The Journal of Henry Jenkins, Explorer

A certain Dr. Thompson has disappeared in the midst of Africa while investigating the enigmatic "Mountains of the Moon" that divide the continent. Henry Jenkins mounts an expedition of his own to locate the missing doctor. However, his own past and a mysterious force are working against him...


4. 25 April, 1865

A week on the trail and already my sleep is interrupted. I can feel my nerves poisoning my mind, dredging up old memories, salting old wounds. I have tried to keep busy these few years to keep myself from grieving. I thought it was working, but now that I’ve acknowledged them I find the numbness replaced by a deep depression. the most I can do is quiet my sobs so the men can’t hear them. A weak leader is no leader at all. Oh, Veronica, Adam, how I miss you. Someday I will find the bastard that killed you and didn't even bother to have a reason. you weren't raped, or mugged, he just killed you both. Would it make me feel better had you died over spare change? I don’t know. I need a drink.

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