My Perfect Match

(This story is before they become famous) also pretend the boys knew each other than :)
Rosslyn Sinclare Just moved from New York City to a small town in England. Everything goes great. On her first day of school she meets some really nice people. But what happens when she falls for one.


23. Going Home and Anne's Party. ****MESSAGE****


( A week after.)

“Got everything?” Harry asked as he put on his jacket. “yeah, I made sure I packed all of my things.” I looked down at my finger to make sure my ring was there. Since Harry gave it to me I never took it off. But you never know it could have fallen off while I slept. We took our suitcases and locked the suit door. The boys were already downstairs. We were leaving to go back home. School started soon. We hopped in a cab and it drove us to the airport. Before we entered the airport I looked back, saying bye to my hometown. I started to tear up. I wiped them away as Harry grabbed my hand. We boarded the plane back to Holmes Chapel. [Back Home]:

Harry dropped me off home. “See you tomorrow at school love.” He kissed me gently on my lips. “See you tomorrow Hazza.” I closed the door and brought my bags upstairs. “Sweetie, is that you?” I heard my mom call. I went downstairs. “Yeah mom, it’s me.” I walked into the kitchen. She was icing cupcakes. She put down the cupcake and gave me a hug. “How was your trip?” She asked as she went back to the cupcakes. “It was amazing mom. We went to New York and stayed at the Plaza Hotel. I couldn’t ask for anymore.” She smiled. “Looks like that Harold kid is good.” I smiled. “Harry is amazing.” I blushed. I was dazing off thinking about Harry. He just made me feel special inside. I guess I must have really spaced out. “Lyn, are you ok.” My mom chuckled whilst waving her hand in front of my face. “What kind of spell does this boy have you under?” I snapped out of my daydream. “I’m sorry mom.” She just laughed again. I went to reach for a cupcake until I felt a sting on my hand. “OW! What was that for mom?” She had slapped my hand. You can at least wait for the guest to arrive.” Guest? What was she talking about? That was when I realized there was food on the stove. Gosh, was I really that into my daydream of Harry I hadn’t noticed my surroundings. “Why are we having guest over.” She just kept on setting the table. “It’s Anne’s birthday. She and I have become close friends since we’ve moved here. I decided to throw a little get together for her. This will be a good time to meet Harold. Now go upstairs and change. I’ve got you a present.” I went upstairs and into my room. On my bed was the prettiest dress I’ve ever seen. It was mid-thigh and was all black with gold swirls covering the dress. I put it on and it hugged my curves perfectly. I put on my black pumps I had. I did my makeup naturally. I went over to my dresser and picked up my gold heart locket necklace. My dad had given it to me for my 16th birthday. A year later he was in a hit and run accident. I missed him a lot. I teared a little but quickly dried them so my mascara wouldn’t run. I heard the door bell ring. I heard my mom greet them. “Welcome Trisha. Hey Johanna. Karen, Good to see you. Well Maura don’t you look amazing. ANNE! Happy birthday.” Once I heard her say their names I ran downstairs, well as much as I can run with heels on. That meant Harry and the boys were here. I tripped on the last stair and fell into someone. They laughed. “Watch it there.” I could tell it was Niall. I could tell his laugh from anywhere. “Thanks Nialler.” I stood up and brushed myself off. “Hey boys!” I said enforcing a group hug. “ROSSYY!” They screamed. Harry was standing away from the huddle. We pulled apart. “I think I deserve a one on one hug.” He smiled that gorgeous smile of his and wrapped his arms around my waist. I put my arms around his neck. “So this is the famous Harold.” I jumped and pulled away from Harry. I blushed. “Harry meet my mom. Mom meet Harold.” They shook hands. “Nice to meet you Mrs.Sinclare.” He kissed her hand. My mom blushed brightly. “Oh well aren’t you a gentleman. Now I know why my daughter spaces out every time your name is mentioned, you can call me Rachel.” I blushed. Why did my mom blow up my spot like that. After my mom went off with the boys mothers, Harry grabbed my waist. “So, I’m always on your mind huh?” I blushed brightly and looked down. “Maybe.” He lifted my head up. “Well I hope, cos you’re always on my mind.” Harry closed up the few inches that were between his lips and my lips. “No making out you young people.” Louis said pulling us apart. Wow was he a cockblocker. I just nudged him and grabbed Harry’s shirt pulling him into my lips. He was shocked but than wrapped his arms around me. “Get a room you two.” Liam said covering his eyes. I pulled apart and looked at Harry. “Well, My room is upstairs.” He winked at me. “Hold on.” He went into the living room and wished his mom a happy birthday. He came back and picked me up. “Now, what were you saying about you’re room?” The boys sighed. “Just try to keep quiet please. Our parents are here.” Niall said. It would be suspicious if we were the only ones not around. “You boys have to come upstairs with us. You can go into the spare bedroom. Just so they won’t get suspicious.” They nodded their heads and followed us upstairs. “Which one is yours?” Harry whispered into my ear. I chuckled, his warm breath tickling my ear. I pointed out my room and he entered it locking the door behind him. He threw me on the bed. He straddled me and reattached his lips onto mine. I let my hands wander under his shirt, eventually pulling it off. His hands lead to my back slowly unzipping my dress. I shimmied it off and tossed it. “Ready?” He whispered sending chills down my spine. I nodded my head as I helped take off his pants. “Ready as ever.” I guess you can tell what happened next.

I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair and makeup. Harry came behind me and kissed my neck. “That was just amazing. Your amazing.” He kissed my neck again and put his shirt back on. I helped him fix his hair and we walked out the room. The tv was on in the spare bedroom so we went in there. “Guys had fun?” Zayn asked as the boys chuckled. “Actually we did! Ross is AMAZING in bed.” Harry winked. I just slapped his arm and blushed. He sat on an empty space on the bed and pulled me onto his lap. Hours had past and the boys had to leave. “Bye boys. Bye girls and Happy birthday Anne.” My mom said. I gave them each a hug lasting longer on Harry. “Bye! See you in school tomorrow. Happy Birthday Anne and it was nice to meet you Trish, Johanna, Karen and Maura” They waved bye and left. “Goodnight mom.” She gave me a hug. “Night hunny.” I went upstairs and changed into pjs. Once I fell onto the bed I passed out.


Thank you guys all for reading and being just AMAZING! This one took me a while cos I was watching the Olympic closing ceremony. Everyone there did a FANTASTIC job. Especially 1D, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, The Spice Girls, and Queen <3 I literally cried when 1D performed. The boys have achieved soo much in just two years. They went from contestants on The XFactor to performing at the Olympics.. Phenomenal. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. I'm thinking of writing a sequel to this story. The boys audition for the XFactor and in the sequel they are famous. Yeah.. but glad you guys have liked the story so far. Comment anything you guys are thinking. (Questions, suggestions,etc.) Might need help for a sequel title :) <3 <3 xxx

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