Don't Leave Me

Elizabeth's life was constantly in the balance- constantly torn between two likely futures. She could have been born Peter, a skinny boy who grows up to be an accountant. If she had auditioned for the school play, it would have driven her to be an actress; she would have succeeded and become world known, but harboring a secret cocaine addiction. But life happened how it did and she was the girlfriend of Harry Styles from One Direction. But destiny isn't done with her- there are still a few things that can go wrong in this seemly perfect life.


1. Don't Leave Me

“Go, babe! Come on!” I cheered for my boyfriend as he completed another press up. “You can beat him!”

I smiled and looked over at Perrie, who was cheering on Zayn. We were all having a laugh, choosing sides as Harry and Zayn competed. A few minutes ago, Harry had a minor row with Zayn over who was stronger- I suspected that they were both trying to impress us. 

“You can do it, Harry!” His body slightly shook and his press ups were slowing down. “Just three more!”

“One!” Harry groaned. “Two! Three!” He collapsed onto the floor and rolled over onto his back, breathing heavily. I laughed and kneeled down next to him; my long, wavy brown hair was hanging down and I pulled it up into a bun.

He turned his head to me and smirked, his bare chest still rising and falling quickly. He looked expectantly in my eyes, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. “Does the winner get a prize?”

“I don’t know.” I contemplated jokingly as I leaned in closer. “What would you like?”

“A kiss,” Harry grinned and pulled my lips closer to his.  As the gap closed, I shut my eyes and everything around us disappeared.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa- there are children present!”

I snapped back into reality and opened my eyes to be faced with Harry’s brilliant green eyes staring back at me.

“Keep it PG, Haz!” Louis yelled from the kitchen and I pulled away reluctantly. Harry sighed and sat up, glaring at his flat mate.

“It was just a kiss, you twat!” Harry yelled back and stood up, extending a hand for me. I took it, a small smile forming on my lips. Harry and I had been dating for three years now and I knew Louis was only joking about. That was just the kind of person he was, and that was one of the many reasons El has kept up with him for almost five years now.

Harry bent down to pick up his shirt than he had quickly thrown off before the press up contest, slipping it on over his head. He then wrapped an arm around my waist and I leaned against him, pulling my own arms around his muscular chest. After all this time together, we were extremely comfortable with each other. I could tell him anything, and vise versa. It was safe to say that Harry was my soul mate, and we were going to spend our lives together.

Everything was perfect.

We walked over to an empty couch and sat down, our bodies still touching. I could hear the rhythmic thumping of his heart in his chest and I just knew that I was supposed to be with him. That day three years ago was the best day of my life.

I had been aimlessly roaming the streets during a trip to London from a small town in New York and it was getting late. I decided that there was nothing left to see, so I hailed a cab and hopped in, only to find that someone else was already in there.

I would like to say that it was love at first sight when I saw Harry sitting there, his eyes glued to his phone. I remembered the way his hair looked- as crazy as ever. He had a small smile planted to his lips, and when he finally tore his eyes away to see the girl that had jumped into the cab with him… well, there are no words to describe the look on his face.

By the time I had arrived at the hotel, he had already pulled me with his charm and we were planning on going on seeing each other again the next day. And ever since that night, I never once thought about going back to America. I had been twenty at the time, taking a ‘leave of absence’ from basically everything. I took a permanent break from college and left my friends and family behind, occasionally sending a nice text or calling to check up on things. Besides that, I considered myself a Brit now.

Harry’s breathing evened out and he was absentmindedly stroking my hair, staring off at the opposite wall. He was always at his hottest when he wasn’t trying. I just loved the way his mouth hung open slightly or how sometimes he bit his lip when he was thinking. And he would always run his fingers through his hair when he was concentrating on something in particular.

I stretched up and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, sending a grin to both of our faces. I slouched back down and rested my head on his shoulder; I could feel his gaze on me, but I didn’t turn to look at him. Sometimes, when he thought I was unaware, I would catch him looking at me. I asked him about it once, and he told me that he wanted to remember every single detail about me so that he could imagine I was with him, even when I wasn’t. Needless to say, he was as in love with me as I was with him.

I stared down at my pale yellow skinnies, smiling to myself as I continued to feel Harry staring at me. To know that he loved me- it was an amazing feeling. I was so excited to get married, have kids and to just grow old with him.

I sighed and closed my eyes, letting the whole world float away as I sat here with Harry. Everything was peaceful and serene. There were no sounds other than our hearts beating in sync.

If only it could stay like this forever.

