Stole My Heart

Ally lives in a small town in California called "Sand City." Ally lives by herself because she is 18 turning 19 on September 23. Ally works at a babysitting job about 4 miles away. She knows this boy band called "One Direction" because everybody she babysits are totally obsessed. But she is not obsessed with them. she hardly knows them. What happens when she finds out that "One Direction" has to live with her for a while? How will the kids at her babysitting job react? How will she handle it?


1. The Morning


No-One's POV

"Beep, Beep, Beep."

Ally's alarm clock went off. As she reached her hand over to push down the "snooze" button, Ally hit her hand on the corner of her side table.

"Ouch." she groaned, as she found the courage to open up her eyes and push the button down so it would stop the beeping. Ally glanced at the time. It read 5:45am. That leaves her 45 minutes until she have to be at "The Kiddy Corner."(her job).  She threw her head back thinking it would hit her pillow, but to her luck, she hit her head on the wall making a loud bang.

"Are you kidding me!" She yelled quietly only so her and God could hear.

Ally drew herself out of her bed not caring where she was going, and tripped over her boots.  

She groaned a bit louder than the fist time. She laid there for about 3 second staring at the ceiling. She bounced back quick and rushed into the bathroom noticing that she was wasting time. Ally shut the door behind her.

Ally's POV

I was devoting whether I should take a shower or not. After thinking about it, I found myself going to the closet grabbing a towel with pink flowers on it. As I turned on the water, I made sure it was on hot. not warm. hot. I ripped out my signature messy bun and noticed that my hair was all greasy and disgusting. 'EW' I thought to myself.

"I guess fate was right, I do need a shower." I said with a disgusted look on my face.

As I striped, I threw my pajamas on the floor not caring where they went. Then, I got in feeling the hot water touching my skin as I notched it wiped a smile on my face.


 As I grabbed my towel, I nearly slipped and fell on my face. "Jeez, what is with me today?" I whispered to myself with a puzzled look on my face.  I wrapped my towel around me. then I noticed I was waving my hand in front of my face and squinting trying to move the steam away from my eyes so I can see.

As I got out, I looked at the time, and it read 5:56am. "Perfect timing Ally!" I said to myself making my way over to my closet. I knew exactly what I was going to wear! I said smiling as I pulled out my clothes.

I decided to go casual today. Black pants, which fit me just right. A blue plaid shirt, which was so cute! Black high heels, which fit my personality just right. black, long earnings, a silver necklace, and a black and sliver bracelet. and to tie it all up, a black plain pocket book.,r:5,s:0,i:154

With that, I put on Lip gloss,and a little bit of mascara.

And finally, I was off.


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