The Journal of Henry Jenkins, Explorer

A certain Dr. Thompson has disappeared in the midst of Africa while investigating the enigmatic "Mountains of the Moon" that divide the continent. Henry Jenkins mounts an expedition of his own to locate the missing doctor. However, his own past and a mysterious force are working against him...


8. 28 May, 1865

I am deeply disturbed. The dreams attacked with a sharper ferocity than usual, so I decided to take a walk before trying to sleep again. As I passed Carter’s tent, I heard thrashing along with his voice. I continued to walk until I realized I was hearing half of a conversation. As I listened my heart began racing and my muscles tensed.

“Sir, that is out of the question!”

“I don’t care about the money, this is unforgivable.”

“You’re telling me to kill his family because you don’t want him to retire?”

“I...No! Wait, wait! Just let them go. Let them go, and I’ll do whatever you want, kill whoever you want, just let them go!”

All the times he couldn't hold eye contact, the mumbling, the odd behavior. It all makes sense now. I felt my hand wrap around the hilt of my knife before blacking out. I woke up this morning in my bed. I’d have thought the entire ordeal was a dream, if not for the panicked yelling outside. As I stepped blinking in the early morning sun, one of my men delivered the news that I knew too well already. Mr. Carter was dead.

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