“I’m hungry!” Niall proclaimed, walking out of the kitchen. I snapped out of my trance and craned my head to look at the blond Irishman. Harry chuckled and shifted beside me as he also turned to face his mate.

“You’re always hungry, Nialler.” Harry answered and Niall huffed impatiently, motioning back to the kitchen.

“Well, yeah, but there’s no food to eat!” He complained and gave Harry his signature puppy eyes. We all knew what that meant- Niall wanted food, but he was too lazy to go out and get it.

“Niall, there’s loads of food in here!” Louis yelled from the kitchen and I heard the pantry being opened. “What’s wrong with all of this?”

Niall turned back to the kitchen and leaned against the doorframe. “I don’t want any of that right now. Maybe later.”

“What do you want right now, Niall?” Harry asked and I sighed. Harry was going to ask what Niall wanted and then he was going to leave me to go get it, being the nice friend he is. But I didn’t want him to leave. I wanted him to stay here with me, because right now, this moment was perfect.

I looked over at Danielle and Liam who were sitting on the couch next to us. Liam gave me an apologetic smile as he listened to the conversation. I just smiled weakly and turned back to Niall, who had captured Harry’s full attention.

Niall strode over and sat on the couch arm, clapping Harry on the shoulder. “Well, since you asked, I’d love a Big Mac and large chips. That’d be lovely, mate.”

“Why can’t you go get it?” Louis called from the kitchen and I looked up expectantly at Niall as he frowned and shrugged.

“Don’t feel like driving.” Was all he said and Harry unwrapped his arm from around me and leaned forward to stand.

“Hold on, Harry.” Liam spoke up from the couch and stood quickly, straightening up his plaid shirt. “I’ll go get the food. You stay here with Elizabeth.”

“Oh, alright. You sure?” Harry asked, unsure. He looked from Liam to Dani, trying to see if they were both okay with it. Dani gave him a reassuring smile and Liam nodded. Harry sat back down and grinned at me. “Looks like you’re not getting rid of me just yet.”

“Anyone else want anything while I’m out?” Liam asks everyone in earshot. Perrie and Zayn both shook their heads and went back to looking over the record collection, El and Louis called from the kitchen that they didn’t want anything, and Harry and I just smiled.

“Okay, then I’m off.” He turned around and bent over, giving Dani a quick kiss and hug.

“Love you,” she waved as he made his way over to the front door.

“I love you, too!” He called behind his shoulder and grabbed his keys, wallet and phone before leaving.

I turned from the door and leaned back onto the couch; Harry wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed my temple. “That was nice of him.”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “It was.”

“I’m bored!” Niall proclaimed, sinking lazily into the armchair.

“Geez, Niall! You’re like a child!” Zayn laughed and got up from the floor. He picked up the remote from the coffee table and tossed it to him, then returning to his original spot with Perrie.

Niall nodded quietly and turned on the tellie. I watched as he flicked through the channels, moaning about how nothing good was on. Finally, he stopped on the news channel where they were talking about the 2016 Olympics.

I sat up, actually interested in the subject. It was so strange to believe that during the last Olympics Harry was just some random celebrity in another country. Now, four years later, I was cuddling with him as if it was the most natural thing in the universe.

The news broadcaster was talking about the weight lifting event, which didn’t really interest me, but the boys were completely immersed in it. I tuned it out and listened to the easy traffic outside. Since it was the Olympics, lots of people were at home watching. This year it was taking place somewhere in Africa, and many had even flown over there.

I heard a car pull away from the flat complex and I presumed that it was Liam driving to McDonalds. Bored, I turned back to the tellie to see that they had gone to live footage of the weight lifting. The crowds were going crazy and you could barely hear what the announcers were saying.

Then, there was a loud crash and I froze, trying to distinguish if it was from the show. I got up and snatched the remote away from Niall. I turned off the sound and strained my ears to try and hear something.

“What is it, Elizabeth?” Harry asked me, sitting forward in his seat as he watched me concentrate.

Ignoring him, I slowly shuffled over to the window and moved the curtains that hid us from the paparazzi. Luckily, there was no one out there today- probably out stalking a celebrity that was actually leaving their house.

I looked down the street to my left and there was nothing. I then turned to my right and my breath caught in my throat.

There, in the middle of the intersection, were two cars. One was flipped upside down, the doors crumpled like paper. The other was a few feet away, the entire front portion was scrunched together and the front window cracked and shattered.

Tears stung my eyes as I looked at the one that was on its back. I prayed to god that whoever was driving was alright.

Oh my god.

That car was black.

Liam’s car was black.

“Har- Harry!” I cried and stumbled away from the window, my hand clamped over my mouth. Please, god. Please let everyone be okay.

