxer. They acted like such kids. “They seem like nice boys from the magazines and stuff. Make friends. You need more of those.” I heard her chuckle weakly.

“Gee, thanks.” I said sarcastically. She was right though. ”Well, feel better Fi. If you need anything just ring me.”

“Will do, love. Now go mingle!” I hung up the phone and walked back into the studio. Louis looked up suddenly and Harry cleared his throat nervously. “How’s Felicia?” Zayn asked.

“Felicity,” I smiled as I corrected him. He nodded and listened. “She’s sick. Food poisoning or something like that.” I looked down, playing with the chipped nail polish on my thumb. I wasn’t to great at talking to people but around them I just felt comfortable, even if it was just a little bit. “What are we supposed to do now? We have nothing planned today.” Niall said, sounding disappointed. The boys looked over at each other, as if they were reading each others minds as they thought.

“Well,” I started and they looked at me as I spoke. “Fi said I should do something with you guys if you had nothing to do… but you probably want nothing to do with me.” I said softly. I instantly regretted saying anything. “I’ll just go home.” I started walking away to get my bag.

“No, wait.” Louis smiled. “Come out with us. We can do something,” He looked down for a moment, ”like, go to the park on Maple Street.” He chimed happily.

How did they know about that park? It’s hidden by a lot of trees and the street that it is on is quiet, only older retired people live there. “How do you know about that?” I asked, feeling a little confused.

“We own a house around here.” Niall pointed out.

“Really? I thought-“

“Yeah, Harry grew up around here.” Liam added. He did? How come I never knew this? He doesn’t look familiar at all. I’ve lived here basically my whole life. Oh, maybe he went to the private school. I’ve only gone to public school. That’s why I never saw him. I wonder how old he is. He looks around my age.

“Oh, me too.” I smiled. I grabbed my bag from my locker and we left the studio, ”Let’s go!”

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