My Perfect Match

(This story is before they become famous) also pretend the boys knew each other than :)
Rosslyn Sinclare Just moved from New York City to a small town in England. Everything goes great. On her first day of school she meets some really nice people. But what happens when she falls for one.


22. Breakfast and Ice Skating


“I’m sorry Ross.” I looked at him strangely. “What are you sorry for.” “being so over protective. I don’t want you to feel so ... suffocated, ya know.” He was maybe just a smidge over protective. “It’s fine Harry, I understand why you do it, but I can take care of my self. If I ever have a problem I can’t solve I’ll ask you for help.” He nodded his head and I placed my lips on his cheek. “Come on, let’s go to sleep Hazza.” We got into bed and Harry pulled the cover over both of us. “Night Rosslyn.” He wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close. “Night Harry.” The next morning I woke up to a posted stuck to my forehead. I took it off and read it. “Me and the boys went to get breakfast. Niall stayed back so you wouldn’t be by yourself. See you in a few love. –Hazzaxx”

I smiled. I got up and refreshed in the bathroom. I walked into the living room. Niall was laying across the sofa watching TV. “Hey Ni!” He sat up and  patted the seat next to him. “Good morning Rossy.” I sat down next to him. “Whatcha’ watching?” He picked up the remote and opened up the guide. “The Bad Girls Club.” I stifled a laugh. “Why are you watching THAT show?” “It’s fun watching these girls get into fights with each other.” Just than they started fighting on screen. Niall glued his eyes to the screen. “You’re so weird Ni.” He just chuckled. “Ughh, I’m hungry! When are the boys getting here.” Just than Niall’s phone made a noise. “The boys said they should be here in a couple minutes.” I sighed. Thank goodness.. I was STARVING! Niall could see I was relived. “Gosh you must be hungry.” I shot him a look. “Oh right cos you’re not hungry when you wake up in the morning.” He just smiled. “Touché.” After a couple of minutes the boys came through the door and me and Niall ran to them and pulled the bags out their hands. “Gosh you animals!” Louis shrieked. Me and Niall had already pulled out sandwiches from the McDonalds bag and were stuffing our faces. “And you find THAT attractive Hazza?” Louis questioned. “Shut up!” I said with my mouth full. “DON’T TALK WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL YOUNG LADY!” Lou screamed at me. He than walked up to the bag and grabbed a sandwich out. “Hey babe.” Harry said giving me a kiss on the cheek. “Hey Hazza.” I said swallowing my food and returning the kiss. “Gosh can we eat without you two PDAing?” Zayn complained. I gave him the finger and stated making out with Harry. “Ok come on guys. Can we eat civilly?” Liam said as we pulled apart. We all sat down and ate our food. After we finished Harry pulled me to the room. “I got you something.” He said pulling out a small black velvet box from his pocket. The first thing I thought was, I love him and I want to marry him but not at this moment. We were still young. He opened it and inside was the prettiest ring I’ve ever saw. It was a gold band with a multicolored stone in the middle of two diamonds. It was brilliant. “Oh my gosh Harry.. I don’t know what to say.” He took it out and slipped it on my finger. “This is a promise ring. My promise that I will love you no matter what and give you you’re space when you need it. I know I’ve been a little too protective over you and I don’t want to scare you away with that. I love you and I want you to be in my life for as long as you can. The boys helped me pick it out. That’s what took us so long.” Tears of joy rolled down my face as I threw my arms around Harry’s neck. I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. I was feeling all these emotions at once. I just cried into Harry’s shoulder. He picked my head up and kissed my tears away. “I love you too Harry. Thank you so much. It’s beautiful.” I hugged him again as the boys came in through the doors and formed a group hug. I loved all these boys. They were amazing and really special to me. “I love you guys!” “We love you too Ross.” The boys said in union. “How about we go ice skating.” I suggested as we all pulled apart. The boys agreed and we all started to get dressed. After we headed to Central Park. Central Park had the best ice skating rink in my opinion. It was big and just amazing. It was a good place to go to so you can clear your head. I used to go there a lot when I need my alone time. We waited in line until it was our turn. We paid for our entry and skate rentals. We strapped on our shoes and made it on to the ice. When I first get on the ice I’m a little wobbly but after a couple minutes it comes naturally. The boys were chasing each other leading to them all crashing into each other and falling onto the ice. Me and Harry laughed as he took my hand and we skated around together.

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