“What is it?!” Harry rushed over and hugged me. “What is it, love?”

I grasped onto his shirt and pulled him to the window. “Look.”

I stayed back and watched as Harry’s face morphed to one filled with shock, horror and pain. He opened his mouth, but I could see that he was having trouble forming words. I walked over to the couch, Perrie, El and Dani sitting next to me.

“What is it, Hun?” El asked me with her eyebrows raised.

“Uh,” I mumbled, unable to form words. What if that was Liam? How could I tell Dani? I looked over to her and she looked a little scared, but she had no idea what was happening.

“Someone needs to call 999!” Harry yelled to the boys and they call ran over to the windows to take a look.

“Oh, god.” Louis gasps. El and Dani’s heads snapped up and they stood, unsure of what to do. Louis sprinted to the door, the boys following close behind.

“Where are you going?” El called after them and Louis spun around quickly.

"Stay here and call Liam!" He called back and ran after the boys.

They all stood around me quietly, confused at what was happening. I pulled out my mobile from my pocket and dialed 999; it only rang once before an operator was put on.

"Emergency- what service do you require?"

"Um, ambulances and maybe police? There's been a car accident, and it looks really bad." I said shakily and Dani's head snapped up from her mobile to look at me. Her eyes started watering as she hurriedly typed in Liam's number and my heart ached for her. What if Liam was in the accident? I didn't dare think about what would happen if it went critical.

"Where is the location of the crash?"

"The intersection of Culeberry and Morrison in Manchester. Some of us have already gone to help, but it looks like people could be seriously injured." I sat down on the couch and rested my head in my hands.

"Ma'am, I have sent ambulances and police to the crash. They will be there shortly."

"Alright. When will they get there?!" I asked and looked up at the others. They were all on the verge of tears as they all imagined if it was Liam.

"Any minute now, ma'am."

"Alright, thank you." I hung up and watched as Dani struggled with her mobile. Her fingers were shaking rapidly and tears were pouring down her face. She put the phone to her ear, biting her finger nails nervously as she waited for him to answer.

The seconds dragged on like years as we waited for him to pick up. Many explanations ran through my head, trying to understand why Liam wasn't picking up. There must be a reasonable solution.

But I just couldn't get the image of that car flipped over out of my head- the car that look so much like Liam's.

"He's not answering!" Danielle cried and dropped her mobile in her lap. She slumped, defeated, and cried into her hands. There was so much I wanted to say to make her feel better, but I had no idea what to say. How could I convince her that Liam was alright when I had such a hard time believing that myself?

"It's probably because he's driving." Perrie scooted forwards and rubbed Danielle's back soothingly. "You know how he doesn't like to talk on the phone while he driving."

Danielle nodded silently as she tried to muffle her tears with her hand. I glanced up to try and find something to distract myself with. I had to do something- anything- while I waited for a text from Harry either confirming or denying our fears.

The tellie caught my eye and I saw that it was no longer broadcasting the Olympics. I could see a reporter talking about something new and I grabbed the remote to turn the sound back on.

"Breaking New- there has been a horrible crash on the intersection of Culeberry and Morrison in Manchester. It is reported that there was a driver texting and they ran a red light, thus colliding with another car. Our insider has told us that there is only one fatality, and it is a young male. The other driver is alright, besides a few bruises and scrapes. And now we send you live footage of the scene."

My heart stopped in my chest and my throat burned. They were showing our street. I can see the two cars, and there's firemen surrounding the flipped, black car. To the right I can see four boys huddling off to the side of the road.

"Oh my god. Oh my god, Liam! It's Liam! I know it is! Liam!" Danielle cried and Eleanor gave her a tight hug.

"Shhh, we don't know anything for certain." Perrie whispered to Danielle as she continued to sob. I sat unconnected and farther away from the group, trying to wrap my head around this. If this was Liam in the crash... Well, it could have been Harry. Harry was going to go out instead, but Liam offered because he saw how I didn't want Harry to leave. It could have been Harry that got in that crash.

There was a buzz in my lap and I looked down at my mobile to see a new text from Harry.

     'Meet us at the hospital. It's Liam.'

"Oh my god." I cried and looked over at Danielle. "Oh, no. Oh, god." I stood up and grabbed my leather jacket, slipping it on.

"Elizabeth?" Danielle managed to ask me, her voice still shaking. "What is it?"

"We have to go to the hospital." I whispered and Perrie and Eleanor let out a sob.

"No," Danielle shook her head, looking down at her lap. "I don't believe you."

