My Perfect Match

(This story is before they become famous) also pretend the boys knew each other than :)
Rosslyn Sinclare Just moved from New York City to a small town in England. Everything goes great. On her first day of school she meets some really nice people. But what happens when she falls for one.


13. Party Invitation


When I woke up…..for the second time today…. I looked at the clock to see it was 4 in the afternoon. I rolled over to see Harry wasn’t in bed with me. I stretched and sat up. I was cold so I went through Harry’s closet. I took out a Jack wills sweater that he had. I pulled it over my head and walked downstairs. The aroma of pizza lead me to the kitchen. All the boys were sitting around the table eating and talking. Liam looked up and said, “Well good afternoon sleeping beauty!” He smiled. All the boys looked up and said hi. “I advise you to eat something before Niall here eats it all.” Liam laughed. Niall looked up and playfully slapped him with his free hand. He then went back to devouring his slice. I just shook my head and grabbed a plate. I took a seat in between Niall and Harry. I grabbed a slice and started eating. I loved food and I was super hungry. I ate one slice then went on to the next. I kept on eating and eating. The boys, besides Niall, were all done eating just staring at me in astonishment. Harry knew how much I could eat but the others didn’t. Niall notice and laughed. “You have quite and appetite.” I smirked at him. “Coming from the boy that can eat like 5 pies by himself.” He looked back and grinned. “Touché” I just smiled satisfied and kept on eating. By my 6th slice I was full. Niall just kept on. By the time he was done he had eaten at least a whole pie! I think me and Niall are going to become great friends. All of a sudden a ringtone went off. Niall blushed and got his phone out. “Aw! Niall’s got a girlfriend!!!” I said smiling widely at him. He just blushed more and said, “No! It’s just a friend.” I didn’t quite believe him. All the boys stood up and went to the living room. I went towards the sink to wash the dishes. As I turned on the water two arms went around my waist. I smiled knowing who it was. “Need any help babe.” A husky voice asked. I turned around to face Harry. “If you want” He smiled and kissed my nose. I washed the dishes while he dried them and put them away. After we finished he took my hand and we went into the living room. Liam and Niall were playing Temple run on their phones while Louis was watching Blue’s Clues. “What are you watching Lou?” He shook a hand, silencing me. “I’m about to see what they got in the mail!!!!!” He sat there like a little kid. “MAIIILLLLLL TIIIMMMMEEEE!!!!!!” I just laughed. He was adorable. I was wondering where Zayn was. “Hey! Does anyone know where Zayn is?” Niall answered. “Probably outside.” I went outside and saw Zayn smoking. “You know that’s bad for you! It can lead to cancer!!!!!” He turned around. “You know you shouldn’t sneak up on people like that! It could lead to heart attacks!!!!!” Me and him looked at each other then burst out laughing. “No really Zayn. You shouldn’t do that.” He put it out and discarded it. “Ok mother. Whatever you say.” I opened the door and we went inside. Zayn sat next to Harry on the sofa which lead to there being no more spots. I decided to take a seat on the floor. “Babe.” I turned around to see Harry patting his legs. I got up and sat on his lap. He put his arms around me and all the boys gave us a strange look. “Well when did this happen.” Zayn asked. I blushed while Harry answered. “Yesterday actually.” He gave me a huge kiss on the cheek. I just blushed some more while the boys all giggled and went back to what they were doing. My phone buzzed and I looked at it. I had gotten a text from Alazey.



Hey! Im having a partayyyyy!!!!! :D You can come!....and invite the booys too!!!!!!!!! J

I looked over to the boys. “Hey guys! Wanna go to a party?” The boys all looked back and said sure.


SUREEEEE!!!! J I would love toooo!!!!!!! Hahahahah the boys said they would like to go!


Can’t wait to see you!! J

Now I just had to find out what to wear……

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