My Perfect Match

(This story is before they become famous) also pretend the boys knew each other than :)
Rosslyn Sinclare Just moved from New York City to a small town in England. Everything goes great. On her first day of school she meets some really nice people. But what happens when she falls for one.


21. Pool Time


I had finished putting on my shirt while Harry put his clothes back on. He grabbed me by my waist. “That was amazing and this time we didn’t get interrupted.” I kissed him. “It was amazing.” We opened the door to see the boys just sitting on the bed reading or at least pretending too. What gave it away was that Louis had his book upside down. I walked up to him. “That’s an amazing story.” I said sarcastically. “Mmmmhhhmm.” Louis said still ‘reading’. I snatched the book out his hand. “Whatcha do that for.” Louis frowned. Harry answered for me. “We know you guys aren’t reading. I mean really Louis, you don’t read books upside down.” All the boys scrambled out the room. Louis poked his head back in. “By the way, next time you guys get ‘cozy’ with each other, keep the noise down. Than maybe you won’t attract an audience.” I picked up a pillow and threw it at him. He ducked and laughed while he shut the door. “Louis is such a loser.” I said. Harry nodded in agreement. It was 5 PM and I was bored. “Hey Harry, Why don’t we all go swimming!” He looked at me weird. “It’s the middle of the Winter.” I laughed. “That’s why there are things called INDOOR HEATED pools.” “Oh ok. Well I think your mom told me to pack yours and I took mine but I don’t know about the boys” I went over to our bags and pulled out our bathing suits. “Really. My bikini.” He smirked. I went into the living room where the boys were watching The XFactor. “One day we should like go on that show.” Louis said. “yeah like we are good enough to get on that show.” Zayn said. “Hey boys, Wanna come swimming with me and Harry. You could just wear some shorts.” The boys all nodded their heads and went to get ready. I went back into the room. Harry was done getting ready. I pulled down my pj shorts and put on my black lacey bathing suit. “Ready?” I asked Harry as I fixed my bun. We met the boys at the door and went downstairs to the pool. When we got there it was occupied by some kids about our ages. Harry wrapped his arm around me. As we walked in I grabbed a lounge chair and set my towel on it. I heard a wolf whistle. Oh great, just ignore it. I didn’t want Harry to have another episode. But I guess Harry heard cos he turned me around and smashed his lips onto mine. He pulled away. “Remember your mine.” He whispered and smiled at me. Gosh those dimples will be the death of me. “Of course Harry. I love you, no one else.” He grabbed my hand and we jumped into the pool together. The boys jumped in shortly after. The other kids that were there had gotten in too. Harry was being protective and didn’t leave my side for a second. That was until Louis dunked him. After Harry resurfaced he chased Louis. I put my head under the water and came back up. I jumped. “Sorry to scare you.” My eyes widened as I realized who I was staring at. “C-Connor?” He smiled. “Hey Rosslyn, long time no see.” He came closer to me and I could smell the alcohol on his breath. “I was thinking me and you should give it another shot.” He came closer. I pushed him back. “What are you doing here?” He smiled. “Me and my friends snuck in. Now where was I” He leaned in and kissed me, holding my hands down so I couldn’t move. “What the hell do you think you’re doing mate.” Great. Connor pulled away. Kissing her, what does it look like I’m doing.” I tried to get out of his grip but he wouldn’t let go. “What did you say.” Harry might as well have had steam coming out of his ear. “I said I’m kissing her, ya know what kissing is.” Connor said making kissing faces to emphasize. The only thing Connor ended up kissing was Harry’s fist. “WHAT THE HELL DUDE.” Connor screamed. His lip was bleeding. Connor let go of me and Harry pulled me out the pool and threw me over his shoulder taking me upstairs. The boys came up with us. As we entered the suit Lois said, “Nice punch Hazza. Really showed him.” Harry shot Louis a dark look. “Not now Louis.” He carried me into the room and locked the door. He set me on the bed and knelt in front of me. “What am I going to do with you.” Harry said, the darkness subsiding from his eyes and the corner of his mouth pulling up into a smile. I smiled back. “I don’t even know Hazza.” He placed his hands on my cheek and kissed me. He left his hands where they were. “I’m gonna have to keep you under house arrest or something. So no other guy can lay their eyes on you.” I chuckled and kissed his nose. “Who was that anyway?” I looked down. “My ex. I broke up with him because he slept with another girl.” I shed some tears. I wasn’t all worked up on it but I was hurt that I was cheated on. “Come ‘ere love.” He stood me up and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in. “he obviously didn’t deserve someone as great as you.” He whispered in my  hair. He pulled back and kissed my forehead. “I love you Rosslyn, Honestly. I would do anything for you. Just know I would never, EVER, hurt you like he did. You’re my everything” I kissed his lips. “I love you too Harry. Your just my world and I don’t know what I would do without you.”   

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