"We have to go NOW." I urged them and slipped on my black converse quickly. They jumped up and scurried around the flat looking for their shoes. Danielle stayed frozen and I grabbed her flats, helping her up from the couch.

She looked broken- completely shattered. Her whole world had crashed down around her and she didn't even have Liam to help her piece it back together.

And all the while as we ran out from the flat and down to my car, I couldn’t help but remember how that could have been Harry. I couldn't, or I didn't, want to imagine what the world would be like without Harry. How horrible would day to day life be like if I didn't wake up with him lying beside me? The thought was unbearable. I had no idea how Danielle would make it through this.

The drive to the hospital was a difficult one. The whole time Danielle was in the backseat, crying her eyes out. Eleanor and Perrie hardly said anything; they just stared out the window as the streets of London flew by.

“He can’t be dead.” Danielle muttered through her sobs. “I don’t want him to be dead.”

Tears were streaming down everyone’s faces as we worried about Liam. The news reporter said there was one fatality- a young male. Was it Liam? Or the other driver? I normally wouldn’t wish pain on anyone, but if I had to choose between who lived and who died, I would let Liam live.

Danielle cries weakened slightly as the hospital came into view. I held my breath and as I saw ambulance pour in like rainwater from all directions. This was truly a horrible place.

I pulled up in front of the hospital, not really caring if my car would get towed. I just needed to see Harry and to have him hold me. I turned off the engine and pulled out the keys. We all jumped out quickly, not even bothering to lock the doors behind us as we ran up the concrete pathway to the entrance.

Danielle ran further ahead, shoving her way into the waiting room. I followed closely behind with Perrie and Eleanor. I opened the glass door slowly and I looked around at everyone that was here. The seats were filled with people bleeding and crying. In some places the white walls and floors were stained by unrecognizable fluids. There was the constant ringing of phones and the wails of babies weren’t far away.

I looked up and down the rows of chairs, trying desperately to find Harry. My body was shaking and my chin quivering uncontrollably as the images of Harry tangled lifelessly in a mangled car. He could have died, and there was so much that we never did.

“Elizabeth!” I hear his amazing voice call to me and I turn left to see him getting up from his seat next to the other three boys. They all looked up to see us, their eyes red and puffy from crying.

“Harry!” I cried and ran to him, my arms reaching for him. We crashed into each other, his arms wrapping tightly around me.

I cried into his shirt, and I knew that he had figured it out also; he had probably realized long ago that it could have been him in the car crash. He was shaking, holding my tighter as I cried softly.

What were we going to do without Liam? He was always the one who looked after us. He arranged everything; he made sure we were all happy. He died doing one last kind act for Niall.

It was horrible thinking that- ‘he died’. I wanted to resist and deny it, but in my heart I knew the truth. When I first heard the crash, I felt a piece of my heart falling away. I just didn’t want to accept it at the time.

I looked up at Harry, hiccupping quietly as I tried to even my breath. “How bad is he?” I managed to say, sending myself into another fit of sobs. How could any of us live without Liam with us? Everything was breaking around us and there was no way to fix it. We could only pretend that it had all repaired over time, but we all knew that was a lie. You couldn’t just fix everything. Liam was gone and nothing was going to be okay ever again.

Harry didn’t answer; he just shook his head and wrapped his arms tighter around me. Danielle cries grew louder behind me and I pulled away from Harry to turn to her.  

She was stumbling over to a doctor, not even bothering to mask the pain that was ripping through her. Her face was contorted in horror as she cried over Liam. 

“Where’s Liam?” She asked the doctor loudly. “I need to see him!”

My heart ached as I watched her search for her boyfriend. She was still in denial.

“Who are you?” The doctor pulled his hand out of his pocket, unsure if she was injured or not. She was- how could we explain to the doctor that her heart was broken? And sadly, there was no remedy for a broken heart.

“I- I’m his g-girlfriend.” Danielle cried and the doctor’s face went from confusion to remorse and sadness. He opens his arm for her to come to him and she slowly walks over. With his arms gingerly placed around her shaking shoulders, he led her to a deserted back corner.

He turned to her and I saw him console her quietly. I leaned against Harry as I watched the doctor talk to her. I couldn’t see what he was saying because he held his head low, obscuring his lips. Danielle’s back was to me, and when the doctor said something else, she starts shaking her head quickly.

She turns around, clearly in shock. She places her hand over her heart and starts walking over to us. We inch our ways over to her, trying to form in our minds what we could possibly say that would make her feel any better right now.  

Suddenly, she spins on her heals and starts sprinting over to one of the hallways that led to patient rooms. Doctors and nurses called after her to stop and I saw Harry and the boys run after her quickly.

