My Perfect Match

(This story is before they become famous) also pretend the boys knew each other than :)
Rosslyn Sinclare Just moved from New York City to a small town in England. Everything goes great. On her first day of school she meets some really nice people. But what happens when she falls for one.


3. Lunch at Nando's


YES! the last bell of the day had rang. I had a great time. Me and Harry spent the rest of the day together. He introduced me to his four friends. Their names were Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson. They were super funny. Exspecially Niall. He always laughed at nothing! We all walked to the front of the school. We just all kinda sat there …. in silence. Then Niall broke the silence. " Hey, Rosslyn! Have you ever went to Nandos?" He asked really hyped. “Ummmmm, never heard of it…… I don’t think we have one of thoses in America.” I answered, Nialls eyes lit up in excitment. " Well then how about we all go there for lunch. Rosslyn… You don’t know what your missing.!!!"

We walked for about 15 minutes. " Here we are." They all said insynced. Werid……… O__O Niall,Louis,Liam,and Zayn bumrushed to the door. " Got in first!!!" Niall yelled out. “How rude you guys are. Remember we have a guest with us.” Harry said. He walked to the door and opened it for me. " Here you go M’lady." He said while winking at me. How he made me blush like crazy!!!! " Thanks." I flashed a smile at him and walked in.

We had sat down at a table. " Hey I’m gonna go to the bathroom." I said. I got up and left. HARRY’S POV: Rosslyn left to the bathroom. Right when she was out of sight the boys started throwing questions at me left and right.

“Sooooo you and Rosslyn?” Liam asked. “What do you mean?” Like I didn’t know. " Youv’e replaced me! I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR BOOBEAR! DOES LARRY STYLINSON MEAN NOTHING TO YOU! GASP but I accept she is supperr HOT" Louis said. " Wait…. First of all no one can replace you Lou, and second what if she doesn’t like me." “ARE YOU BLIND!!!!” Niall yelled at me. " She totally diggs you!!!!!! It’s very obvious Everytime you LOOK at her she blushes." “But…….” I couldn’t even get my sentence out because the most prettiest girl walked into the atmosphere. Rosslyn. " I’m back! Sorry to keep you guys waiting." I wished she would never stop talking. ROSSLYN’S POV: I got back to the table and it got really silent. W.E It was probably nothing. " Come sit next to me." Harry said while patting the empty seat next to him. I went over and sat down. Just as I sat a brush of wind came in the resturant blowing his colonge into my face. WOW!!! He smelled amazing. We ordered our food at started digging in 15 minutes later. Niall was the first one done….. Fatty…… but was still adorable, I mean all of them were cute…. but I felt something between me and Harry….. BUt did he feel the same way?

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