Stole My Heart

Ally lives in a small town in California called "Sand City." Ally lives by herself because she is 18 turning 19 on September 23. Ally works at a babysitting job about 4 miles away. She knows this boy band called "One Direction" because everybody she babysits are totally obsessed. But she is not obsessed with them. she hardly knows them. What happens when she finds out that "One Direction" has to live with her for a while? How will the kids at her babysitting job react? How will she handle it?


2. The Kiddy Corner

Ally's POV

As soon as I pulled up to "The Kiddy Corner", I looked at the time. It read, 6:34. since I had to be here at 6:45, this was perfect. As I pulled up to my parking spot, I turned the car off.  

"ARHHGG. Oh shoot! I forgot to eat breakfast...again"! I thought to myself with a sad look on my face. I guess I have to shake it off until lunch.

I pulled the car keys out then got out of my car. As I shut the door I pressed the "lock" button my key-chain to lock the car. I rushed up to the door and unlocked it using the key Sam gave me (my manager).

I knew that the kids would be arriving at 7:30. and since it 6:40, I have another 40 minutes to get settled in for the day. Once I got in, I put my pocket book in my office.

There were only two class rooms in this building. One for ages 1-6, which what we call the Kiddy room. And the other one for ages 7-up, which we call, the Teen room. The oldest child we ever had was about 12 so she helped us out a lot with the Teens in her room.

I drew the blinds and it made me think. When the parents come in with there child, they don't want to see a mess. With that comment to myself, I got right on cleaning.

I decided to start with the Kiddy room first. so, I started right away.

First, I wiped off the tables and counters. Then I decided the floor looked a mess so I sweep and mopped that.. then I vacuumed the rugs since I couldn't walk on the wet floor, which I just mopped. And with that, I put all the toy's in the right place and I was done with the Kiddy room. Next was the Teens room. This room wasn't as messy.

I did everything I did for the Kiddy room. I got done around 7:20 and I decided to eat something because my stomach did not like my decision I stated in the car.

As I looked in the refrigerator, I noticed some mike and I knew we had "Lucky Charms", so I decided to have that.


After I finished eating, the clock read 7:29. With that, I switched the sign from closed, to open. It didn't take long for one of my children to show up.

As soon as the Mother asked me to feed her baby girl, I got right on it. The child was only 2 and was named Tess.


Shortly after I finished feeding Tess, I heard another knock on the door. As I rushed over to answer it, Tess started to cry. I ignored it while I opened the door.

As I opened the door, I found a mother of 3 waiting for me to let them in. I waved my hand for them to come in. They did.

"Hi how are you"? The girl said. "Wonderful, thank you, and you"? I asked with a smile plastered on my face. "Umm, could be better...I'm late for work and these little rats are driving me up the walls"! The lady said with a tired look on her face. "Well then, I guess i'll take these little cutie pies away for a little while, um what did you say your name was"? I asked leaning over to her to hear better. "Kim". She said smiling at me, while pulling out a pen and a piece of paper. "I'm Ally". I said trying to make Tess to stop crying.

She hands me the piece of paper and it has a number on it.

"Call me if anything's wrong." Kim said putting the pen back in her pocket book. "Will do". I said putting the piece of paper on the microwave. And with that, she said goodbye to her kids and was off...


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