“Liam! Liam!” She called desperately, hoping that he can hear her even though it was impossible.

“You can’t go in there!” A doctor yelled and the boys caught up with her just feet away from the hallway. They grabbed her from behind, practically yanking her from the ground. She continued to struggle and I grabbed Perrie and Eleanor, hugging them tightly. It was a horrible sight to watch.

“Liam! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!” Her screeches filled the room and everyone’s attention was on her as the boys struggled to drag her away. She started sobbing harder and goes limp in their arms. They let go of her and step back as she falls to her knees, crying into her hands.

I looked over to see Harry’s face covered in tears as his chin quivers. His hands were clenched into fists and his knuckles turned white; I could see his jaw squeezing together as he held back screams of his own.

We were all suffering, but not as much as Danielle. We all loved Liam endlessly, but she was in love with him. She didn’t just loose a best mate- she lost the sole love of her life. No one could ever fill that void in her heart.

Harry ran over to me, his features softening as he cried. Eleanor and Perrie ran over to Louis and Zayn as well, while Niall crouched on the floor next to Danielle and cried into his lap.

“Harry…” I cried quietly as he stopped in front of me.

“He’s gone.” Harry shrugged, defeated. “Liam’s gone.” 

I quickly wrapped my arms around his shoulders as I cried harder. We cried together as we suffered over the loss of an amazing man.

I was struggling to think of a future where everyone would be okay.



Ten Years Later



My hand gripped onto Harry’s arm as we walked over the dead grass. It was autumn and the leaves were all falling around us, the crisp air fresh in our lungs.

We maneuvered around headstones as silence surrounded us. I watched as Darcy walked in front of Harry and me, her little toddler hands holding up the front of her black dress. She knew the significance of this trip, and she knew to behave.

Harry gave me a quick glance before looking down at my belly, smiling slightly. I was seven months pregnant with our second child, and it was a wonder to both of us that I was able to walk in these heels. My black Chiffon Layered dress hung loosely over my swollen stomach, my shoulders cover with a black pea coat. My long, brown hair was pulled up into a bun and my make up was darker than usual.

We neared our destination and we stopped in front of the small plot. Only two gravestones occupied this small section of well-kept grass, and my heart ached when I read the names on them.

Liam James Payne

29 August, 1993- 4 August, 2016

Beloved son, brother, role model and boyfriend

He still lives through his music


Danielle Claire Peazer

10 June, 1988- 3 August, 2017

Beloved daughter, sister and girlfriend

She will be dancing in heaven with the angels


I cried quietly as I held onto Harry. Darcy crouched forward and placed a small handful of sunflowers in front of their graves; she had picked them this morning from the field next to our house. We sometimes showed her videos of Liam and Harry goofing around, let her listen to the old songs, and she saw videos of Danielle dancing on stage.

We told her the story of Liam and Danielle, two people who had the most powerful love on the planet. Harry and I only told her about the good about them. We didn’t dare mention how he died in a horrific accident, or how she took her life because she couldn’t stand to live to see the anniversary of his death.

I missed them both. I wished they could still be here, but I knew that it was a wasted wish. They had been gone for ten years now, and it was time to move on.

We would all still cry ourselves to sleep at night, and every year on their birthdays we would bake their favorite foods and bring them to the cemetery for a party.

Louis and Eleanor married less a year later, and we all assumed that it was because they saw how fragile life was. They have one son together, James, who was born shortly after they married. They are still the crazy couple, always going off on a crazy adventure. Danielle and Liam’s deaths made them realize that life was precious and shouldn’t be wasted.

Zayn and Perrie haven’t got married, but they have three children together. When asked why, they answered that marriage was just a piece of paper and didn’t really mean anything. They were madly in love and they put all the rumors to rest that their relationship was a sham or for publicity. They are happily living in Bradford, just minutes away from Zayn’s family. Danielle and Liam’s deaths showed them how important it is to be with the people you love.

Niall moved back to Ireland for a few years, and when he came back to England he brought a girl. She was lovely and sweet- everything he needed. They married four years ago, and they just adopted a girl, Emily. Danielle and Liam’s deaths made Niall realize how much he actually wanted a family, and how he didn’t want to be alone in his last minutes.

Harry and I are happily married for seven years now, we had Darcy six years ago, and we’re expecting another in a few months. We stayed in London, but moved away from Manchester as everyone else did; there were too many bad things attached to that place, and we wanted to have a chance to make good memories. Danielle and Liam’s death taught us that things can be okay again, even if it seems like the world is ending at the time.

Everything was perfect.



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