My Perfect Match

(This story is before they become famous) also pretend the boys knew each other than :)
Rosslyn Sinclare Just moved from New York City to a small town in England. Everything goes great. On her first day of school she meets some really nice people. But what happens when she falls for one.


20. Horror Movie Afternoon With the Boys


Harry sat down and I sat on his lap. “I’m sorry for walking in.. again.” Liam said rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s cool mate. We can always finish when you guys leave.” Harry said cheekily. I playfully slapped his arm. “But you know it’s true.” Harry said as he started to kiss me. “NO PDA.” Louis protested. He came over to us and pulled us apart. He grabbed my hand and sat me on the other couch where he was sitting. “You sit here. No more kissy mushy face until we leave.” Harry went to complain. “But-“ Lou shot him a stern look and shook his finger at him. “No buts mister.” Harry looked down. “Sorry dad.” I just chuckled. Lou turned to me. “Do you think this is funny little miss.” I laughed even more. “N-n-no I d-don’t” I couldn’t get my words out correctly. “Your punished Rosslyn Sinclare. I guess I’m going to have to tickle you.” Lou pounced on me and started to tickle me. “P-P-PLEASE S-S-S-STOP!!” Lou finally stopped. “Maybe that would teach you not to sass the SASS MASTA!” He than walked over to Harry and sat on his lap. My face was red and I couldn’t breathe. I leaned on Niall trying to calm down and catch my breath. “We should watch a movie.” Zayn said. I looked over. “But we didn’t bring any movies.” He smirked. “Oh, but I did!” he pulled out a whole bunch of horror movies from his bookbag. “HORROR MOVIE AFTERNOON.” Lou and Hazza yelled. “We’ll get the snacks!” I said pulling on Niall’s hand. Zayn handed us packages of popcorn and me and Niall went into the kitchen. “How long do I put it for Rossy?” I checked the package. “Each one has to be put in for 4 minutes.” We made 6 bags and took out a huge bowl. Niall put in extra salt and butter. He than pulled out two boxes of M&M (m&ms mixed with popcorn is actually very good. Is it weird that I actually eat that in real life :p) “You read my mind Nialler.” We smiled at each other. He passed me a box and we opened them and mixed it in. Gosh, did Zayn plan this movie night. “Hey Zayn, brought anything to drink?” I shouted. “yeah, in the fridge.” I opened the fridge and there was cans of soda. We brought all the stuff over and set it down. I grabbed blankets and laid them out on the floor. I brought the small pillows from the sofa and put them on the floor two. We all laid down. I went to lay down next to Harry, but that didn’t last long. Louis came and stuffed himself between us. “What did I say you two youngens.”Me and Harry sighed. Liam turned off the light as Zayn put in the first movie, Orphan. We all laid down. The order was Harry, Louis, me, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Then the movie started.

By the 3rd movie all the boys except for Harry had fallen asleep. The jetlag was catching up on the others. Harry looked over at me. “I’m in the mood for a bubble bath in that sweet Jacuzzi bath we have in the room.” Harry smiled cheekily and winked at me. “Ok, go have fun.” He frowned. “Don’t you want to join me?” He pouted. “I smiled and rolled my eyes. “Come one.” I said as I stood up. I grabbed our towels while Harry set the bath up. I walked in as Harry was already in. I undressed and got in with him. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear. “Do you know how beautiful you are love?” I smiled. Harry pulled me in to a kiss. It eventually got steamier and one thing lead to another. ;)

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