The Journal of Henry Jenkins, Explorer

A certain Dr. Thompson has disappeared in the midst of Africa while investigating the enigmatic "Mountains of the Moon" that divide the continent. Henry Jenkins mounts an expedition of his own to locate the missing doctor. However, his own past and a mysterious force are working against him...


3. 18 April, 1865

We set off downriver today. we are making good progress, though at the cost of a man's lives. Living in London has made me soft. I had forgotten the smell of death. It’s pungent odor infects our camp. we cannot leave them there to rot, but the roots of all these damned trees make it impossible to bury them. so, there they lay. we have no choice but to leave them to the jungle as we depart. I wish we could give them better, but they knew what they were signing up for.

To take my mind off the men, I planned our route. It is a long and dangerous journey, but by following the Mountains of Kong we can avoid most savage villages. My research tells me that Dr. Thompson had made it to his destination before he stopped communicating. there is no better place to start. We have a solid lead, a plan, and a survival expert. Success is virtually guaranteed. so why do I feel a sense of dread? My gut has never betrayed me, and it is practically screaming. I cannot turn back. my employer will not tolerate that (I’ve spent their money, they own me until the job is done. I shudder to think what will happen to me if I return with nothing to show for it...) I must forge ahead. I have no choice in the matter.

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